Question: I to be trying to produce a user in Oracle 12c and also I don't provide a rat's butt around pluggable databases. When I shot to produce a user v the c## prefix I obtain the dreaded ORA-65096 error:create user fred determined by flintstone;ORA-65096: invalid typical user or role name

I don't care if the user identifier is supplied as a pluggable database, I simply want to create a user called fred there is no being required to add the c## prefix (create user c##fred).

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How execute I resolve the ORA-65096 error and also create my usage without a container database c## prefix?

Answer: First, check out my note oncommon vs. Local_user ID"s. The oerr energy is no at all valuable for the ORA-65096 error:

ORA-65096: invalid common user or duty nameCause: An attempt to be made to create a common user or duty with a name that was not valid for typical users or roles. In addition to the normal rules for user and function names, typical user and function names must start with C## or c## and also consist just of ASCII characters.Action: Specify a valid common user or role name.

The systems to the ORA-06596 is to set a covert parameter "_oracle_script". When you set the undocumented (hidden) parameter"_oracle_script"=true girlfriend can create the fred user without a C## in native of the user ID. However, this user will certainly not used helpful in a pluggable/container database:

connect system/manager together sysdba

alter session set "_ORACLE_SCRIPT"=true;

create user fred identified by flintstone;

grant dba to pubs;

connect fred/flintstone

Always above Oracle support before using any type of hidden Oracle parameters.Oracle renders a difference in multitenant databases for neighborhood vs. "common" user ID"s:

COMMON USERS: Common user ID"s must always be produced at the CDB level and start through a C## or c## prefixes.LOCAL USERS: neighborhood users can only be created at the PDB layer; likewise must use the CONTAINER clause collection to existing for the user to be created.

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