A reimagination of Biggie’s classic by the very same name, Nicki and also Kandi (voiced by Ms. Minaj) speak on the latest happenings, threats, infant mommas, etc.

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Who the hell is this?Calling me in ~ 12:47 in the nightWhile I'm watching the fightLooking at the phone, it's no surname in sightBlocked ID, knew something just wasn't rightIt's mine girl Kandi from the end in MiamiTelling me the my guy with part bitch in a CamryCar chair in the back like he started a familyYo Kan, protect against playing, what the crap is girlfriend saying?Remember them chicks from the Bricks 'round nine sixThat us seen when we struggle a lick by the project?Oh, you average Leah, small sister MariaI supplied to go view her in former of the pizzeriaI didn't to speak themThey schooled me to some bitch that you knew from back whenSome bitch called KimLight skinned, slim, used to absent a short brimFollowed them to the crib, yet the lights real dimThey fight me top top the chirp, warning me, now I'm warning youWhat's that gonna it is in Nicki, phone call me what you wanna do

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Damn, I'mma have to send she to she makerDamn, I'mma need to send her to her makerDamn, I'mma need to send she to she makerI'mma send she to she makerI'mma send her to she makerThey heard around his good sexing, long erectionsNice complexion, Magnums for protectionThey even heard around his tongue gameHow the nigga give brain, ain't prevent 'til the cum cameBut that's native of i know well HopI popped the bitch top, favor a CoronaCall a coroner, it's gonna be a lot of black dresses and also chest vest-esIf I find out he got a following MrsWhat girlfriend think all the goons is forTwo by the door, a couple of more the end in brand-new YorkAnd ns feed 'em curry chicken, I'm all about my eco-friendly nahmean?Got part fat bitches in the kitchenI obtained a spot prefer ox and also we cook oxtailGot a scale for what's in the mailI got whatever on mine nigga bail, yet if the nigga bailI'll have him sleeping with some killer whalesDamn bitches wanna fuck through my manOn the other hand, things ain't constantly what friend planIt's the ones increase in your prom picture, shop wit'chaNow lock wanna creep in your man's jeepI bet you Nicki won't sleepCause I'mma placed the heat to her beak, You'll bird prefer tweet tweetAnd watch you smoke choose a cigaretteShould've left the bitch a fill of NicoretteLeave every them foul bitches wetI offer a fuck around you and also your bum crewMami I'm the truth, castle salute as soon as I come throughI'm not running bitch, i bust mine gun, organize on i hear somebody coming