Of the many type of features necessary to be successful at certain positions (wide receiver, running ago, cornerback) in the game of footround is rate.

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Tbelow are a number of teams that had numerous people that could turn on the jets when essential. Unfortunately, tbelow was room for just one spot on this list of the fastest player from each NFL franchise.

This is a team of players that could easily leave adversaries in the dust. But as you will certainly see among this team, rate doesn"t always lead to a productive career.

"Prime Time" could gain up to speed in no time.

The electrical and also multifaceted Sanders ran track at Florida State in enhancement to playing football and also baseround. In the 1989 NFL incorporate, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.28 secs.

Deion"s quickness aided him be a shutdown cornerearlier, as he intercepted 53 passes throughout his career—24 of them coming while through the Falcons.

He also starred on offense and special groups.

In all, the eight-time Pro Bowler compiled 7,838 all-purpose yards and 22 touchdowns—cruising right into Canton this previous August.

Far from a household name coming out of college, Rodgers-Cromartie stood out in the 2008 NFL combine when he posted a 4.29 in the 40-yard dash.

The former high institution sprinter has been one of the game"s optimal cornerbacks ever before given that. After three periods donning the colors of the Cardinals, Rodgers-Cromartie is showcasing his quick feet and also blanket coverage in Philadelphia.

Washington lettered in track and also basketsphere, in addition to football, while attending Bayshore High School. As a senior, he was the district champion in the 100-meter race and also ran a 4.29 in the 40-yard dash.

He shaved that time by .04 secs in the 2005 NFL integrate.

The cornerago from Nebraska was drafted by Oakland also, invested 3 seasons with the Ravens and signed via the New Orleans Saints on July 31.

Before trying to outrun the police on June 17, 1994, Simpchild made a living out of leaving defenders breathmuch less.

As well as catching the Heisguy Trophy at the University of Southern The golden state, Simpboy was a member of the school"s 4x100-meter sprint relay quartet that damaged the human being document at the NCAA Track Championships in June 1967.

The Buffalo Bills made a wise alternative by drafting him No. 1 overall in 1968. Five years later on, O.J. would certainly be the initially player in NFL history to rush for even more than 2,000 yards in a solitary seaboy.

"The Rocket" had his finest years as soon as he played with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Professionally, his performances weren"t as stellar, as he bounded around from the NFL to the CFL and also ago.

Nonetheless, his rate didn"t diminish as soon as he joined the Carolina Panthers by means of trade. In 1996, Ismail had actually just 214 receiving yards and zero touchdowns. He boosted one year later, recording 419 yards via the air through two trips to pay dirt.

The 1998 project was by far his ideal year in Carolina: 69 catches for 1,024 yards and eight TDs.

Willie Gault played his initially five NFL periods with the Bears and also was the team"s deep threat in its passing game.

A true rate demon, Gault was component of the 1985 club that won Super Bowl XX. In that championship contest, he had four catches for 129 yards.

Prior to his pro footsphere playing days, Gault was a multi-medal-winning track star. He would certainly have participated in the 1980 Summer Olympics had the U.S. not boycotted the games.

Even at age 50, his rate hasn"t worn off. Gault freshly set civilization documents in the 50-54 age group in the 100- and 200-meter dash.

There"s no question that Tommie Smith"s insurance claim to fame was his Black Power salute (together with teammate John Carlos) on the winner"s podium after winning the gold medal in the 200-meter dash through a document time of 19.83 seconds in the 1968 Olympic Gamings in Mexico City.

That symbolic moment of the civil legal rights motion obviously overshadows the reality that he provided the NFL a swarm simply one year later.

His career in pro footround was short-lived, as he had actually a total of one reception for 41 yards.

Eric Metcalf played for salso various teams in his NFL career, however his days with Cleveland showcased him as an elite kick returner in the 1990s.

The kid of the equally notable Terry, Eric not only had good speed however tremendous elusiveness also.

In 1990, he led the NFL league in kickoff rerevolve yards and touchdowns. Metcalf likewise added at running ago and also wide receiver.

Bob Hayes waited many kind of years for his contact to the Pro Footround Hevery one of Fame. He would have actually no trouble making the list of the fastest players ever to play the game. In truth, he may extremely well be at the optimal of it.

"Bullet" Bob, throughout his athletic optimal, was arguably the fastest male in the people. He collection the people document in the 100-meter dash through a time of 10.08 seconds at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. Hayes won a 2nd gold medal when the U.S. recorded the 4x100-meter relay—also in record time.

Despite doing not have finish talent as a footround player, the Cowboys schosen him in the "64 draft. In 10 years with Dallas, Hayes verified the skeptics wrong. His 7,295 yards ranked fourth in franchise history. However, his 70 touchdowns and also 20.0 yards per catch average are team records.

Hayes lastly reached induction right into the Hevery one of Fame in 2009, albeit posthumously.

The Washington Redskins were the initially club to gain Bailey"s quickness, particularly after seeing that he ran a 4.28 in the 40-yard dash at the 1999 NFL incorporate.

Washington then traded the star cornerago, along with a second-round draft pick, to Denver in exadjust for RB Clinton Portis.

It"s safe to say the Broncos have actually been pleased through the exchange.

Bailey has been called an All-Pro six times and also has actually 48 interceptions. His capability to save up with some of the height wideouts in the game has made him a sure-fire Hevery one of Famer.

In 6 seasons via Detroit, Mel Gray made the Pro Bowl four times—many thanks mostly to his abilities as a dynamic kick returner.

Noted for his blazing rate, Gray completed his 12-year career via nine touchdowns and also reworn down in 1997 as the NFL"s all-time kick returner.

In the dark days of the Green Bay Packers, James Lofton was the lone bideal spot. His long stride and quick step made him a fine track athlete at Stanford University.

That translated well to the NFL. Lofton invested 16 periods as a pro receiver—nine of them through Green Bay. Tbelow, he had 9,656 yards and also 49 touchdowns. Those rank second and third, respectively, in the lengthy background of the Packers.

His 4.27 time in the 40-yard dash at the 2010 NFL integrate was the latest outstanding performance in a track-connected occasion.

As a sprinter at Louisiana State, Holliday qualified for the 2007 World Championships yet decided not to compete as a result of the dispute with footsphere seakid. One year later, he reached the semifinals in the 100-meter event at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials.

It took a gold medal-winning runner to prevent Dickerchild from being the fastest male to suit up for the Rams.

A 1987 midseachild trade to Indy brought his rate to the Colts and also put them on the inside track to an AFC East title.

Dickerson"s quickness made him practically impossible to be recorded from behind and also assisted him set the single-season document for rushing yards.

The fourth-year cornerearlier out of Stillmale allegedly ran a 4.16 in the 40-yard dash as soon as.

Unfortunately, his numbers in game action aren"t almost as outstanding. Primarily offered as a kick and punt returner, Witherspoon had actually his most abundant year with the Jags in 2008.

That seachild, he had 1,342 full rerotate yards on 69 attempts.

Hall had just a few periods in the spotlight. But in those periods, he routinely burned enemies at wide receiver and, even more significantly, as a kick/punt returner.

A member of the NFL"s All-Decade Team from the 2000s, Hall put together 12 rerevolve touchdowns and also 12,397 total return yards—both still among the all-time leaders.

What Dante Hall did for a brief duration in Kansas City, Ginn is trying to execute through the 49ers.

But before his existing scolor in San Francisco, the former Ohio State star made himself among the fastest players in footsphere while through the Dolphins.

After an superior time at the NFL integrate, Ginn is trying to make certain that was no fluke on the playing field.

He hasn"t reached his full potential as both a wideout and also a returner. However, some of his runs have presented that he hasn"t slacked off in terms of rate.

One deserve to definitely make a instance for current Viking Percy Harvin, however it"s hard to forobtain what Randy Moss did in his at an early stage years with Minnesota.

In his rookie seakid (1998), Moss led the league through 17 touchdowns and had 1,313 receiving yards. He played 113 games in the purple, scoring 92 times and averaging 15.9 yards a capture.

Many kind of teams didn"t desire to draft Moss as a result of his off-area problems. However before, the Vimajesties took a chance late in the initially round and also hoped that his insane talent (consisting of his 4.25 40-yard dash time) would outweigh his baggage.

For the many component, they were ideal.

The fastest player in the history of the New England also Patriots is likewise the team"s all-time leading receiver with 10,352 yards on 534 receptions. He provided his breakamethod rate to uncover the finish zone 67 times in the time of his time in Foxbounstable.

Mbody organ was a four-time Pro Bowl selection and also aided lead the Pats to an appearance in Super Bowl XX.

If you saw Deextremely Henderson"s TD reception versus the Chicback Bears last Sunday, you recognize what we intend.

He attended LSU on a track scholarship and also had actually to try out for the football team. Fortunately for Henderchild, he qualified for the latter also.

With the Saints, he has established himself as one of many kind of key contributors to among the best vertical passing games this particular day.

The winner of the NFL"s 2007 Fastest Man competition, Miller involved the Jets as a second-round pick in 2005 out of Clemson.

In his initially two periods, Miller was stellar as a rerevolve specialist. He had three touchdowns and also posted an average return of 28.2 yards. The 2006 seachild was good enough to earn Miller a Pro Bowl selection.

A season-finishing knee injury in 2007 has actually derailed what might have actually been a fine tenure as one of the NFL"s optimal return guys.

On a 1990 Giants team that won Super Bowl XXV and featured even more brute than zip, Dave Meggett was the contrast to Otis Anderkid in the backfield.

Unfortunately for Meggett, he is currently going nowhere quick as he serves a 30-year priboy term for the rape and robbery of a woman in Charleston, SC.

It"s a shame that we need to narrowhead it dvery own to simply one Raider, especially as soon as you take into consideration the burners that have actually worn the silver and also babsence, consisting of Cliff Branch, Willie Gault, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Jacoby Jones.

With a franchise complete of fleet feet, the crvery own goes to the winner of the 1985 Heisman Trophy.

Jackson has the ideal verifiable time at an NFL incorporate with a 4.12-second initiative in the 40-yard dash in 1986.

Quite sindicate, Bo knows speed.

In a shortened footround career that was cut brief as a result of a hip injury, the two-sport icon compiled 2,782 yards and 16 touchdowns.

It"s just fitting that Michael Vick is the lone quarterearlier to make this list.

His capacity to scramble and also change right into high gear is somepoint that"s never been watched before at his place. That ability has been showcased at Virginia Tech, then through the Atlanta Falcons and many recently in Philly.

Along via DeSean Jackkid, the Eagles currently have the fastest team in the league.

It was a cshed one with Hevery one of Famer Mel Blount and also current teammate Mike Wallace, but the Steelers star cornerearlier gets the nod below.

Taylor was drafted 12fifth as a whole by Pittsburgh as a loved one unwell-known. Now, thanks to his quickness, we all understand what he have the right to carry out.

That was presented when training for the pros eight-and-a-fifty percent years back, once he repetitively ran blistering 40-yard dash times.

Arguably the best receiver in the short history of the AFL, Alworth was the perfect player for the league"s all-out air attack.

In nine years via San Diego, Alworth had actually salso periods in which he compiled even more than 1,000 yards receiving and also had five periods that experienced him complete with at leastern 10 touchdvery own catches.

His graceful rate and agility (also displayed as soon as he was a track star in college) helped earn him the nickname "Bambi."

Before taking on the obstacles of the gridiron, Nehemiah was a world-class hurdler in the late 1970s and also at an early stage 1980s. In reality, he was the first guy to run the high hurdles through a time much less than 13 secs.

The 49ers took a opportunity on Nehemiah in 1982 amiddle plenty of publicity. However before, his tenure as a broad receiver didn"t go almost and his initiatives on the track. In three periods via San Francisco, he got 43 passes for a full of 754 yards (17.5-yard average) and 4 touchdowns.

Before being chosen eighth as a whole in the 1995 NFL draft, Galloway wowed each team via his rapid moves.

This could come as no surpincrease to anyone who observed him play at Ohio State on the football field and on the track in high college. As for the latter, he caught initially location in the state of Ohio in both the 100- and 200-meter dash representing Bellaire High.

Unofficially, he ran a 4.18 40-yard dash time while at Ohio State.

In his rookie year with the Seahawks, Galloway collection the franchise rookie record for receptions (67) and also receiving yards (1,039).

In 2 scolors with the Los Angeles Rams that totaled seven periods, Brown recorded 98 passes for 1,791 yards and scored 13 times.

He also made a name for himself in L.A. for what he accomplished representing the UNITED STATE In the 1984 Olympics, Brvery own won the gold medal running the second leg on the 4x100-meter relay that collection a world-record time.

The just player that made this list for 2 various franchises, Galloway"s 3rd NFL stop lasted a total of 5 periods.

In that time through Tampa, he had actually 3 seasons of more than 1,000 yards receiving and also aided the Bucs make the playoffs on two occasions.

The East Carolina College product acquired off to a good begin in the NFL when he tied the optimal mark for the fastest time in the 40-yard dash at the league"s rookie combine (4.24 seconds) in 2008. That aided him come to be the 2fourth all at once selection by the Titans.

In just three years, he has made himself among the peak running backs in the game (not to cite among the wealthiest players). The 2009 seakid showed to be a memorable one for Johnboy, as he became just the sixth man in league background to rush for even more than 2,000 yards.

Darrell Green confirmed his worth—and also his speed—best from his initial days in the NFL.

The first time he ever touched the ball as a pro in 1983, he changed a punt 61 yards in a preseakid contest versus Atlanta.

He remained a stable and also talented item of the Redskins secondary for the next 20 periods. Green routinely won the NFL"s Fastest Man competition and had the ability to repeatedly chase dvery own running backs and receivers who were taken into consideration uncatchable.

It"s no surpclimb that he made a quick entrance into the Hall of Fame on the initially ballot in 2008.

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