FILE - In this June 28, 2015 record photo, Nicki Minaj appears at the gambling Awards in Los Angeles. Taylor Swift apologized come Minaj Thursday, July 23, ~ above Twitter after ~ the pair traded native Tuesday after ~ MTV announced the nominees for the VMAs, wherein Swift is the leader with nine. Minaj to be upset she didn’t earn a nomination for video clip of the year because that “Anaconda” and also launched a collection of tweets about how slim females earn peak nominations. (Photo by kris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)
Nicki Minaj brought The Pinkprint tourism to Sleep Train Amphitheatre ~ above Thursday night, a dynamic spectacle that the superstar’s talent, her selection in characters and of course, her well known backside.

When Minaj’s name is brought up in tiny talk, a variety of reactions typically ensue. She’s the epitome of that saying, “Not everyone cup the tea, however definitely someone’s shooting of tequila.” she’s dramatic. She outrageous. She’s additionally funny, stern, sensitive, passionate and also right at home on the stage.

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She’s a performer, tried and also true, that taps into as countless facial expressions and vocal stylings as feasible to diversify she songs and also reach one audience of differing demographics.

Seeing Minaj is no the same as simply listening to her. The better. Minaj brings her songs come life in ways that radio and music videos cannot. To see her live is to understand how this 5-foot-2-inch girl elevated in Queens ended up being the most-charted woman rapper in the background of the Billboard hot 100 and winner of four American Music Awards, eight bet Awards and five Billboard Music Awards.

Here are the 7 things we learned in ~ the Nicki Minaj concert.

1. Nicki is The Queen the Characters.

Minaj stepped on stage dressed in all-black lace, her head draped in a veil and also her expression hauntingly serious. No the bubblegum-cartoon Minaj the yesteryear. Certainly not. Opening with “All things Go” and flowing into “The Crying Game,” she played the dark character up when a ballerina clad in white fluttered about her.

The sassy, snappy, feisty Minaj didn’t hide because that long. With back-up dancers by she side, she flipped settings to pulsate through the raunchy “Feeling Myself,” “Only,” “Truffle Butter,” “Moment 4 Life,” “Did it on Em,” “Beez in the Trap,” “Flawless” and “Anaconda.”

Minaj the singing diva was next, flaunting a floor-length pink gown to belt the end “Pills N Potions,” “Save Me” and “Grand Piano.”

And, choose a jug actress, she dove right ago into her wild Minaj persona, dressed in a yellow get-up supposed for some major booty-shaking with “Super Bass,” “Pound the Alarm” and “Hey Mama.”

2. Nicki can sing.

Showing a softer side, Minaj stepped out halfway v the show in her form-fitting gown to both belt and rap “Pill N Potions.” The highlight and surprise that the night to be the power and also clarity in she voice and tone singing “Save Me” and also “Grand Piano,” both chilling ballads the silenced the audience.

3. Nicki and Meek Mill don’t have anything to hide.

The 2 haven’t been the many forthcoming around their relationship, specifically with rumors swirling the Minaj might be pregnant after shouting at a Pennsylvania concert: “Make part noise because that my infant father!” at the mountain Diego show, Meek Mill took to the phase to duet v Minaj top top “Buy a Heart” and also “All eye on You.” before he was shuffled turn off stage, the 2 hugged and also kissed together gold lamp sparkled downstage, and also he called her The Queen.

4. Nicki has a article for every the girls.

Ms. Minaj took a special moment to deal with all the independent ladies at the show. She praised the ladies in the audience who weren’t dependency on any man. Expletives removed, she called them: “"If he it is in actin" up, i’m going to get out that house, acquire my very own key, put it in my very own car and walk in my very own house.” Yes, ma"am.

4.5. And also for the guys …

She had actually a post for them, too. “You better be dealing with you lady right. Due to the fact that I promise there room 10 other guys lined increase right below tonight that will act her prefer a queen.” post received.

5. Nicki loves she throwbacks.

It wasn’t all Pinkprint top top this avoid of the tour. Minaj wanted to give thanks to the pan who have actually been with her because the beginning, offering them a “pop quiz” to check out how countless words they could recite native her previously hits. Their an answer was impressive, rapping along with “Roman’s Revenge,” “Right Thru Me,” “Win Again,” “Love More” and also “Throw sum Mo.”

6. Nicki knows she fans can handle the mic.

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Bringing two audience members on phase to sing v her, Minaj totally entrusted one hyper-excited young white male with her signature sparkly pink microphone to perform “Whip It.” How’d he do? for sure nailed it. Even Minaj to be impressed.

7. Nicki might have forgotten that she remained in San Diego because that a little …

Possibly as result of the fact that both fans carried on stage were indigenous Los Angeles, Minaj repetitively shouted the end to L.A. Transparent the night, not San Diego. Every is forgiven though, since she later on posted this Instagram and hashtagged Chula Vista and San Diego.