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a game by Maranyo Games
Platform: computer
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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At the time I played My neighborhood is a Yandere it was specifically the kind of video game that ns needed. Part visual novels often tend to go on way too lengthy in my opinion, this is not one of those games. You can see all the this game has to market in around an hour or so and that is perfect. The reason for this is that this game from what I deserve to tell to be designed through being a mobile game in mind. Perform not worry, you can still play it on your computer system which is the way I competent the game.

Living The Life

Let me tell girlfriend the key protagonist in my Neighbor is a Yandere is one hell the a happy SOB! This man gets ill and also his smoking hot neighbor takes the upon herself to nurse him earlier to health and make sure that all his wants and needs room met and also that he gets back to full health as shortly as possible.


Sure, you might wake up to uncover yourself tied to the bed with no means to move. Sure, girlfriend may additionally find out that her neighbor is freaking nuts! However, she is also really hot and clearly has a point for girlfriend so you decide to see how this point plays out. I believed that the story was fun and 100 percent did not overstay that is welcome as countless other XXX intuitive novels have the right to sometimes do.

Short, however Perfect

The gameplay on sell in my Neighbor is a Yandere is quite simple and simple to figure out. You will review the story and then you will be presented with a few different options so the you can respond. You can be sarcastic and rude or you deserve to be nice, it is approximately you just how you feel to respond and also that is part of the fun.

The game has different routes and also endings, yet as the story is quite short, you can see it every in roughly an hour. This provides it suitable visual novel to play if you desire something you can get all the way through top top a train journey or a lunch break or something choose that.

Bigger Is Better

I need to say that My neighborhood is a Yandere is a great looking game. This chick is very easy ~ above the eyes and if i woke up, strapped to a bed with her saying she will certainly take care of me, I understand I would certainly not hit it. You are working towards obtaining one of the two sexual CGs that the video game has to offer. Perform not worry, she is very sexual throughout the entirety story therefore you obtain a constant eye-full if you understand what ns mean!

The problem is if this is a great-looking video game with some an excellent artwork. The video game is designed through phones in mind and as a result, the game is play in portrait mode, also if you room playing ~ above a computer! This might be good if you room on a phone, yet on the computer, the did take me the end of the a bit.


There is a small bit that voice exhilaration here and there, but it is in Japanese. Still, ns felt that it helped offer her the extra bit of personality, and the voice exhilaration was an extremely well done.

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I yes, really did reap my time v My neighborhood is a Yandere. That is a very well made intuitive novel video game that manages come walk the fine heat of gift sexy, naughty, cute, and also fun. It is an extremely easy to play through and if you are looking for an erotic visual novel the does not need hours and also hours of your time, I extremely recommend the you give this one a try.


I believed she to be a terrific characterI liked the dialogueThe entirety premise the the video game is funThe selections you do feel favor they matterThe entirety presentation that the game is really well done


The video game is constantly in portrait modeIt could have done v a few more sex scenes
reggie posted a review
Overall rating: 9