She knows just how to take it a an excellent belfie! Nicki Minaj is recognized for she killer bars and also sexy curves, and also she’s not afraid to display either of them off. The woman rapper required to Instagram over the weekend to share a at sight sexy photo of she backside, proving that her booty just won’t quit.

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Fans quickly fell into the “Anaconda” rapper’s thirst trap and also while plenty of of them complimented her, haters tore her apart and they accused she of obtaining plastic surgical procedure to enhance her derrière. “LOL plastic . years from now it’s gonna drop,” one wrote, and also another commented, “Whoever fixed it did an remarkable job!!”

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nickiminaj) top top Aug 12, 2017 at 10:47am PDT

Earlier this year, rapper Remy Ma dubbed out Nicki and also her curve in an epic diss track whereby she revealed that the 34-year-old rapper not only has had booty implants, yet that lock ruptured! Nicki neither confirmed nor denied the accusations about how different she looked prior to plastic surgery, however the blowup has actually ignited brand-new interest in the “Starships” singer’s backside —especially ~ Remy Ma rapped about Nicki’s target “popping.”

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“And I witnessed Meek in ~ All-Star, the told me your a– dropped, he can not f–k your for 3 months since your a– dropped,” Remy rapped. “Now ns don’t think ya’ll understand how bad her a– got, the implants that she had actually put in her a– popped.”

Ouch! ~ Remy’s brutal comments, there to be a lot of public scrutiny over Nicki’s well known butt. Even her ex, Meek, join in ~ above the funny by liking one Instagram photograph that verified a photo of she booty accused “dropping.” Dr. Miami himself likewise tweeted to Nicki, “Too negative I’m booked till 2019.”

As for Nicki, she there is no denied gaining implants, yet she did recognize on Extra in 2013 come never having plastic surgery — on her face.

So, go Nicki acquire butt implants? examine out the collection to check out all the times Nicki’s butt looked shockingly huge.


1 that 11


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Nicki made her splash right into the limelight with an currently pronounced derriere.

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She attended the The Herve Ledger display while decked in a couture gown — however we doubt anyone to be looking at her dress!

3 that 11


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She make headlines when fans saw this picture of her power at "Fashion Rocks" of her sitting on she butt. Is that an alleged to look prefer that?

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"5 an ext lbs come go," she captioned this revealing selfie she uploaded to her Instagram account.

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While fostering her bootylicious solitary "Anaconda," her butt got noticeably also bigger.

6 that 11

Getty Images


She landed on the VMAs spring to regain her throne from hold Miley Cyrus.

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While performing at hot 97 Summer Jam, fans noticed that her target was epically huge, igniting brand-new rumors around butt implants.

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Horizontal stripes are thought about a fashion faux pas because they make you watch bigger, i beg your pardon was more than likely why the rapper opted because that this look that accentuated her curves.

9 the 11

Getty Images


While performing at actual 92.3 date of birth Bash, she confirmed off she ever-growing assets.

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Getty Images


Nicki attend the Givenchy show in a boldly published gown.

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A couple of weeks ago, she uploaded a video of it s her walking, mirroring off her curves amidst rumors of she "butt dropping."


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