Families confront unique battles once mothers and their teenage daughters share the life-altering suffering of having a baby - at the exact same time. Thstormy tears and chaos, joy and also heartbreak, these woguys have actually nine months to fight via their battles and learn to lean on each other while they pertained to terms with their extraordinary brand-new lives.

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exceptionally interesting display. shows many facets behind teenager and older pregnancy and exactly how households cope.
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I kbrand-new I would certainly gain angry watching this show and sure sufficient my blood is boiling. Let"s start via the mom Ann that is happy her 17 yr. old is pregnant. What an idiot. It"s no wonder Liz (her daughter) gained pregnant via a mommy informing her it"s ok for teenagers to acquire pregnant. Ann even goes on to say that when her younger daughter (who"s around 5) becomes a teenager she wishes she gets pregnant too.The various other mother Melissa is at least married yet was a teen mommy herself and also once her daughter Kristen becomes pregnant, you can tell that tbelow was most likely no talk around birth control. They are the typical southerly Christian family that are in denial that their youngsters are having sex. They are in such denial that as soon as Kristen"s baby daddy wants to sleep over to help take care of their baby the step dad claims no. Obviously they"ve had actually sex because they have a kid. It"s also late for that now. Just make sure the girl is on birth control now. That typical southerly Christian attitude that sex is wrong and we"re condoning it if we usage birth control - ridiculous.I have watched the 2 episodes of the new series which began this month. More of the very same - moms who were teenager moms themselves that aren"t married and aren"t working whose daughters then becomes pregnant as well. It"s a shame that the cycle of being a teenage mommy proceeds generation after generation yet once the youngsters are never before told that it"s not a good thing to have actually children so young and also continue to be in college and gain an education, this is what happens. We"re into the 2first century however this trouble of teens wanting children just seems to be getting worse.