Bijan Pakzad network North: Bijan Pakzad is an Iranian designer the menswear and fragrances who has actually a net worth the $50 million. Bijan Pakzad, who became known to the general public as merely "Bijan", was born April 4, 1944 in Tehran, Iran. Bijan moved to Los Angeles in 1973, whereby he established his exclusive boutique top top Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills, California in 1976.

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His boutique has actually been described as "the many expensive save in the world". A connoisseur the quality, perfection and also universal style excellence, Bijan is considered a genius marketer of perception and image because that his men"s couture, haute and also multi-billion-dollar realm as a peerless purveyor the elegance and also affluence. The forged his method to Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills, California by virtue of simply three an easy words- By appointment Only-offering that unprecedented accessibility to the some of the wealthiest clients in the world. Bijan has also drawn attention to himself v his renowned automobiles; most notably in his car collection were a yellow Bentley Azure through black interior and a black color Bentley Azure through yellow interior. The was also known to have actually owned a black Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren through a customized repaint scheme, a yellow Ferrari 430 Spider, a yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé and also a Bugatti Veyron, all of which he regularly parked external of his Rodeo journey boutique. In 2000, Bijan flirted with debate when an advertisement featuring Bijan and also a "rotund (nude) model named Bella" was an initial rejected by many new York magazines prior to it was finally accepted by Tina Brown"s speak magazine (an American publishing that to be moderately popular in between 1999 and also 2001).



Net Worth:$50 Million
Date that Birth:Apr 4, 1944 - Apr 16, 2011 (67 years old)
Profession:Fashion designer, Designer

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