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“Love” Peter dubbed out sweetly

“Hmmm?” Y/n hummed

“I have actually something I desire to display you.” He said as he came up and also hugged she from behind. Peter gently started tugging her in the embrace into a room in his treehouse that Y/n had never remained in before. Infront of she was a huge mirror through a swirl of mist choose magic moving roughly inside the it.

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“What’s this, Peter?” Y/n asked turning her head slightly to look at him because that an answer.

Peter smiled at her with excitement in his eyes. “I was able to find a method to let friend spy on your father where he is.”

“Really?” Y/n’s challenge filled with excitement and shock. “Thank you. Sooo much.” Y/n jumped up wrapping she arms approximately his neck. Mirroring him she gratitude.

“Just desire you to be happy, Love.” Peter stated in a mumble into her neck. Hugging her best back. He to be happy that he can cheer her up.

“You didn’t have to do this for me. Say thanks to you therefore much. Really, give thanks to you.” Y/n spoke into his shoulder. Ready herself not to cry.

“No, problem Love. You’re welcome.” Peter smiled leaning in to offer her a kiss ok her forehead prior to moving end to usage his magic. Peter waved his hand in former of the mirror and behold, it showed up with live photos of her father. Showing what he was doing in ~ this specific moment.

Once he saw just how happy this setup of his had made her. It made Peter feel really warm inside. Pan determined to leaving her alone come watch her father and also see that he’s ok. Peter left the room and also left the treehouse as well. Once outside of the treehouse Peter approached Felix. As both watched over the rest of the shed boys that were dancing about the fire.

“That was a nice thing you did because that her. Although i imagine it’s head. For her to see him and also not be able to talk come him or touch him.” Felix spoke from next to Pan.

Peter glanced towards his friend and 2nd in command. “I’m happy I can give she this, come help. Yet I’m additionally worried that this will certainly hurt she more. Simply in a various way.” Pan sighed, thinking about how this might effect Y/n in a way that the won’t have the ability to fix as easily.

“What’re friend gonna do?” Felix asked. Additionally worried around the girl who had become a an excellent friend to him and also the other shed boys over the time she’d been there.

“I have actually an idea.” Peter declared with an challenge that no one might read.

“What’s this idea entail?” Felix wondered out loud. Prepared to help in anyway he may be needed.

“A the majority of searching on mine part.” Pan smirked looking directly at Felix. “I’ll require you come watch over the boys an ext often.” he asked that him, knowing that trying to find what he’s thinking of will certainly take most of his time up.

Felix nodded in agreement. “No problem. Peter Pan never ever Fails. Don’t want the first time to be because that a girl he seems to yes, really like.”

Peter glared in ~ him playfully. “Shut up. An your right Peter Pan never ever Fails and also this is not gonna be the thing that breaks my streak.” he winked.

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Jefferson/Mad baht x daughter reader

Peter Pan x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 787

Summary: Y/n’s now remained in Neverland because that awhile. She feels together if Peter is getting to know her (slowly, not in detail), yet she still to know pretty much nothing about him.

Authors Note: kinda a getting to know each other and also breaking down walls chapter.


Once ~ above A Time Masterlist

Part 1

Part 2


Jefferson/Mad baht x daughter reader

Peter Pan x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary:Y/n is the daughter the Jefferson a.k.a The mad Hatter. A soon to be godmother the Snow and also Charming’s infant girl. Yet with the curse coming she won’t acquire to remain long, although will certainly she be sent out to Storybrooke with the rest?

Status: Completed


Once top top A Time Masterlist

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Thank You because that reading!

* Should I compose a oneshot or a pair of them to belong to this series about the leader settling into StoryBrooke? Or going back to visit Neverland? Or Peter possibly some the the lost boys comes to visit the ready?

ouat ouat imagine ouat peter pan jefferson ouat peter pan ouat once upon a time once upon a time onceuponatime peter pan once upon a time when upon a time imagines once upon a time imagine x reader imagines imagine jefferson madhatter jefferson x daughter leader jefferson x daughter!reader mad baht madhatter madhatter x reader mad hatter x reader madhatter x daughter leader mad hatter x daughter!reader jefferson x leader peter pan peter pan
Jefferson/Mad hatter x daughter reader

Peter Pan x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,502

Summary: Peter has a surprised for Y/n, that’ll have actually an emotional reaction native both of them.

Authors Note: a reunion is in store


Once top top A Time Masterlist

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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Peter sighed shower his head before speaking “You’d be stupid no to take my offer, Killian.”

“No, it’d make me smart.” Killian stated turning away from the demon boy.

“I’m providing you a way to come and also go native Neverland as lot as you please.” Peter stated smiling in ~ the pirate, hoping he would take the deal.

“For a price.” Killian mumbled under his breath.

“It’s a little price in the scheme of things.” Peter shrugged not seeing why the pirate wouldn’t jump at his offer.

“My daughter is not a little price come pay, you demon!” Killian turned around yelling in ~ the boy in green.

“Are you sure about that.” Peter request calmly as he watched the Captain fume.

“I’m sure.” Killian proclaimed through gritting his teeth.

“Then what do you want.” Peter sighed. ‘What was it going come take’ that thought.

“She’s mine daughter, Pan. Not just some trinket you can trade to do a deal. She’s my flesh and blood. I love her. An becuase ns love her there’s no means I’m offering her end to you.” Killian spoke poking Peter in the chest through his hook.

“I will discover a way to save her here.” Peter told the on handed pirate. He desires Y/n however Hook just won’t give her up. But Peter’s no gonna offer up without a fight. Peter Pan never fails. Peter wants y/n together his shed Girl that ay take a while but he’ll obtain her.

“But you know if you desire her to choose you, girlfriend can’t pains me. Or mine crew. Due to the fact that that would certainly be hurting she family, the people she loves. Climate she wouldn’t check out you the very same way.” Killian smirked in ~ the evil one boy. Hook knew every native he claimed bugged Peter cause he to know Hook’s right. Y/n would never ever forgive him because that hurting someone she cares about or loves.

“She currently has a crush on me-” Peter speak looking far from Killian for a moment. Do the efforts to gain back the upper hand.

“But now you need to keep it the way. Girlfriend can’t execute anything to jeopardize it.” Hook countered. He can tell the bothered the young to shed his top hand in this conversation.

“Peter Pan never ever fails.” Peter stated looking that dead in the eyes.

“You might never fail, Pan. But you can not have the patience come wait for her or me come come around.” Hook stated prior to walking out of the forest to head ago down towards his crew, ship, and daughter.

peter pan peter pan imagine peter pan as soon as upon a time peter pan imagines peter pan x reader as soon as upon a time onceuponatime ouat ouat neverland
Jefferson/Mad baht x daughter reader

Peter Pan x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 963

Summary: Y/n is the daughter of Jefferson a.k.a The foolish Hatter. Although she wasn’t sent out to Storybrooke choose everyone else. Have the right to she to trust a boy she just met? She can just have actually to.

Authors Note: She has powers however she’s seen how civilization use her father in both the fascinating Forest and Wonderland. So why to trust a young that she simply met in a kingdom she’s never been to but heard of, and they weren’t an excellent things. I recognize this sounds prefer an extra summary and that kinda is however it’s for a reason.


Once upon A Time Masterlist

Part 1



“You have actually magic.” Peter let out a airy laugh of shock and excitement. Now she just came to be even an ext interesting to him.

“Don’t even try it.” Y/n spoke backing up from him v two steps. Just to be cautious.

Peter held his hand up in surrender. “I didn’t and also don’t setup on hurting you, Love.”

Y/n scoffed “Yeah, that’s what a lot of of human being say when they discover out someone has magic.”

Peter quirked an eyebrow “Your not very trusting are you?”

“I don’t have a reason to trust you. Trust is earned not something that’s providing freely. Its no to be taken lightly.” She warned about the green clad male.

“Let me earn it.” Peter claimed as if he to be daring her.

“What?” Y/n request confused

“Let me earn your trust.” Peter explained what he simply meant.

“Why must I perform that?” Y/n asked that squinting her eyes at him.

“Well, because that starters your stuck right here till you discover out whereby everyone you know is. And also I’m the leader of Neverland, ns know everything that happens here. You’ll more than likely be right here awhile…Were more alike than you think.” Peter smiled walking up to her in so few steps.

Y/n didn’t fully trust him, not one bit. If she learned anything in traveling and also doing jobs with she dad it to be to be careful of what or who you trust. “Ok.” yet Y/n knew he can be right and he could be the just one that could assist her. So she excepted his proposal.

“Peter smiled “Let me show you around.”


Part 3

as soon as upon a time onceuponatime peter pan once upon a time ouat ouat neverland peter pan peter pan ouat imagines imagine x leader y/n once upon a time imagines once upon a time imagine peter pan x reader peter pan imagine peter pan imagines jefferson ouat mad baht madhatter
Snow x reader (friend)

Charming x leader (friend)

Jefferson/Mad baht x daughter reader

Peter Pan x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,407

Summary: Y/n is the daughter of Jefferson a.k.a The foolish Hatter. A soon to be godmother the Snow and Charming’s baby girl. But with the curse comes she won’t gain to remain long, although will certainly she be sent to Storybrooke through the rest?

Authors Note: Peter comes in in ~ the end.This is a collection and it will have 6 parts to it, some much longer than others.“Were an ext a like than friend think.” - Pan (comes in at sometime). Must I do the series there own tiny masterlists?


Once ~ above A Time Masterlist



As Peter and Y/n go up v the rounded driveway, up to the former door. Was standing there was nerve racking to both for various reasons. Regardless of the nerves Y/n took a deep breath and also knocked top top the front door.

“Dad” Y/n nearly whimpered in ~ the sight of her dad, because that the first time in what felt prefer forever.

“Y/n” Jefferson stated stunned. The couldn’t believe his eye’s. Afraid tht this was one more cruel hoax from Regina like remembering, he had actually to asking to it is in sure. “Is it really you?”

Y/n’s face broke out right into pure joy as she nodded. “Yeah. Yes, Daddy. Its yes, really me.”

Jefferson got to forward pulling his daughter right into his arms together he stepped the end on to his front porch. “H-How? Why? But, h-how?”

She let out a happy laugh, wrapping she arms about her father. Holding him just as tight as he’s stop her. “That’s a long story, Daddy. Yet I’m back now. I’m right here to stay. And also I’ll explain it all through time. I promise.”

Peter watched the father and daughter reconnect. That was obvious to Pan that the man before him important missed his lost girl. Their shed girl i guess you can say. That is a reality that Peter knew comforted Y/n. That her dad obviously really missed her. And also now she’s not lost anymore.

After little bit Y/n let walk of she tight adopt around her father, ~ above turned to Peter with a smile. Still in she fathers arms. “Thank you, again Peter.”

“Love, you have the right to stop thanking me.” Peter smirked, teasing her v a increased eyebrow.

“Well I’m gonna give thanks to you. Because that anything and also everything you’ve done because that my daughter. An give thanks to you for bringing she to me.” Jefferson reduced in. Peter can tell just how grateful the man was by the look he was betraying in his eyes. Peter offered him a small nodd in acknowledgment of his gratitude.

“I wanted to carry out this because that her, and Peter Pan never ever Fails.” Peter switched the emphasis of his eyes from her father earlier to his shed girl when he speak the end of his statement.

Y/n smirked in ~ him shaking her head next to next in amusement. “No, no the doesn’t.”

Peter smiled, this showing and also all. He took a couple of steps towards her and also placed a kiss on she cheek, leaning under a bit to execute so. “Bye, Love.”

With those native Peter offered her one last smile before transforming and walking away from the mansion the would currently be where his shed girl would be phone call home. Prior to he might get to much away Y/n yelled out. “Hey Peter!” Pan turned around to identify her. Wondering what she could be stopping him for. “I mean for you come come visit.” Y/n smiled at him providing him a learning look.

Peter nodded, looking down letting out a puff that breath at the apparent reasons as to why she told the that. It to be reassuring every the same. “I will, Love. You’ll need to come ago and visit as well. We’ll all miss out on you.”

“Count on it.” She promised


The End….

* Should I write a oneshot or a pair of them to belong to this series about the reader settling into StoryBrooke? Or going ago to visit Neverland? Or Peter maybe some the the shed boys coming to visit the ready?

when upon a time onceuponatime peter pan once upon a time imagines imagine x leader y/n ouat as soon as upon a time imagines as soon as upon a time imagine jeferson mad baht jefferson madhatter jefferson ouat madhatter ouat madhatter x daughter reader madhatter x leader jefferson x daughter reader jefferson x reader peter pan peter pan imagines peter pan imagine peter pan x leader ouat neverland neverland storybrooke
Peter Pan x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 299

Summary: mermaids aren’t all evil




Originally post by youmustloveme

Things haven’t changed much in between y/n, Noah, Ella, and also Lee. Noah had actually to walk off to university after the summer ended. He didn’t desire to leave her there with pretty lot no friends. But he didn’t have actually a choice. For this reason he made sure that they video clip chatted every day.

“They still not talking come you?” young name asked over the video clip call. Worry noticeable on his face.

Y/n shook her head. “No, lock won’t even let me explain.”

“I’m sorry, Y/n.” that sighed. Everyone the knew around what to be going on in between the 4 thought that Lee and also Elle to be being overdramatic. An truth be told that was and is ridiculous. “At least I’ll be house soon.”

“To poor it’s no sooner.” Y/n smiled trying to joke a bit however it was level as work on her challenge to both Y/n and Noah wished they never had to part, to begin with.

“I know Y/n/n.” boy name mirrored she sad smile.

“Well, I obtained to walk Noah. Dinners ready.” Y/n tilted she head ~ hearing her mommy yell out that food was done. She sighed knowing she was gonna have actually to end this call with she boyfriend, and the just friend in ~ the moment.

“Be strong Y/n. I’ll be back before you understand it.” boy name spoke she farewell. Wishing they didn’t have actually to end the speak to as well.

“Hopefully.” Y/n offered a tight-lipped smile before they said bye and also hung up.

Time definitely felt like it to be passing excursionaltly slow. Hopefully, she can find a means to occupy she time. To fill it till Noah gets to come back.

^ ^ ^

“Hey, Sweetie.” Molly answered her phone with a laugh seeing her son’s confront come up.

“Hi, Mom.” young name greeted over the video chat

“How’s university going?” she asked together she set down the phone for this reason she could continue preparing dinner.

“It’s walk good.” noah nodded smiling

“But” Molly caught the ton in her son’s voice that told her not everything was fine.

“But, you recognize Lee and Elle space still dealing with Y/n horribly.” boy name sighed v an uncomfortable tone.

Molly sighed knowing how the two have actually been dealing with their since-birth friend and also it’s horrible. “I’ve noticed. Your father, me, and I know also you’ve tried talk to Lee.”

“He just won’t listen. Neither will certainly Elle.” that shook his head in frustration.

She nodded along listening and also agreeing. “I know. Her father referred to as me. I’ve tried v her together well. They are simply taking this means to seriously.”

“I was reasoning of coming back early.” boy name suggested, he want to come home because he’s a bit homesick, but also for Y/n’s sake. That misses her and he have the right to tell she’s lonely. Yet how else would certainly you feeling if her friends since diapers to be hating and avoiding you? Noah to know she’s no as ok as she’s top on.

“Well I would certainly love that and also I’m sure Y/n would certainly as well.” Molly smiled. She always knew she son had a large heart. Molly likewise knew him and Y/n could an extremely well critical forever if they yes, really tried. However Elle and also Lee can ruin it because that them. One Molly was not gonna let the happen, neither will certainly Noah.

“Just don’t phone call anyone, ok?” noah asked his mommy to save his early on coming residence a secret.

“My lips are sealed.” she smiled and also pretended to zip she lips closed.

^ ^ ^

“Oh Hunny, it’s so great to have actually you back.” Molly hugged her earliest son together he walked into the kitchen. It had been a month and a few weeks because they had planned this beforehand come home.

“It’s good to be back mom.” young name smiled hugging her back.

“Oh, your back. Early.” Lee scoffed and also grumbled together he came from below to watch his older brothers home.

“Hello to you to little brother.” young name spoke and held earlier the ton of his voice and also words he really want to use.

“Your just back because you miss your lair that a girlfriend.” Lee rolling his eyes at his brother’s greeting.

“Watch it Lee.” Noah almost growled out. Y/n didn’t deserve gift talked around like that.

“Whatever” Lee mumbled as he went back up to his room slamming his door in the process.

“I’m hope they’ll come approximately with time.” Milly sighed shaking her head, disappointed in her younger son’s behavior.

“Yeah. Me too. It’s taking a toll on Y/n.” young name nodded in agreement

“Wish she my best. I imagine your continuing to be over over there tonight, yes?” She smiled at her kid knowingly.

Noah blushed “yeah. I’ll view you, tomorrow mom.”

With that, he ordered a bag and headed the end to his girlfriend’s home to surprise her.

^ ^ ^

Y/n had been sitting at her desk when she heard a knock on she bedroom door.

“Come in” Y/n dubbed out back facing she bedroom door.

“You gonna rotate around and see your surprise or just keep typing on your laptop feather sad?” noah asked with a slight smirk. Watching together her body as it tensed at the sound of his voice.

“Noah!” Y/n screamed as she turn around and saw she boyfriend. She ran over to hug the tightly.

“In the flesh. Hmmmmm, I have missed you so much.” boy name squeezed her back in a chop hug. Never wanting to leave her again, because that anything.

“I’ve missed girlfriend more. I can’t even put it into words.” Y/n whimpered right into his neck as he lifted her up to hold her tighter.

“I’m below now. And I’m no going almost everywhere for a while.” noah stated. The looked about her room and he could tell the she was spending a most time in it. Which really saddened him.

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“Good” Y/n smiled into his neck. Which as soon as he felt that made Noah laugh as well. This would be good for both the them.