I have actually all-time favorites when it comes to Mumford & Sons: “Hopeless Wanderer,” “White blank Page,” and also “After the Storm.” however there’s one tune in details that I always forget about, and also when i hear the I always say, “Oh YEAH, i love this!”

“Below my Feet” is a catchy enough song. As soon as the chaos drops the end at 3:35 and the chorus grows in intensity, I have never however been may be to save myself indigenous punching my steering wheel over time to the beat. But what ns really love are the lyrics. 

And i was stillI to be under her spellWhen ns was said by Jesus every was wellSo all have to be well

Julian the Norwich said, “All shall be well, and also all shall it is in well and all way of thing shall be well.” This is just one of my favourite quotes, and I love the Mumford alludes to it. What advice this right into something amazing is the method he sings it; every time ns listen come the critical line, “So all have to be well,” ns hear it differently. Periodically it sounds resolute, sometimes disbelieving. Most of the moment it’s what in between, encompassing one awareness of God’s arrangement for good with an awareness the how tiny it appears to be happening. This is exactly the kind of spiritual the resonates with me. The fact is known and clung to, however it is no easy.

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Keep the earth listed below my feetFor every my sweat, mine blood runs weakLet me discover from wherein I have actually beenKeep my eye to serve, my hand to learnKeep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

I love the line, “For all my sweat, my blood runs weak,” yet it’s the repetitive finishing that always catches me off guard. Eye to serve? hands to learn? it seems virtually backward. I normally think of my hands, particularly, together serving. What does it average for my hands to learn?

When I remained in high school, i learned just how to roof a house. Ns pulled increase nails, scratched my skin with rough shingles, gained tar underneath my nails. V every ache lift, drag, and also throw, my hand learned exactly how to build.

The very first time I organized a baby, i felt helpless. My hands were clumsy and dangerous. But I cradled and shifted, knew as soon as to absent him and also when to pull him close. My hand learned how to host a vulnerable human being.

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Hard or soft, aggressive or nurturing, my hands have learned. Life is a process, and also our blood operation weak despite the sweat of our service. However with all of this us know–all will certainly be well.

I purposefully didn’t resolve the phrase “eyes come serve,” because I don’t quite have an opinion ~ above what that means. If you have actually an idea, leave a comment and also let me know!