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Once top top a Fairy Love tale - Leonhardt (walkthrough)

Notes: affection points gained from correct answers are enough to pass the good End requirement. Top top the other hand, you require an extra that 5pts because that chapter 4.09 if you desire to read all one-of-a-kind Stories. Girlfriend can gain them native Fairy Gacha.

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(I finished this walkthrough rather a when ago, but virtually forgot to write-up it, sorry… )~ I invested a couple of months replaying this route, 7 time in total, and also hours that doing mathematics to end up it, so please don’t just copy dough it and claim together yours or something. Offering credit is constantly nice~~ Reblog is much more than yes sir (obviously >> ).~ friend can constantly link to this page.~ Answers the don’t have actually assigned clues simply typical I haven’t make the efforts them, no that they provide 0pts.~ I confirmed my answers and also everything, however it’s possible I quiet made part mistakes once typing the numbers/answers here, please let me recognize if you notification anything that doesn’t add up and I’ll solve it.

1 Clumsy kiss with the Beast Prince

1.02<1> Okay, Leon… (+3)<2> Leon….sir (+5)<3> (It’s just isn’t right…) (+1)1.08<1> whatever you say… (+1)<2> It has to be excellent by me (+5)<3> am I good enough because that this? (+3)1.12<1> call out to him (+5)<2> follow him<3> clock him leave (+1)1.14 one-of-a-kind Story: 9pts??

2 I desire your smile..

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2.02<1> I want to become friends with them as well (+3)<2> how I envy you<3> You’re awesome, Leon (+5)2.07<1> Massage<2> Homemade Cake (+5)<3> A letter that appreciation2.08 special Story: 25pts2.14<1> I’m fear (+5)<2> I’m great with Silvio (+1)<3> one of two people one is fine (+3)

3 Don’t choose me. Who can you choose??

3.02<1> (Perhaps anyone’s fine….. ) (+1)<2> What do you think, Harold? (+3)<3> (Maybe Leon….. ) (+5)3.06<1> say thanks to him (+5)<2> Gaze at him (+3)<3> ns can’t do anything (+1)3.07 special Story: 40pts3.11<1> give thanks to you (+5)<2> I’m sorry (+1)<3> Is it yes, really fine? (+3)

4 The 3rd kiss is presentiment of a romance

4.05<1> i don’t understand (+1)<2> ns think so (+5)<3> may be (+3)4.09 special Story: 55pts4.10<1> Tell the the truth (+5)<2> Lie to him (+1)<3> It was a failure (+3)4.15<1> i don’t understand either (+5)<2> I desire to be v you (+1)<3> I just felt like

5 factor of misfortune

5.04<1> Yes, please<2> How about Leon… (+5)<3> How about Harold… (+3)5.07<1> You’re so supplied to party<2> friend looked cool with confidence (+5)<3> You space a prince after every (+1)5.11 distinct Scenario: 70pts5.15<1> i can’t find what to say (+1)<2> ns was too concentrated (+3)<3> because I to be happy (+5)

6 ns wanna say ns love you.

6.02<1> favourite food? (+3)<2> Favorite thing to do? (+5)<3> Age? (+1)6.09 special Story: 85pts6.10<1> about the dance… (+5)<2> around the day of the ball (+1)<3> about you, Leon… (+3)6.15<1> That’s not an issue (+3)<2> You room you, Leon (+5)<3> I’m a little afraid though… (+1)

7 invitation from the Beast King

7.05<1> This is so casual (+1)<2> I’m happy you came (+5)<3> that was unexpected (+1)7.10<1> photograph of one animal? (+3)<2> picture of someone important? (+5)<3> photo of yourself? (+1)7.12 special Story: 100pts7.14<1> sure (+3)<2> No i don’t desire (+5)<3> There’s nothing I can say (+1)

8 Chasing the phatom of near friend

8.1<1> It’s true… (+5)<2> ….. (+1)<3> please calm under (+3)8.3 special Story: 105pts8.6<1> need to I discuss with someone… (+5)<2> possibly I should wait for Leon (+1)<3> I have to do this through myself (+3)8.15<1> Nod silently <2> Um, probably no… (+1)<3> might I? (+5)9 it is in prepared9.02<1> phone call him to be much more distant (+3)<2> Don’t give any reaction (+1)<3> pretend nothing occurred (+5)9.07<1> Sit beside him (+1)<2> Sit top top his lap together he asks (+5)<3> keep standing (+3)9.15<1> Argue ago at that (+5)<2> Sit ~ above his lap together he asks (+1)<3> save standing (+3)Good End: 135 ptsRoyal End: 168pts