Royal male names can offer friend a great source for young names. You can browse the names and also explore the meanings to recognize if any kind of of castle fit your little guy.

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royal Male names From different Countries

you can discover names for royalty within number of dynasties/monarchs in Europe. Some of these surname predate ancient Rome, mirroring their popularity have the right to withstand the test of time.

Albert: Noble, glowing (German), prince married to Queen Victoria Alexander: Defender, protector of male (Greek), Alexander the an excellent Augustus: Great, splendid (Latin), very first Roman emperor Carl: cost-free man (German), several majesties of Sweden Christian: follower of Christ (English), 10 Denmark majesties Christopher: Christ-bearer (Greek), 3 Denmark majesties David: beloved (Hebrew), second king the Israel Hadrian: Dark-haired (Roman), emperor, developed Hadrian"s wall Henry: an effective ruler (German), surname of eight English majesties James: Supplanter (Hebrew), England reign 1603 Frederik: calm ruler (Danish) ripe Denmark emperors Related posts


British imperial Names for Boys

brothers kings and princes throughout history have regularly used the same couple of names, or execution of them, over and also over again. If you want a recognizable royal name for her, these should be in ~ the optimal of your list.

Alfred: Elf counsel (English), king the England so late 800s Canute: node (Scandinavian), Cnut the an excellent Edmund: Prosperity, protector, wealth (English), king that England early 900s Egbert: Bright sheet (German), first Anglo-Saxon monarch George: Farmer (Greek), kid of Prince William and Princes Catherine (Kate) Louis: Warrior, well known in fight (French), kid of Prince William and Princess Catherine (Kate) Philip: Fond of horses (Greek), Queen Elizabeth II"s husband William: Strong-willed warrior (English), surname of 4 kings and also a prince

utilizing Titles that Regal Names because that Males

girlfriend can provide your small man a name that doesn"t leave any type of doubt around his status. Words connected with royalty are on-trend for modern-day boys. Watch for royal titles, places, and items the sound comparable to well-known boy names because that the best response from friends and family.

Baron: son of Aaron (Hebrew) Duke: Leader (Latin) Earl: chief (Anglo-Saxon) Herald: One that proclaims (English) Lord: Loaf-keeper (English) Prince: very first to seize (Latin) Sire: Regal (English) Windsor: Riverbank with a winch (Old English)


Spanish boy Names That typical a royal Position

The Spanish monarchy dates back to the at an early stage 700s and, choose the british monarchy, attributes several names supplied over and also over. Offer your little guy a royal name v a romantic flair with any kind of of the name of these kings.

Alfonso: Noble, brave (over 12 monarchs) Felipe: friend of equine (six Spanish kings) Ferdinand: Courage, ready (several monarchs) Juan Carlos: God is gracious (King of Spain, 1975 - 2014) Ramiro: famous counselor (five kings) Sancho: divine saint (several monarchs) surname That average King

you can select a name for her boy that method king. This ensures your little guy is forever royalty, at least in name.

Alaric: Noble ruler (German) Arkin: Eternal king"s kid (Norway) Basil: like a king (Greece) Damba: King of the human being (Angola) Delray: of the king (France) Khari: Kingly (West Africa) Kral: King (Czech Republic) Leroi: The king (France) Negasi: royalty (Ethiopia) Tor: King (Nigeria) Rex: King (Latin)

boy Names meaning Prince or King

You deserve to do much more than think your little guy is a prince or king. You can give him a name that will certainly be a consistent reminder of his prestige to you.

Basil: Royal, kingly (Greek) Brioc: Mighty prince (Welsh) Darius: Kingly, affluent (Persian) Ericson: child of eternal ruler, prince (Norse) Frederick, Friedrich: peaceful ruler (English), (German) Leroy: The king (French) Raj: King (Sanskrit) Reagan: tiny King (Irish) Sargon: True King (Assyrian) Adar: Prince (Syrian) Kumar: Prince (Indian) Garibaldo: Prince (German) Cynfael: cook prince (Welsh)

Egyptian nobility Names because that Boys

If you"re trying to find a much more unique name, you may be inspired by the names of ancient Egyptian rulers. These monickers are short, fairly easy come pronounce, and also sound strong and exotic.

Darius: Richly, kingly (27th dynasty ruler) Huni: love husband (third dynasty last pharaoh) Inaros: Prince, ruler (28th empire ruler) Intef: His father lugged him (11th dynasty ruler) Ramesses, Ramses: great in win (name the eleven Egyptian rulers) Namlot: ruler (23rd empire ruler) Tao: Brave (17th dynasty ruler) Teti: Pharaoh (sixth empire ruler) Unis, Unas: thriving one of 2 land (fifth dynasty ruler)


Fictional imperial Boy Names

transparent books, movies, TV shows and other media sources, there are limitless fictional kingdoms and also rulers. Offer your boy a magical imperial name when you select to honor your favorite made-up royals.

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Aragorn: Revered king (fictional), The mr of the Rings Aslan: Lion (Turkish), The Chronicles the Narnia Caspian: the the sea (English), The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Jareth: Bled of jug (fictional), The Labyrinth movie Leonidas: Lion stamin (German), 300 movie Oberon: Elf king (German), A Midsummer Night"s Dream T"Challa: fictitious name, Black Panther comics and also movie Tommen: fictitious name, Game that Thrones Triton: fictional name, The little Mermaid Stannis: One that achieves glory and fame, shortened because that Stanislav (Slavic), Game the Thrones

Browsing imperial Male Names because that Boys

You deserve to browse imperial male surname to watch if one can be a great fit because that your small guy. Girlfriend can consider how the name will sound and also if it will age well with your boy.

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