It’s ultimately the time we’ve all been wait for, due to the fact that Are friend The One? is earlier for Season 7. You recognize that our favorite component of the display (other than all of the drama, the course) is trying to guess the matches. Just like we did critical season through Season 6, we’ll be watching, recapping, and keeping track on our spreadsheet so us can number out who’s right for each other — and also who’s seriously wrong. With genuine love relationships being made and also $1,000,000 in ~ stake for the 22 singles top top the fact show, everyone is play for keeps, for this reason you understand this ish is around to acquire real. That will hook up, rest up, do up, and also join the ranks of all the past Are girlfriend The One couples who room still together? If you’re tuning in this season, watch together with us together we rack increase the laughs and hunt down the answers. Currently let’s get started.

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Are friend The One Season 7 Reunion: Are any type of Couples still Together?

As it constantly is, this season’s reunion was filled with plenty that piping warm tea. Even if it is they to be bringing increase old drama that never ever made it come air, hashing out points that occurred behind their back’s, or confronting controversial tweets, the actors had a lot to say. However host Terence J chose to start things off by talk to the an initial Perfect match of the season, Maria and Shamoy. Castle both immediately and awkwardly call their Honeymoon Suite endure “interesting,” but it only takes around one 2nd of beating roughly the bush before Queen Nutsa goes, “I’ll to speak it,” and also announces that Shamoy had actually a girlfriend the totality time he to be on the show. The drama continues heating up and also it’s revealed that on the critical night, Maria hooked up with Kwasi and Shamoy made out through Bria. 


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AREUTHE1) November 15, 2018

Pretty much every conversation turns into a fight, because a minute later on when Terrence asks that the many surprising complement was, he gets a reaction he no expect. Asia and also Tomas (and practically everyone else) nominate themselves for the honor, yet someone says Jasmine and also Daniel. Danny, though, doesn’t agree — he thinks they make sense, and also they would’ve figured it the end sooner if Sam no so possessive. She claims she wouldn’t have needed to be so possessive if that wasn’t such a “horn dog,” and also Terrence is simply looking roughly like, “Wait, exactly how did I start this?”

Next increase is Cali and all the messiness the comes with her, consisting of her past relationship v Tomas, her fling with Brett, and also how that fling practically sabotaged Brett and also Nutsa’s shot in ~ finding love, no to cite the totality game. Things begin off okay when Cali and Tomas reveal that the “past” part of their relationship doesn’t in reality apply. The couple got earlier together, and months after filming finished, they’re tho going strong. The only as soon as Terrence asks Nutsa if she thinks Cali is responsible because that her whole mess v Brett that things actually explode.

When Nutsa starts to talk about her connection with Brett, they snark back and forth because that a while, yet when she states he’s fake, Zak decides it’s his turn to talk and jumps in. That calls Nutsa the fakest one in the house, Nutsa retorts that she will certainly “personally s–t on” him, and it isn’t long prior to everyone is screaming, even Kayla.

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Some human being are coming because that her throat as Lewis sits in the elevator shouting, “Nutsa aint fake!” and also when Zak speak Nutsa she has actually “literally no friends,” Kayla pretty lot loses her s–t. “You’re literally wrong!” she shouts and even stands up to prove her point, and also it’s only as soon as Terrence manages to calm everyone under so the each person can say their item that things briefly settle.

Me as soon as everyone starts comes at Nutsa