Northwest region Grand Canyon tent looks very cool, like a home with its stole frame, vertical walls and large windows.

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Northwest region Grand Canyon Tent.

Key features

Cabin tent.Huge area.Freestanding.3-Room design.2 Closets with shelving.4 substantial windows.Very tall tent.Bonus light and also remote control.

Where come buy

This time is accessible on Amazon. So follow the link and benefit native their worldwide shipping service.

What form of tent is this

This framework looks prefer a house and also you establish this native the picture above. For this reason this is a nicely designed cabin format tent v steep and also tall walls, which might be placed in the team of framed tents. The an interpretation is that you advanced the frame which is freestanding itself and the time attaches to it.

It comes v two removable dividers, so formally this is a 3-room tent and ns have consisted of it in my perform of tents with 3 rooms. Yet it has also two closets for storage on the ago with the entry from within the tent, watch them in the snapshot below.

Two closets because that storage.

So together you realize, the closets have actually their separate poles and also they add really beneficial storage spaces to the tent. Among them have the right to be used as a room for a portable toilet. Keep in mind that lock come v net shelves for storage. This is why i have added this time to my perform of camping tents through closets.

Note the the structure is very high and you can realize this from the picture above. The peak height is 84 customs (213 cm), however this is still not sufficient to be contained in my perform with really tall tents. The tent is v a minimal fly the covers only the roof, however this is why you have actually unobstructed views v its large windows.

Inner view and also one that the closets is clearly shows on the left.

The time is v one door only and also this might not look so great, yet the door is huge and the time looks like a house where you would have actually one door wouldn’t you? What that lacks in the doors, the compensates in windows, therefore you have them on 3 sides, substantial and equipped v mesh and also zippered panels.

Who is the for

Capacity: The claimed capacity is 12 people and the inside area is about 240 ft² (22.3 m²). So every person, this would give 20 ft² (1.8 m²). Such an calculation is based on the backpacking principle and although the tent have the right to indeed accommodate together a number of users, for real camping this would not make lot sense. Nevertheless, i have consisted of it in my list with best 12-person tents.

But if you would use bunk cots, you might accommodate even much more than what the manufacturer claims. With such steep and tall walls, this tent is perfect because that bunk cots. In any case, ns have included it come my perform of extra big family camping tents.

Seasons & climate: This tent is v mesh on its huge ceiling, therefore this is great if you usage it for summer camping. But you would not want to it is in in together a time in a cold climate.

On the various other hand, the tent is an extremely tall and boxy, and also with a minimal fly, for this reason although the structure is an extremely strong, I would not use it in a publicly place and also with several rain.

Weight is not its finest feature, it weighs 58.65 lb (26.6 kg). But the carry bag is v wheels. The packed dimension is 37 x 15.5 x 12 inches (94 x 39 x 30 cm), so all in all, this is a time for places with a automobile access.

It is very suitable for large families, those separate rooms will administer some privacy the you will need. It have the right to be used also by two couples, so each pair can have its own sleeping area and also the main room can be supplied as a usual living space.


The poles

The poles are steel, for this reason this describes the weight of the tent. They room color-coded and chain-corded, and also with quick-connect hubs, so the setup is far simpler than you might expect from such a large tent.

The fabric

The fly and walls are 68D 185t polyester taffeta v the waterproof rating 1200 mm because that the fly and also 600 mm for the walls. The same materials are on the closets. In principle, you execute not need more for summer camping. The mesh sections room 68D polyester. The floor is tub style and really heavy-duty polyethylene material with welded seams, for this reason this have to be totally waterproof.


With such a vast mesh ceiling and also 4 massive mesh windows, speaking about ventilation may look redundant. However I notice that the tent has actually no floor vents. This is no a big deal as lengthy as you have the right to keep the mesh ~ above windows. Yet in the instance of hrs with rain, you have to close every the openings.

Other featuresThe time comes with two to adjust of storage pouches the you hang on the walls.There are additionally a couple of small pockets ~ above the wall.You have a media bag to use for a tablet and to clock movies.As mentioned above, you likewise have a bonus light that you placed in the network under the ceiling, with a remote control.The tent packs up into a durable and also expandable wheeled bag.A equipment loft is included.Stakes room included.

A bit much more in this video, please have actually a look:


Declared capacity: 12 people.Weight: 58.65 lb (26.6 kg).Dimensions: 20 x 12 ft (6.1 x 3.66 m).Area: 240 ft² (22.3 m²).Area per person: 20 ft² (1.8 m²).Peak height: 84 in (213 cm).Packed size: 37 x 15.5 x 12 in (94 x 39 x 30 cm).

Northwest are Grand Canyon time vs Competitors

When you view the attributes of this tent side through side through some other tents with the same asserted capacity, you can far better understand that value and also make an notified choice. So ns am showing it with the 2 12-person tents, both built as cabin tents, but one of castle is through an instant design.

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The grand Canyon 12 time is without doubt much heavier yet see the floor size. You re welcome follow the web links in the table, those two tents are defined in information in my separate texts.