i am using Eclipse Oxygen.3 relax (4.7.3). The complying with is my JUnit test class:

import revolution org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;import org.junit.After;import org.junit.AfterClass;import org.junit.Before;import org.junit.BeforeClass;import org.junit.Test;class MyMathTest MyMath myMath = brand-new MyMath();
Test windy void testSum_with3numbers() System.out.println("Test1"); int result = myMath.sum(new int<> 1,2,3); int intended = 6; assertEquals(expected, result);
Test publicly void testSum_with1numbers() System.out.println("Test2"); int result = myMath.sum(new int<> 3); int meant = 3; assertEquals(expected, result);
AfterClass public revolution void afterClass() System.out.println("After class"); When I operation this Junit test, eclipse keeps popping up dialog telling "No tests uncovered with test jogger "JUnit 5"". Why?




Your test course is right now based ~ above JUnit 4 because it supplies annotations from the org.junit package.

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Thus, to acquire it to operation as a JUnit 4 test course in Eclipse, you require to choose the JUnit 4 jogger in the "Run Configuration". Click on the tiny arrowhead (pointing down) alongside the green circle v a white arrow in the (at the height of the Eclipse IDE). There you need to see your test class, and also by choosing that you deserve to switch in between the JUnit 4 and also JUnit 5 runners.

On the various other hand, if her goal is to compose a test utilizing JUnit Jupiter (i.e., the programming design for JUnit 5), you"ll must switch indigenous annotations in org.junit come org.junit.jupiter.api.


I had actually the exact same error, after ~ trying everything, I have actually realized the the JUnit library wasn"t added. Therefore after including it, tests functioned as intended.




In Eclipse 2019-09 (4.13) is a bug that can cause the "No tests discovered with test jogger "JUnit 5"" error:https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=551298

I added the complying with dependency to my project and it functioned for me:

org.junit.platform junit-platform-commons 1.5.2 test
This occurred to me due to the fact that my test technique was asserted as private and also JUnit might not recognize it. After ns made it public it worked as expected, of course through
Take a look earlier to her imports.

You imports income org.junit.Test; (Used for operation test situations with JUnit 4)

You should import import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test; to run tast situation with JUnit5.

You are using JUnit 4 annotations v JUnit 5 dependencies.If you want to usage JUnit 5 you should replace:

DisabledHere is an ext about JUnit 5 annotations https://junit.org/junit5/docs/current/user-guide/#writing-tests-annotations/

Right click the java record and choose:

Build path -> Configure construct Path -> Java build Path.

Choose the tab Libraries in Java construct Path, on the right side tab pick Add Library.

Select JUnit and click Next.

Choose JUnit 5 in JUnit Library version dropdown and click finish.

Now run the Test with Junit Test, it will work.

This procedure operated for me.

My 2 cents:

Right click project -> Configure -> include module-info -> provide some arbitrarily name.It should automatically add there a requires in the JUnit package, if not, then manually include this:

requires org.junit.jupiter.api;And it will certainly magically work!

* tested on Eclipse 2018-12

My worry was that, Run works fine, debug throw this error.

I was obtaining this merely because of low storage in the system. Ideally, eclipse couldn"t launch the debug session as result of low memory in the system. Error blog post thrown is confusing.

Hope it helps someone!

In my current case, ns encountered this error when testing the pact verification on the organization Provider side.The error was thrown since the Pact Broker doesn"t have any kind of pact to test versus the service Provider.

Visit the pact broker and ensure that there is at the very least one pact to test with.

I had the same problem with one Eclipse (2020-09) non-Maven project. Nobody of the proposed services worked, but changing the compiler from 9.0.4 come 15.0.1 did.

I did the by choosing Preferences > Java > set up JREsand check the box beside jdk-15.01. You may need to download a recent JDK if none space shown.

Adding the JUnit vintage dependency solved the problem for me.


org.junit.vintage junit-vintage-engine check
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