When a guy selects a letter order bride, he is surprised to check out the beauty, beauty who appears before him. She alleges the she sent out false photos to him to guarantee that he would certainly love her for what she is and not for she beauty. However, what she is is a con artist, prostitute, and also actress, who groups with a fellow actor come steal money native men. What she walk not mean is the she falls in love through her new husband and ultimately need to decide between him and also her sadistic previous lover. Consists of explicit sex consisting of sadistic plot as thomas Jane cut Jolie’s earlier with a knife as component of your lovemaking.

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Genre: Thriller

Director: Michael Cristofer

Actors: Allison Mackie, Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas, Cordelia Richards, Gregory Itzin, Jack Thompson, Joan Pringle

Country: France, Mexico, USA

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