A eight arm for her microphone will certainly not only assist filter out background noise by giving you the ability to it is in position and angle the was standing perfectly in front of you, however it have the right to also help with your studio"s ergonimics. Girlfriend won"t have to strain your neck or earlier to reach your microphone with a boom arm and also best that all, they"re great space-savers. These are our optimal picks.

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Best overall: Knox Microphone Suspension boom Scissor Arm

Staff Pick

This microphone suspension boom scissor eight is designed specifically for Blue Yeti and Yeti pro microphones. It"s do from heavy-duty steel the keeps the microphone secure and also helps to reduce unwanted sound because of vibration. This boom arm can reach up to 14 customs both vertically and also horizontally. It can also support as much as 3.2 pounds of weight.


Most inexpensive: InnoGear Microphone Suspension Stand

This flexible boom arm deserve to be offered with most microphones. The comes v thread tape to wrap around the mounting screw come ensure the it also accommodates a Yeti because their mounting screws can be a tiny larger. This boom arm have the right to support approximately 3.3 pounds, and both the height and also the angles have the right to be manipulated to suit your needs. When you"re not using this eight arm, just fold it up for basic storage.


For a residence studio: Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone Kit

This eight arm come in a bundle with whatever you need for a residence studio. This bundle has an NW-700 expert condenser microphone, NW-35 microphone scissor boom arm, table mounting clamp, shock mount, ball-type anti-wind foam cap, mic popular music filter, and every one of the cords to do it work. This flexible boom arm is do from iron and also can support up to 3.3 pounds.


For podcasts: Blue Yeti Microphone Teal through Knox boom Arm

Designed come make your vocals pop, this podcast boom arm comes through a Blue Yeti microphone and a pop filter. The boom arm is completely adjustable so friend can quickly manipulate the microphone to comfortable reach your mouth. This arm is do from heavy-duty metal and high-quality components.


For use with instruments: Gator Frameworks Microphone Telescopic eight Arm

Not just is the Gator Frameworks Microphone Telescopic boom Arm great for tabletop recording, however it"s also a great choice because that amplifying the sound of bass drums and also other instruments. This was standing is designed through an eight that weighs 10 pounds and can assistance a microphone that weighs as much as 1.5 pounds. This telescopic boom arm is do from sturdy steel and also is painted with a black color powder coat finish. When totally extended, the reaches 27 inches.

This microphone boom stand is an excellent for travel since it just weighs in at 3.2 pounds and is easy to collection up. Simply attach the universal mounting clamp come any desktop or table, tilt it at an ideal angle, and also immediately begin to use it. Made from steel metal alloy and triple-braced for security and support, friend won"t need to worry about your sound quality ending up being muffled as result of vibrations. The integrated suspension springs aid to store your vocals sound crisp, and it can prolong up to 3.9 feet.

The LyxPro DKR-1 Microphone eight Stand mount is the can be fried heavy-duty eight arm for your studio. This boom arm is do from high-quality aluminum materials that are designed to last years. V this boom arm, you have two mounting options. Mount this was standing on a table or desktop computer via the contained clamp for short-lived use, or download the workdesk attachment for long-term use. This boom arm can accommodate more heavier microphones with its built-in adjustable spring.

Mic the up

If you"re finding the your microphone alone simply doesn"t cut it, probably you require a eight arm. With a eight arm for your microphone, you can effortlessly move your mic about to suit her needs. Whether you need to stand while singing a track or sit while record a podcast, a boom arm like the Knox Microphone Suspension boom Scissor Arm permits you to change from assorted positions without catching all of that unwanted background noise.

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If you"re a starting person in the broadcasting and recording organization or just looking to set up an additional studio inside of your home, the Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone Kit comes with a long lasting boom arm and also everything rather you need to produce a working studio. For use with instruments, the Gator Frameworks Microphone Telescopic eight Arm might be a great choice because that you due to the fact that it attributes a telescopic eight arm the can expand up to 27 inches.