Super key LI may be over, but the celebration is just gaining started because that many new England Patriots pan in and also around Boston.

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The Patriots reverted victorious v the Lombardi Trophy in hand Monday evening, landing in ~ Logan Airport come a group of specialized fans lined approximately greet them. The fans that weren"t maybe to make it to Logan or Gillette stadium on Monday will gain a possibility to note the occasion v the team"s celebratory parade in Boston ~ above Tuesday.

If you"re one of those passionate Patriots supporters hoping to watch the players in Boston, you"ll discover all the information you need about attending the parade, and some that the traditions and also events associated with the distinct day, below.

Parade Information

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 7


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Start Time: 11 a.m. ET

Route: The parade will start at Hynes Convention Center, head down Boylston Street and also then follow Boston common along Tremont Street before concluding in ~ City Hall, every Jaclyn Reiss and also Mark Arsenault that the Boston Globe.

Weather Forecast: At the begin of the parade, the weather in Boston will certainly be cold and snowy, through temperatures hovering just above freezing, per

Boston knows how to put on a good parade; the Patriots alone have actually held four added celebrations in the critical 15 years.

The city"s beloved duck boat parade, so-called for the above yellow watercrafts with wheel on i m sorry the Patriots will stand triumphantly as they roll under Boylston Street top top their means to City Hall, will certainly soldier on regardless of the wintry problems expected in Boston ~ above Tuesday.

Boston mayor Marty Walsh required to Twitter ~ above Monday night to acquire the fans all set for the festivities:

Mayor Marty Walsh

Congratulations to the greatest team, the greatest coach & the biggest quarterback of every time ~ above their 5th #SuperBowl victory. #Patriots

According come Nik DeCosta-Klipa of, the city expects between 500,000 to 1 million human being to attend the parade, through attendance numbers possibly rising due to the memorable finishing of the video game Sunday. The Patriots overcame the biggest deficit in at sight Bowl background and also came out on top after the large game"s first-ever overtime period.

If you arrangement to head into the city, officials room urging attendees not to drive as result of the crowds expected and also the negative weather.

Commissioner william Evans that the Boston Police Department additionally stressed the in order to be certain they space not asked (or forced) to leave early, fans have to refrain from drink in public and climbing on things such as statues or electric boxes.

If you"re worried about taking time off Tuesday, just tell your boss that the G.O.A.T. Himself, Tom Brady, provided his permission:

And if girlfriend aren"t may be to do it come Boston, you deserve to follow follow me on NFL Network"s tv broadcast or live stream.

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