It seems choose anyone can make and sell a 3D to press pen these days, and it" hard to to trust the fly-by-night service providers touting affordable 3D pen action. When we witnessed the MYNT3D skilled 3D print Pen" cheap price tag, us were definitely skeptical.

Would that stand approximately our expectations, or would it prove to it is in yet one more bargain bin dud? uncover out in today" MYNT3D professional 3D print Pen Review.

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More Details ❯

MYNT3D skilled 3D print Pen testimonial Basics

The very first thing you’ll notification about this pen is its incredible light weight. It weighs simply 1.4oz, make it among the lightest 3D pens around. Measurements are equally superior at 7”x0.75”x0.62”, an interpretation it’s additionally one the the slimmest.

Unlike various other 3D pens that feel like illustration with a highlighter, the MYNT3D experienced 3D to press Pen feels an ext like a special crayon.

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The pen comes with a .6mm nozzle that’s conveniently removable and replaceable. MYNT3D sell extra nozzles as well as their own PLA and also ABS filament. Setting your pen for either filament is made easy with the help of a high resolution OLED screen and intuitive control interface.

Temperature is flexible by degree in between 130-240C. Rate is also adjustable “infinitely” by sliding the speed manage up and down, giving you an ext freedom than 3D pens with straightforward Fast and Slow options.

MYNT3D skilled 3D printing Pen testimonial Pros

Great Features

For that price, you’d intend the MYNT3D skilled 3D print Pen to have actually a stripped down features list, however nothing could be further from the truth. First, this pen functions a shining OLED display with impressive readability. Monitor your temperature settings here, and also even watch the pen warmth up in genuine time.

Next, individuals appreciate the totally adjustable speed, especially when it pertains to switching in between ABS and also PLA filaments. Control speed through the textured on slide button, and also control extrusion by either holding the Forward switch or double clicking come auto-feed.

Another an excellent feature us can’t ignore is this 3D pen’s portability. It’s compatible with battery power financial institutions with at least 2A output, definition you can use this pen anywhere without one outlet.

Excellent client Service

We discussed fly-by-night manufacturers earlier, and it’s a real trouble in the 3D print industry. That’s why we’re happy to see the folks in ~ MYNT3D take it customer organization so seriously.

In enhancement to being available by call or email, MYNT3D treats your customers come prompt and satisfying responses. They’re an ext than happy to replace dysfunctional units, and they provide patient and also helpful troubleshooting advice.


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MYNT3D expert 3D printing Pen evaluation Cons

Slow and also Finicky heating Element

All 3D printing pens seem to experience from one unreliable component or another, and also with the MYNT3D skilled 3D printing Pen, that component is the heating element. On most units, the heating facet is reliable, if not a little slow to reach temp.

Unfortunately, part malfunctioning devices have given this pen a reputation because that unsteady temperatures and also even for the heating element failing altogether. Thankfully, this problem is usually automatically apparent, and also MYNT3D seems happy to change faulty units.

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MYNT3D skilled 3D printing Pen review Verdict

We began this review with a healthy skepticism toward budget electronics, however in the finish we to be pleasantly surprised. The MYNT3D experienced 3D print Pen is slim, light, quiet, and also has plenty of features that even much more expensive 3D pen lack.

You acquire the liberty to usage either ABS or PLA, and also we really appreciate that you can manage temperature by the degree to get the perfect setup for any kind of brand or color filament. What really makes this 3D pen a peak value is the terrific customer service, though.

This ensures the if something walk wrong v your pen, there room people committed to helping you settle the problem. Us recommend the MYNT3D professional 3D print Pen come all yet the many exacting of makers, who may prefer a pen through a much more robust exterior or reliable heating element.