The Bachelor: every Leading men Measured indigenous Tallest come Shortest The Bachelor has frequently featured men who are above average in height. Every top man has been provided here by their height.

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If you room a guy who fancies do the efforts his luck at finding love on The Bachelor, then the best piece of advice is to it is in tall! American guys are, on average, simply over 5 feet 9 inches tall, and yet that elevation would make you the shortest Bachelor come ever show up on the show!

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Every Bachelor has actually been taller 보다 the mean – but that can be since the display tends to feature average-height women who then walk on to wear towering high heels. They don"t seem to want a woman winner who ends up head and shoulders over her new fiancé, and also even in The Bachelorette, the girls always pick yes, really tall guys.

Hailing from throughout the Pond, Matt provide was the first British Bachelor, and likewise the tallest ever before leading guy on the show.

He stood an impressive 6’5” in elevation which likewise meant the he was well over a foot taller 보다 the woman he proposed to in ~ the finish of the 12th season, Shayne Lamas.

Bachelor nation fans don’t have long to wait till season 25 the The Bachelor start in January, and also they can additionally look front to another tall leading man in the shape of Matt James, who is the an initial black Bachelor.

Like his namesake, James is likewise 6’5” tall, but fans will have to wait if he picks someone roughly the very same height.

coming in just an inch shorter than the 2 Matts, Ben Higgins was the leading man on the 20th season the The Bachelor in 2016, in which the selected Lauren Bushnell as his winner.

Lauren is 5’7”, i m sorry is quite tall because that a female contestant, however she looked tiny next to her Bachelor.

21 Sean Lowe - 6"3"

If you referee the success of a dating present by just how long the partnership lasts, then Sean Lowe is the many successful Bachelor ever, together he is quiet married come his top lady, Catherine Giudici.

Their romance reflects that elevation isn’t everything, together the 6’3” Sean is a foot taller than his wife.

Colton Underwood to be a professional football player prior to his illustration on The Bachelor, and also you don’t discover many short men in the NFL!

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When the 6’3” Colton appeared on season 23 the The Bachelor, he determined the 5’6” Cassie Rudolph as his winner, despite there was no happy finishing for the couple.

19 Travis roadway Stork - 6"3"

another Bachelor star that came in in ~ an exceptional 6’3” was Nashville physician Travis roadway Stork, that was in search of love in season 8 the the show, eventually selecting 5’7” teacher Sarah stone as his miss out on Right.

In a how amazing twist, they had gone your separate ways by the moment the season finale aired!

Charlie O’Connell had currently appeared as an actor in a pair of TV shows and also movies by the time he joined the actors of The Bachelor.

Older brothers Jerry may have enjoyed more Hollywood success, yet Charlie has actually a huge advantage end his big bro; he is one customs taller than him at 6’3”.

17 Nick Viall - 6"2"

after failing to uncover love on two seasons of The Bachelorette, Nick Viall was favored to it is in the leading man on the 21st season the The Bachelor in 2016.

6’2” Nick proposed to Canadian Vanessa Grimaldi in the final, that was practically a whole foot much shorter than she TV beau.

one more 6’2” Bachelor to be Jesse Palmer, who likewise played in the NFL and who has actually gone ~ above to enjoy a career in sporting activities broadcasting.

He to be the leading man in season 5 of The Bachelor in 2004, finally picking Jessica Bowlin together his winner, despite they split up after just a few months.

15 Byron Velvick - 6"2"

Being end 6 feet in elevation seems to be a requirement for Bachelor contestants, with numerous of the show’s leading males measuring 6’2” or more.

Byron Velvick was no only among the tallest contestants, but also one the the oldest, and was 40-years-old when he appeared on the present in 2004.

Ben Flajnik was never one the the most renowned Bachelor leading men, yet he no deserve come be treated so bad by his winner, Courtney Robertson, who ended up cheating on him with one more Bachelor.

Fans might be surprised to learn that that is 6’2” together he never seemed come look together tall as few of the other men on the little screen.

13 Arie Luyendyk Jr - 6"2"

likewise coming in in ~ 6’2” was Arie Luyendyk Jr, who was the Bachelor negative boy recorded kissing Courtney once she still involved to Flajnik.

Luyendyk resulted in a row in the 22nd season when he ditched his winner in donate of runner-up Lauren Burnham – though the two are still happy married so possibly it was the right choice.

Brad Womack is other of a legend in Bachelor country circles, together he is the only guy to show up as a leading guy on The Bachelor twice.

The an initial was in season 11 as soon as he turned under all the prospective winners and also again in season 15 as soon as he proposed to Emily Maynard, who was just 5’4” the end of she heels.

11 kris Soules - 6"1"

an additional leading man who clocks in in ~ 6’1”, chris Soules was the season 19 Bachelor in 2015, and also he has actually gone on come carve out a reality TV career for himself.

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He finished the season by proposing to nurse Whitney Bischoff that was among the taller female contestants top top the show, in ~ a respectable 5’7”.

Airline pilot Peter Weber, the leading guy in the most recent season that The Bachelor, has had actually a facility love life.

He initially chose Hannah Ann Sluss in the season finale, however they separated after just a couple of weeks, and also he is currently dating Kelly Flanagan, that he at first rejected on mainly 7 of the show!

9 Alex Michel - 6"1"

additionally coming in at 6’1” is Alex Michel, that was the first-ever Bachelor earlier in 2002 when the show made that debut top top ABC.

He chose Amanda Marsh over Miami warm dancer Trista Rehn, who went top top to come to be the first-ever Bachelorette, whereby she met husband Ryan Sutter.

The leading man from the 4th season of The Bachelor was mortgage broker Bob Guiney. He claimed to be 6’3” in elevation when asked, yet entertainment website The Ringer reported the he was only 6’1”.

Guiney should understand his height, that course, yet he wouldn’t be the first person to lie about that kind of thing.

7 Jason Mesnick - 6"0"

among three Bachelors come come in in ~ dead-on 6 foot, Jason Mesnick to be the leading man searching for love in season 13 the The Bachelor.

Mesnick an initial proposed to Melissa Rycroft but readjusted his mind and also popped the concern to runner-up Molly Malaney instead. In spite of such an inauspicious start, the couple is still together.

Six-footer Andrew Baldwin was another man in uniform, and the first armed forces Bachelor to appear on the show.

The navy officer and triathlete definitely had the physique to complement his height, despite he i m so sad failed to uncover love top top The Bachelor, breaking up through Tessa Horst after just a couple of months.

5 Aaron Buerge – 6’0”

businessman Aaron Buerge was the star that season 2 of The Bachelor back in 2002.

He finished the season by proposing to Helene Eksterowicz, that was only a few inches much shorter than him in she heels, though they later break-up after Buerge famously broke up through her in a new Jersey Starbucks.

If every girl desires to find their Prince Charming, then Italian Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese should have been the perfect top man.

He was the kid of a real Italian prince, but he failed to make much of an impact on season 9 – possibly that was under to the fact that the was just 5’11” in height?

3 Juan Pablo Galavis - 5"11"

Venezuelan football player Juan Pablo Galavis also clocked in in ~ 5’11 but he looked a little shorter because the mrs he chose, Nikki Ferrell, was 5’9”.

Put her in a pair the heels, and you can imagine the nurse towering over her Bachelor. Hardly how amazing their relationship lasted only a pair of months.

was standing a little shorter than the Italian prince in ~ 5’10”, Andrew Firestone took on the role of the Bachelor in season 3.

He finished the collection by proposing to Jen Schefft, though the couple later split. Schefft was just 5’3”, the most typical height among female winners ~ above The Bachelor.

1 Jake Pavelka - 5"10"

Jake Pavelka took on the leading function in the 14th season that The Bachelor, and also his height ended up being an issue right native the start.

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While most sources have him in ~ 5’10”, some websites claim he was just 5’7”, and a pair of the girl on the show were pretty rude about the fact that lock didn’t prefer “short” guys.