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This includes spoilers because that Stardust Crusaders, you have actually been warned.


Kakyoin Noriaki is a recognized protagonist native JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. His stand, Hierophant Green"s most well-known move, Emerald Splash has actually been a very known trend approximately Reddit, wherein Kakyoin claims "No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!" yet it to be deflected easily. He additionally is well-known to it is in a milf hunter searching down any type of anime milfs.


Kakyoin"s first appearance was back in 1989 where the Stardust Crusaders" manga to be out, in "Noriaki Kakyoin component 1."

For the episode wherein the Emerald Splash came from an initial aired in Japan in April 12, 2014 displayed below.

Kakyoin: What? Impossible, he shrugged off the Emerald Splash?

After that, the English Dub variation of this was released in 2017 presented below.

Kakyoin: What? There"s no street! No one have the right to just direction the Emerald Splash!

After that episode, Kakyoin met Holly because that the very first time and liked she personality, which started the milf searching meme.


After the release, many memes have been made around Reddit, for example presented below.

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