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Shorthand: mine ID is Gangnam Beauty

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MY identifier IS GANGNAM beauty, beauty KDRAMA LIVE RECAP episode 6——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#1

OPENINGWe open on the scene were everyone is setting up for the festival. All the boys space out getting every little thing ready and waving at every the pretty girls that walk by. SW wishes to be born together a pretty woman and also get every the attention.

Cut come the girls obtaining in your outfits. The girls in reality made the outfits however they looked different int he snapshot and to be a little longer. SA asks if grandfather likes it. She states she does no so SA speak them that MR walk not choose it therefore they shouldn’t wear it. Grandfather asks why space you – . However she go not obtain it every out.

All the men come in. One male thinks the is too brief but the other guy thinks the is great. Girls wear these apparel all the time. That takes a picture of them even though everyone else looks uncomfortable.

In the festival, everyone has alcohol on their tables and MR is working and helping out. The seems choose JB is popular and knows a lot of people. Grandfather is impressed and also thinks that she never had actually that many friends before.

Three men ask were they can sit. Grandfather is about to happily display them yet remembers the prior of them together the young from her past that she liked however who was typical to her and also told her not to ever like her. She thinks the she assumed she would never satisfy her again.

SA comes as much as greet them and tells them the this is the girl the she said was pretty. Kang Mirae. The boy knows the name however says it is who from his center school. SA looks for this reason happy about it together if she to plan the whole thing (which ns think she did).

Cut come WJ’s bar. KS looks in ~ the CCTV come see when the money can have to be stolen. KS asks if he referred to as the police. WJ says yes, that is so sorry to JB, he desires to apologize come her. KS is basically like, yeah, friend should, you’re not a kid, let’s go.

Cut come HJ meeting with her rapper idol. She speak him the Tiger JK said that if you desire to rap then you need to go come a certain department. Tiger JK go in at that moment (real person) and also is presented to him. They are all an extremely friendly and also want to hear her rap.

They go to the studio and also put on the music for her to rap right into the mic. She start rapping and also sounds great but she is nervous and also stops. She tells them that she walk not gain a opportunity to practice, she will try it one an ext time. They are all an extremely understanding and also tells she to take her time as soon as she is ready.

——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#2Night falls on the festival and also WJ timidly asks JB if he can talk to her. MR provides that opportunity to ask she sunbae if she can leave, she is feeling tired. The sunbae says that is okay but you should have actually someone to fill in for you. KS claims that he deserve to do it for her. That walks as much as them and also the title pops up in between them.


MR is a little nervous, what if that guy notices KS? That guy actually does notice Kyung-seok and says they go to middle school together. SA smiles joyfully and says the KS and also MR visited the very same place.

The other boy is all like……wah? however he doesn’t look at evil about it (yet). SA goes over to take Mirae and pulls him come the boy. She introduces them. The boy asks if she to know him right? Mirae nods. The young smiles and also says that this is driving the crazy and also laughs right into his cup, however he does not say something else about it.

Cut to JB and also WJ. He apologizes to her and thanks her. She many thanks him because he said he was sorry. WJ is therefore thankful and happy and sorry. He grabs JB’s hands tenderly i beg your pardon throws she off.

back in ~ the festival, Mirae is in which method still around and is currently sitting at the table through the boys and also everyone. The young smiles smugly and says that he wish he would have knows the she would grow up therefore pretty. KS sees every one of this and disapproves. Yet he go not protect against them native talking.

The young starts come talk about how Mirae chosen him in middles school. However Mirae is no going come sit for this and tells him to leave. The does no leave and says he is happy to see Kang Ogre again. His friend area ll like, this is Kang Ogre? Mirae says, Ya! Which catches everyones attention.

All Miraes friends rotate to look at what is going on. That asks her if she think she is different because she is pretty. She states yes, now she knows the he is not adjusted at all. He just treats people based on their look and still damages people. As soon as you think of Kang Ogre, then remember this, come me you are trash.

She transforms to leave and briefly runs right into KS, however then keeps leaving. The boys friends are upset in ~ him for destroying the mood. And KS speak the boy that the is trash and he must pay for his food. He tells SA the he will speak to her later, however SA just looks at him disgusted and asks how he deserve to do that to his classmate (but she is acting).

The various other students wonder how much Mirae adjusted to no be known at all. Her classmate didn’t even know her. Jh wonders, probably Mirae ignored him? Anyway, the is the worst nickname ever, Kang Ogre.

Mirae sit on a bench thinking about what the boy stated to her. SA comes up to her and also sits ~ above the bench. She speak her that she is i m really sorry she dubbed someone the she walk not recognize to come to the festival. They pertained to see me, i did not understand that the was that bad. I am sorry.

Mirae speak her the it is not her fault, it would not happen if that was no me.

But SA tells her that she really worried about it, she desires to it is in nicer to her. She has actually a little bit of prejudice around plastic surgery. Perform they really want to it is in prettier the others. Yet now ns know, some world rally need it. Some civilization that have a pains look. Have the right to you offer again? If the is difficult then i will ask another sunbae.——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#3Earlier, MR called her ideal friend, Hyun-jung and told her what occurred with that center school guy. So HJ shows up and confronts HJ. She asks the if he remembers her? ns am Kang Mirae’s friend. Why go you even come here to torture her in center school.

He claims he come there due to the fact that SA called him. HJ is every like, why would certainly she call you? He claims that she called him that she preferred his Instagram. HJ looks at the Instagram and also sees his profile.

Back at the festival, all the servers need to leave. The camera cut to KS walking v SA. She wonders exactly how he deserve to be prefer that. KS speak her the she is the one that referred to as him. But she says she walk not understand he would be that bad, how have the right to he contact her the if she was the bad. However KS tells her that she to be cute. Kang Mirae to be cute.

SA is gobsmacked.

Mirae is leaving in her own clothes now and also thinks about SA informing her the there space some human being that space desperate to gain plastic surgery, now she knows. SHe is pulled the end of her thoughts through Hye-sung. MR sent a candle to she so Hye-sung tells her that the employees say the it smells so good. Us don’t really know what their conversation is around but mr tells her the she can accomplish her somewhere.

back in ~ the festival, the annoying man says that just girls should do the serving and also they should additionally have much longer hair and lose weight and also smile. The girls still there room so annoyed v him. The quick haired girl quits and tells her, why must I do this and also listen come you. You room all ugly. The other man comes up and also asks what is walk on. The annoying guy tries to say the is allthe girl fault.

Kim Tae -hee asks that if this means that she is fat and ugly, so need to I gain plastic surgery? i don’t like it and also I don’t want to hear it, ns am not an item in a store. Think about it, ns quit also. YE also tells them that sunbae’s have to listen to student in the first year too, why are you do me perform this? they all quit.

The annoying man says the was thinking of them, exactly how dare they execute that to sunbaes. But the various other sunbae simply tells him to shut up.

The various other sunbae goes to Kim Tae-hee and bashfully kneels next to her and tells her the he is sorry. He must have spoken up earlier. Kim Tae-hee is sad and annoyed and angry. Yet the sunbae claims that those kids just tease she to make her upset, however he actually doesn’t prefer skinny girls. The sits alongside her and also tells her the he likes her, he likes how she looks and also acts and behaves so don’t be as well stressed around it. Space you okay now…..okay, ns am leaving.——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#4CAFEMirae is at a cafe and sees her message from execute Kyung-seok, he asked her where she was.

She is actually with his mommy right now. Lock talk around KS. Grandfather is not great enough to convince him yet they space friends sort of. They went to the same middle school. KS asks i beg your pardon one, he relocated once. She speak him JahHyung middle school. They knew every other but they weren’t that close.

umma asks exactly how he was. Mr tells her the he was an extremely popular due to the fact that he to be handsome. Umma smiles and says that she is happy that she was no the only one emotion that. She observed him indigenous a street in middle school. He prospered up a lot and now he is all grown up.

MR tells her that she observed her once prior to when she was in center school. SHe is not if she remembers her or not, even if you do, you will not acknowledge my face. I had plastic surgical procedure on my whole face.

Umma understands and asks her whereby they witnessed each other. Mirae says it was a day the she had a really hard time. She was having a really hard time execute to just how she looked. She believed she to be so ugly, the ugliest person, she thought she looked like a monster.

Flashback come Mirae about to jump right into the Han River. However Hye-sung was there and asks her if she is having a hard time. Mr tells her the the children say that she is therefore ugly and call she oak and tell her the she is confront trash. Umma comes up and holds she hand for this reason she can step ago onto the sidewalk. Then she offers her a large hug and also rubs her head together she comforts her.

Hye-sung – whatever they say, you are the most necessary person come yourself.

MR – i knew it that time, a good word and a good smell have the right to rescue people.

HS states that she remembers it, why didn’t you tell me the it was you? MR states it was because she told everyone the she favored perfume since of the unseen beauty. Hye-sung tells her that she is pretty now, walk she think she is it s okay now? Mirae states that she thought it would certainly be okay, but it is therefore noticable.

Umma speak her the she is pretty. Mr smiles and also says that a pretty human being telling her the is uncomfortable. Umma looks solemn and also says the she occasionally thinks her life would certainly go much better if she was not so pretty. Does the sound egotistical?

Flashback come Umma together a kid. Everyone said she was so pretty to an uncomfortable level so she thought it herself. The was just like that. A pretty human was prefer power, everyone respected her everywhere, so I believed I could manage the world. Ns was i was sure in work and love and also everywhere. She was introduced to a nice person from a pretty family. Her parents chosen him too. The told her that she to be the prettiest flower.

Umma – quite flower, ago then, i did not know that that word would confine mine life.——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#5MR – is that why friend quit working?

Umma – yes, I assumed being pretty supposed that it was respect and also that I could control any kind of man, ns was one idiot. So you have to date a most men and also marry a pretty man.

MR smiles and also agrees.

back in ~ the festival that has actually turned right into a sausage festival. The men simply sit roughly talking about how there room no males there. Elsewhere, the girls all speak to each other and asks if the guys are call them. They are still angry. Should they gain their revenge on them? lets do it. Just how should we perform it?

In the apartment, HJ instantly talks to MR once she comes in and tells her that SA approached That middle school male first. He also has his middle school profile there. Possibly SA want to screw up.

MR looks with interest but says that can’t it is in right. However alter on, grandfather looks at her cell phone together if she is suspicious. However her mommy calls at that moment. She will placed side bowl in the fridge. Appa is v umma therefore Umma claims that appa will certainly go there to deliver it all.

Appa look at nervous and happy around it. Lock go the end to to buy a cute cake for she daughter. The umma desires a tiny one in ~ first, but appa wants the biggest one. They shot to get to your daughters place yet they space outside and also still have to travel a ways. Luckily, castle bump into WY who states he can help them.

he tote the things all the means to the apartment and wants nothing in return. Umma thinks he is therefore nice, she really hopes to have actually a boy in regulation like the one day. Umma and also Appa go inside to celebrate something, not too sure what the is though. They light the candle and also wish for a great college life for HJ and MR. Appa is a little awkward however still happy.

HJ speak them the they did not take a photo on the very first day of college. They must take one now. Umma likes HJ so much that she tells her if she had actually a young then she would choose her to be she daughter in law. HJ bring away a picture of Mirae through her parents. They take it super cute picture together and appa looks favor an uncomfortable but loving appa in every one of them. The critical one is a piggy ago ride through Mirae holding she appa.

POLITICAL EVENTMeanwhile, KS’s father is additionally giving civilization piggy back rides in ~ a retirement community. Afterwards, they begin to talk around the mother. She go not carry out anything in particular, she just talked to a female college student in a cafe and left. However it is tough to follow her around. Appa speak him the he go not have to follow her, he deserve to just monitor the kids. But it is a happy moment.——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#6Cut come WY in the apartment, he sees the uniform of what the girls wore and also is upset about it. He heads out.

back in ~ the university, the girls make the men wear a muscle guys shirt. They have to wear it and also walk around. They space not handsome for this reason the other way they have the right to attract civilization is to be funny. Kim Tae-hee start to take it photos but the males says to no take photos.

WY come in and also all the funny stops. Kim Tae-hee speak him the the guys constantly want the pretty ones to perform the surgery. WY is more concerned around what the girl wore yesterday. The girl tell WY everything. The shakes his head and also asks if they adjusted at every from last year. We wills optimal doing this legacy if you store doing this nonsense.

Later on, MR and also HJ walk about the festival again. Castle don’t desire to ruin their first school festival because of that guy. Therefore they each go to their various department locations at the festival.

Soon, SA captures up through MR and asks her what she is doing. MR claims she is just looking around. SA claims she is walking to meet someone and then mentions that she worried about her a lot yesterday, space you okay?

MR – I checked out his Instagram, his profile claims that he visited the same center school, didn’t you see it?

SA tries to play that off and says the she would have told her that she knew the alumni first. Yet then JH runs as much as her and also shows her the picture of the guys in the muscle shirts. Castle smile and laugh around it, however MR looks in ~ SA suspiciously and is not connected in the laughter.

In the break room, Kim Tae-hee asks her girlfriend if he obtained yelled at a lot. He states that Woo-young only yells at human being who worthy it. The sulks about it a bit however is happy that Kim Tae-hee brought him something. Lock head come the festival, but get locked inside. They space able to have someone open up it fro lock quickly, yet they try to figure out just how the door breaks. It is strange, occasionally it works and sometimes the doesn’t.

Meanwhile, the girls every sit in ~ the festival. All the guys thinks the SA is the finest as they have three girls and three guys across from each other. They need to pick who they like. KS sit at the table and also is asked who he likes. Without hesitating, he choose Mirae.

Everyone looks in ~ her, it is her rotate to suggest at that she could like. They all tap on the table, however that causes the cup to move gradually to the edge and also spill anywhere Mirae. She hops up but it is also late, she is every wet. JH tells her that there are extra shirt in the department room upstairs.

KS volunteers to take her and also SA hops up too after seeing Kyung-suk carry out it. MR claims that she will go with Kyung-seok. SA watch like perhaps she has actually been discovered out.

KS and MR walk to the structure slowly, yet KS tells her that they can run if she is embarrassed. So mr takes off running and KS has to try and keep up.——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-#7——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-WY reflects up come HJ’s department occasion which is happiness telling. HJ is happy to view him and also starts come tell his fortune. WY choose “The love ns want” card. HJ believed he would certainly pick “The future i want.” He states that he to know his future well.

They begin with the test. HJ reads from a book and says the he will buy a sweater the looks a certain way with a details pattern and also something else. He choose the 3rd one. She speak him that he desires a straightforward love, not a passionate love. You room under control even though her emotions space high. I think that is good, that looks gracious but your love can look like you are fake. You need to be moral to your very own feelings otherwise you will not acquire your love.

WY says that the is ethical now. Over there is a person that is in his department that is a student. HJ states she will store the secret but is pretty sad the it is not her. He speak her the he is happy the she will keep his mystery and top out.

Meanwhile, KS and also MR look for a spare T-shirt. KS is maybe to find one for her and tells her the he will wait outside. However the door will certainly not open. The tries to open up it again yet it is stuck. Mirae tries together well. It is very stuck.

Mirae phone call someone yet they don’t pick up the phone.

On the date spot, both guys pick SA however she does no pick them and also annoyingly asks if she deserve to leave now. However hen Kyung-suks phone rings. He accidentally left it on the table so anyone sees the Mirae is phone call kyung-seok.

But she was just calling his phone so they could find that in the room. He think he can have left it.

SA walks v JH. JH marvels what is walk on with KS and also those species of things. Perhaps KS provides SA jealous, are you giving them a difficult time? but SA is upset and also says, who said that I like him? She walks off.

In the locked room, Mirae tries to readjust but is concerned to change with the still in the room. He looks the end the window and tells her to let him recognize when she is done. Their music starts play as she it s okay up the vessel to change her shirts while looking at his enjoy in the window.

Fade Out——-allisonbrookephotography.com——-

COMMENTSThis illustration was a little too heavy handed on the concerns they room trying come get throughout (for mine taste) therefore it traction me out of the display a bit. Still an enjoyable clock though.

Mirae’s room is at sight outlandish and also extra chauvinistic, which makes me want to check out a department that gets whatever right. It seems like HJ is perfectly happy through her department, feels respected, and also is able come flourish, so deserve to we send one episode whereby Mirae just hangs out v them? It would certainly be a nice rest from every the disrespectful things happening to every the ladies in chemistry

PREVIEWSunbae – What, you were here together?VO – friend two?VO – Kyung-seok’s father to be a previous senator.SA – friend dropped it yesterday.KS – Ah, you room the worst.VO – The CEO saw the emergency roomMR – Emergency room?YE – Soo-ha…..didn’t you speak you resided in Dukukdong?SA – Well, I simply left home and also got my very own place.KS – Sorry for misunderstanding.SA – there is no Ji-woo, you will keep misunderstanding me right?MR – Yes, sunbae-nimWY – Well, we room going to execute a housewarming party this Saturday, do you have time?HJ – are you going to be late today? You’ll clock a movie with Kyung-seok?MR – I’m walking crazy.

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Top picture by jtbc and edited making use of PicMonkey.

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