Opticover Range extender is accessible through Opticover n300 single-band also 2.4GHz 300Mbps and also Dual-band AC1200 for high-rate internet plans. The Opticover wifi extender installation overview for single-band also and also dual-band also repeater gadgets nearly the same only depfinish on your hold wifi rexternal support single-band also or dual-band also. Opticover WiFI extender support AP mode, Router mode and Repeater mode, and also have the right to set up with any type of brand WiFi accessibility point without any compatibility problem. Tbelow is 2 method to setup Opticover array extender either making use of WPS switch or internet interconfront login. Although the Opticover repeater hand-operated contained via the new device the moment hand-operated difficult to understand for a non-tech perchild.

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This article will help you to setup Opticover WiFi selection extender to boot your existing wifi netjob-related to a larger area wright here your main WiFI rexternal signal can’t reach. You require an Existing WiFI password if want to configure the Opticover extender making use of login mode from the internet interconfront or your major WIFI router WPS alternative need to allow to connect without a password. Unbox Opticover array extender gadget and also follow measures to erected first time with WPS and router login mode.

WiFi Range Extender Setup via WPS button

Setting up a selection extender using the WPS switch is the most simple and quick DIY procedure that takes only a couple of minutes. Unbox your Opti cover WiFI repeater device and also follow Opticover wifi extender instructions to setup via the WPS switch.

Plugin OptiCover to Power wall socket near your primary WiFi internet rexternal.See mode switch button next to and make a certain switch in Repeater.


After save settings you have the right to inspect Repeater link status to a status page or examine extender WLAN led start reflecting solid green.

This is a basic user hand-operated to setup Opticover Range extender through a different brand also WiFI router to an level the existing wifi network without transforming the name for a seammuch less netjob-related. This user guide have the right to use for OptiCover WiFi Repeater with 4 External dual-band and also 2 External antenna solitary bands.

Opticover WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

If you are dealing with trouble to setup your range extender or your major internet wifi rexternal changed and looking setup aacquire your extender tool then fix the login and link worry through troubleshooting action by action.

Can’t log in Opticover Extender

Login difficulty common worry while you desire to put up an extender gadget via a new wifi router and also facing error site can’t reach or refsupplied to affix. Login IP not functioning seem comes concern if the default IP address readjusted through a various network-related IP resolve or there is any type of network-related blocking or glitch that prevents accessing login IP.

Make certain you are connected to the extender tool SSID and also your WIFI LAN IP settings not configured with a static IP resolve that not related to opticover default IP attend to.

Login 192.168.l.254 Admin Username and Password

How to Factory recollection Opticover Wireless Range Extender

Making the extender to manufacturing facility default mode will erase all configuration or will certainly disconnect if currently linked through any type of WiFI router. Range extender associated but no internet, or encountering connecting disconnecting concern via wifi repeater gadget recommfinished to reset utilizing the recollection button and also connumber aacquire.

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Tip to Rekeep Opticover Repeater

Plugin the repeater tool to power the socket and let it boot-up entirely.Locate a little reset switch or a little hole.Press and organize the recollection switch for 8-10 secs and the release button once all led lights rotate off and also turn on easily.The extender device will reboot and also take 2-3 minutes to gain back settings to manufacturing facility mode.After reestablishing the extender setup aobtain either the WPS approach or the Login strategy as presented above procedures.