New Year’s Eve is one of those overrated holidays, in mine opinion. Over the years, I’ve excellent a little of every little thing — the stay-at-home in my PJs and sip alcohol celebration, the dress-to-the-nines and pay way too much to obtain in come a bar event, and also everything in between. Even if it is I’m keeping it low-key or layering ~ above the fake eyelashes, I always love looking in ~ the sparkly costume in the store windows. If you’re plan to dress up this NYE, below are a few dresses to ring in the new year.

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White Hot: Cami Strap Sequin Embellished dress | Plunge prior Body-Conscious dress | Lace yet Not least Mini Dress

Little black Dress: Body-Conscious Dress with Mesh Inserts | Sequin right & Flare dress | Cami Dress v Faux hair Trim

Silver & Gold: Sequin Mini Dress v Deep ago | take a shine Sequin Cutout dress | Geometric Sequin Minidress

Sparkle & Shine: Embellished Mesh Tank dress | Sequin Mini Dress with 3/4 Sleeve | Sequin V-Neck Body-Con Dress

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Rachelle says

December 14, 2015 in ~ 5:39 am

It is overrated, if I do something this year I will for sure shop mine closet. I carry out love looking at all the nice dresses.


The Adored Life says

December 14, 2015 in ~ 9:51 am

Okay, yes SO OVERRATED! It yes, really bugs me how people freak out about NYE because I have never once had a good one, either staying at house or walk out. They have all simply kind of been the same.


Kristina Anderson says

December 14, 2015 in ~ 1:15 pm

I love that third gold option!! i think NYE deserve to be yes, really fun however only if girlfriend don’t put too lot pressure on it – law it like a consistent night out v your friends, except with more sequins. This year we’re having a (hopefully low-key) party in ~ home.


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