Bold accusations. Olivia Munn did not hold back while dissing she ex’s skills in the bedroom, despite she decreased to name which previous flame to whom she to be referring.

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“I have this one boyfriend, in particular, that was simply the worst, the worst at just having actually sex,” the actress, 40, admitted during an episode of Whitney Cummings’ “Good for You” podcast previously this month. “In fact, that went under on me twice throughout the years us were together, and also I asked the once and also said, ‘Why don’t you ever before go down? through the way, i don’t want you to. However I’m simply wondering why due to the fact that I feel choose most guys I can’t obtain out of my vagina and I’m favor you have to fake it all the time.’”

Munn then insinuated that her ex was gay. “He’s like, ‘Well, I simply haven’t had actually a many of, girlfriend know, suffer doing it,’” she recalled. “And ns was like, ‘Oh.’ and also that’s when I was additionally like, ‘Um, he might like Benton instead,’ girlfriend know? It can be his sort of game and also stuff.”


The Love Wedding Repeat star, who quipped the “it was a dark relationship,” listed that her then-boyfriend always wanted to have sex v the “lights out” and also not dealing with her for this reason “you don’t need to see that it’s a girl.”

“I didn’t placed all those pieces with each other until later,” she said. “First of all, I gained evidence around something, and also then I put the other pieces together. Ns was like, ‘Oh, that’s what all that .’”

Munn has actually romanced several A-listers throughout her time in the spotlight. She date Bryan Greenberg native 2007 to 2009, Chris Pine from 2009 come 2010, Matthew Morrison in 2011, hockey player Brad Richards native 2011 come 2012, Joel Kinnaman native 2012 to 2014, Aaron Rodgers from 2014 to 2017, Álex González in 2018 and also Tucker Roberts native 2018 come 2020.

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Us Weekly broke the news that her split from Roberts previously this month.

Rodgers, for his part, relocated on through Danica Patrick in December 2017. She rep evidenced to Us in July that they are “no longer together.”

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