Buying one engagement ring is the most necessary purchase you’ll make in her life. While the doesn’t have the very same financial commitment together a house or car, there is a far greater emotionally commitment than any type of other purchase. With so lot on the line, it’s scary come think around purchasing this authorize of her love through a company you nothing trust.

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However, if you’re may be to acquire over the emotional hurdle, you’re most likely to acquire a much much better deal buy purchasing native a website. So just how do girlfriend make sure you don’t obtain scammed as soon as purchasing online? below are three species of areas to avoid:

Online sector places

Examples: Amazon, Ebay, Overstock

Why: This will certainly be the hardest come avoid since the deals will certainly seem the best and you trust the stores. However, as soon as you’re purchasing rings from this companies, they’re nearly never the yes, really seller. Just about anyone can put your rings on these sites and they frequently outright lie around the quality of your rings. Amazon does sell a little collection of their very own rings however they space not certified through a third party and are mass-manufactured, resulting in low quality.

Big crate retailers

Examples: Walmart, JCPenney

Why: Again, these are names you know and trust so it might seem counter-intuitive to no trust a ring they sell you. Most rings sold on their sites are cluster-set, i beg your pardon is several tiny diamonds put together to look like a bigger stone. Cluster-set ring drop the price a lot but have warranty worries and almost no resale value. These stores also provide a wide selection of what diamonds castle may collection in your ring and also no certificates. This outcomes in what is likely a low high quality diamond in your ring.

Jewelry save chains

Examples: Kay, Jared, Zales

Why: No issue how countless commercials lock play over the holidays, friend still don’t desire to gain your ring from one of these huge chains. They every grade their own stones for this reason they can sell a low top quality diamond because that a the majority of money. This rings are additionally all made via mass manufacturing so they’re low quality and there is a high likelihood your friend may have actually the very same ring. This store space masters at getting the most money for the lowest high quality ring.

Now, while every one of this may make reasonable sense, it’s hard to think someone the is likewise trying to offer you one engagement ring. Just so you recognize that we’re not simply being self-serving, below are other great alternatives come the over options: James Allen, Ritani, brilliant Earth, Blue Nile and also 1215 Diamonds. Every one of these stores space reputable, provide good deals and also will leave you feeling an excellent about the most necessary purchase in her life.

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12FIFTEEN Diamonds is our sister agency and a member that the Forever providers family. They sell lab diamonds that are chemically and also physically identical to natural diamonds, and are a great place to purchase an engagement ring from. In ~ 12FIFTEEN, girlfriend can gain a high-end engagement ring in ~ the shortest price point possible. Every ring is handcrafted with meticulous care, unlike most companies that mass develop their rings in batches. Because they have the greatest quality materials and craftsmanship, you can feel i was sure in your decision. Plus, with basic to usage ring builder, you can develop your perfect ring in three simple steps: choose a rap diamond, pick a setting style, then review and complete your order. Visit to find out more.