Avatar: The last Airbender: My first Girlfriend Turned into The Moon (& 9 various other Meme-able Quotes) Avatar: The critical Airbender has some hard story-writing walk on, however one point that is often overlooked is just just how funny it deserve to be.

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Avatar The last Airbender is a classic, that"s something we think everyone deserve to agree on. That aired ago in 2010, however the pure high quality of both that is narrative and also animation automatically upgraded it to "classic status". And, there is one more aspect come this show civilization don"t establish is additionally prolific, the comedy.

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The character writing in this display is top-notch together we see v Zuko"s redemptive arc, but the jokes space equally amazing. And, we"re right here today to talk about the ten lines from different characters in the display that space the many meme-worthy.

Yue after ~ The fatality Of The Moon heart In Avatar The critical Airbender
We had actually to begin with the ideal of the best of course. This is by much the funniest exchange in between characters in the whole show. Seriously, the ahead Fire Prince, who was directly associated in the raid whereby Sokka"s very first girlfriend died, is now giving Sokka emotional support as the two of them fly in a balloon in the direction of a prison in the middle of a boil lake.

So, already, the situation is comical. Then, you include in the comedy from the absurdity of the indigenous themself and also how anyone could say "My girl friend turned right into the moon" and also actually typical it, and also this one-two beat of pure comedic genius knocks anyone with a feeling of humor to the floor.

The line "My Cabbages!" is almost as famed by 90s children as the lover "My leg!" line from Spongebob Squarepants. This phrase of course originates from Cabbage Man, a guy with no name that would walk through great misfortune before beginning his business. Cabbage Man and his cabbages constantly obtain bullied throughout the entirety of Avatar.

It starts through Omashu, climate the Pirate Pier, an ext suffering that cabbage loss at complete Moon Bay, and finally one much more setback in Ba sing Se. But, if you watched Legend that Korra, you know that things eventually did work-related out okay for this merchant as well similar to his descendants.

8 Toph"s rude Introduction: "The Boulder Is over His Conflicted Feelings and also Is all set To ask You In A ROCK-A-LANCHE!!"

Ah, the introduction of Toph Beifong. Toph is just one of the most popular personalities in the series and for an excellent reason. She"s more powerful than most while handling a disability, invents metal-bending, is tough/blunt to a fault, and is arguably one of the finest benders in the world. Fans uncover out every these points over time, however looking back, it provides her very first interaction with the Boulder every the better.

This line about the Boulder acquiring over his conflicted feelings automatically showed the the authors of this display knew enough to both create for kids and adults alike. Plus, it additionally showed how big of wrestling fans they were.

7 Sokka"s Desert Trip: "It"ll Quench Ya, It"s The Quench-i-est!"

five boy, it"s the walk with the desert. This to be an weird one tonally simply since it comes best after Appa it s okay taken through Sandbenders yet fifty percent of the illustration is committed to the stunts the Momo and also Sokka who are under the affect of part suspect Cactus Juice. To add Katara, one of the many badass characters in the show, needs to play babysitter.

Still, somehow, the works. Us didn"t mean to see drug-related feeling in AtlA but this one was directly to the point. Both Sokka and also Momo room absolutely hilarious throughout this episode and you have the right to tell the animators really acquired a opportunity to experiment a bit.

This following one"s a twofer as it works amazingly as a meme-able quote native the display and additionally a perfect encapsulation the Aangs personality. This quote pops up in publication One: Water throughout The northern Air temple episode together Team Avatar an initial hears about the world occupying the Air nomads Northern Home.

During the story, Katara asks Aang if every air benders were yes, really like just how the story explained them. And, as a response, Aang mentions that he laughs in ~ the concept of gravity on a day-to-day basis. Which, provides sense given his jovial personality, his twinkle-toes and also gravity-defying bending, and also his "nothing is impossible" standing as the Avatar.

5 The King Bumi room Debate: "The guards Will present You To her Chamber. The One That supplied To it is in The bad Chamber, till The current Refurbishing that Is."

King Bumi is such a pleasure of a personality in AtlA. The King the Omashu occurred to it is in friends with Aang 100 years ago and they seemed to be around the exact same age. So, because Aang is 12 in book One, we have the right to assume Bumi is about 112 years old. But, for a guy over a century old, this King still has the bending, how amazing the bod, and additionally the jokes.

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Bumi is hilarious! But, nothing it s okay us more than when he and his assist have a discussion around the "good and bad chambers". That felt favor a joke they"d come up through in the writer"s room but would never ever actually put in the show, and also that"s why it"s simply so good.

death is the one thing Nickelodeon avidly seemed to sway the Avatar animation team from showing or talk about, and Jet was no exception. Therefore, his death against Long Feng was very ambiguous and they might only suggest to it with Toph speak he was lying around his wounds and also so on.

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It seemed like the directors of the present weren"t large fans of the decision and decided to make funny of the (along with plenty of other things) in the publication Three illustration "The Ember Island Players". In it, there"s the tell-tale line the fans always seem come quote wherein Zuko asks if Jet"s actor just died on phase to which Sokka replies "You know it was an extremely unclear". This still has to be one of the most meta-jokes in all of animation.

3 Zuko"s Iroh Impression: "You should Look Within you yourself To discover Yourself, only Then will Your True Self expose Itself"

Zuko"s steady acceptance into Team Avatar throughout all of the 3rd Book is just one of the many adorable elements of the show, yet nothing was better than seeing the previously fanatical prince exercise his conversation an abilities to a frog in the illustration "The western Air Temple."

But, the part where the tries to replicate Uncle Iroh"s jewel of wisdom is one of his bright moments. Something around him gift so off-base however so on allude at the exact same time just perfectly encapsulates the best elements of his character and also his uncle"s.

2 Zuko"s dad Issues: "We require You, Uncle. You"re The only One Left Who can Defeat The Fatherlord."

speak of the relationship between Iroh and Zuko, that didn"t tear up once they ultimately reunited in the White Lotus camp at Ba song Se? But, the conversation the morning after had actually us in tears together well, just this time it was from laughter.

Zuko was never close come his dad (considering he to be responsible because that so lot of the Fire nations evil), and also he was much more than fine with the idea the Aang killing him, however something about Zuko accidentally calling that the "Fatherlord" once talking come Iroh simply perfectly encapsulated every their complex family issues.

1 Dream Appa renders Sense: "You"ve acquired To Take treatment Of Yourself, friend Can"t walk On like This"

and lastly, we feel favor no one talks around the "Nightmares and Dreams" episode enough the sets up the tone of the black color Sun intrusion quite spectacularly. Aang can"t sleep together he have the right to only think around how nervous he is come fight the Fire Lord, therefore the young Airbender goes days there is no sleeping.

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And, in ~ the finish of his insomnia the starts to hallucinate, it"s quite hilarious. But, the component that us remember five so clearly is as soon as Appa (the best of the traveling Avatar pets) all of sudden starts talking! certain it was an illusion, but we constantly imagined Appa thinking around things in the voice from that suggest on.