ns am trying to make a database via 000webhost.com. I keep acquiring this blog post showing in the event log anytime I operation the application from android studio. Does anyone knows how to resolve this problem? much appreciated!



I had additionally the very same problem. Please add this line in application tag in manifest. Ns hope it will certainly also aid you.

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I just had the exact same problem. It is no a network permission but rather object issue. Below code assisted me to solve it. Placed is in main activity

super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); if (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT > 9) StrictMode.ThreadPolicy plan = brand-new StrictMode.ThreadPolicy.Builder().permitAll().build(); StrictMode.setThreadPolicy(policy);

Check the URL it must be utilizing https quite than http protocol. In mine case transforming http to https in the URL addressed it.

I have actually a exact same problem, with volley, but this is my solution:

In Android Manifiest, in tag applications add:

xml/network_security_config"create in folder xml this record network_security_config.xml and also write this:

inside tag application include this tag:

Image is vivid.

file network-security-config.xml


file manifest


to copy & paste is easy

relevant record in github

copy xml & an essential line in manifest

This occurs to the api 28 and above, due to the fact that doesn"t expropriate http anymore, you require to adjust if you want to expropriate http or localhost requests.

Create an XML file


Add the complying with code ~ above the new XML file you created


Add this on AndroidManifest.xml


I understand i"m late for the answer, yet it might help someone.If you still having actually this problem, you most likely didn"t placed the method , that makes the request, in a Thread

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