I"m off the shits again, I"m turn off the shits againI seen my demons, know they names, and know i live with themI"m off the shits again, I"m off the shits againI"m off the, turn off the, turn off the, turn off the...Often, often, oftenOften off the loco, often off the blockOften off the slo-mo, Travis off his rockLike "Oh my God, oh my lord"They desire these problems, oh, that courseToo much shit, we constructed to stayThey ain"t live choose this beforeNo, they don"t know around itMake it v the week, mom can barely sleepDad wake up in ~ two, don"t gain home "til threeI"ve to be out through them, lock no an excellent for meIn and out your house, taking what i needSkimpy sacks of weed, tuggin" coat sleevesSister off at school, tiny boy at homeSomeone save me, please, but shit ain"t because that freeNo, I"m stress riddenI make the surface ar digestible, but the male in me isn"tLike, every night once they visit, i lay awake and also I stareI recognize that other is coming, but dog, I"m so unpreparedI recognize itI"m off itKnow the something"s coming, yet can"t call itI placed down every little thing I had, I"m all in, every inBut ns still need you now, ayyBut i still require you nowBut ns still require you now, ayyBut ns still need you now, yeah, yeahI require you, I require youI need you, I need you (I require you)I"m fit come blow, and also I"m fit come leadI gained shit to do, i got youngsters to feedFor generation come, it"s a mysteryWhatcha did to me, we acquired historyDisbelief turned to disarrayYou piss me off through the shit you saySaying motherfuckers need to still stay friendsWhen you come through, the walls don"t cavern inThat"s part cute shit, but it"s still realBut the mood switched, we simply can"t chillI"ve been moving approximately town rooflessAnd gambling they calling, and also this ain"t realI come from guys who simply drown the end they troubles in bottlesAnd wake up up and do it againI come indigenous heroes that blow up and ball outAnd don"t ever call back, or just make amendsCome indigenous a city of "Fuck it and also give up"Come native a family members of "I hate my liver"Come indigenous a crew the "I don"t give a fuck about nothingGet my GED, run forever"Can"t let girlfriend go, can"t let that beWake up in ~ night, jaw be grind my teethShit is no good, but I"m the funny oneSo I simply laugh that off, be that they needSingingI"m off itKnow that something"s coming, however can"t speak to itI placed down everything I had, I"m all in, all inBut ns still need you now, ayyBut i still require you nowBut i still require you now, ayyBut i still require you now, yeah, yeahI require youI require you and I require all you come for (I require you)I require you "cause this ain"t what I"m created (I require you)I require you come shield me native the rainfall"Cause this rain pouring, I"m drowned nowAnd I"m down and out, and I operation my mouth (I require you)But I continue to be for you, and also you ain"t around (I need you)I don"t sleep as well good, ns don"t trust no oneBut ns hide that shit "cause I"m no your problem now