Ozark trace 20 x 10 Dark Rest prompt Cabin tent is complete of features, a 3-room 12-person freestanding framework with an prompt setup and also the design that reduces glare.

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Ozark follow 20′ x 10′ Dark Rest prompt Cabin Tent.

Key attributes & benefits

12 person capacity.Instant 2 minute setup.Dark rest technology for reduced glare.Tall and very livable.Large area.3 rooms.2 large dual doors.Electrical harbor access.

Where to buy

What type of time is this

The name of this tent is fairly descriptive but if you space not familiar with the terminology right here are a couple of words about its features. The number 20 x 10 explain its exterior dimensions; that is practically rectangular therefore this is close come its floor dimensions.

♦ The tent is cabin style, and also this indicates tall and quite steep walls, so together usual, this is a really pleasant and livable construction. An ext about cabin type tents you can see in my different text.

♦ The tent is also instant type, and also this way that the framework is pre-attached come the time body. For this reason the setup is yes, really instant, you just unfold it, expand its telescopic foot poles and it is ready, all is excellent in 2 minute if two human being do the job. More about immediate tents please watch here and a repertoire of assorted models you have the right to see here.

♦ yet as girlfriend realize, over there is more in the name – this is a dark remainder technology. Some manufacturers use the ax ‘dark room tent’, while some use ‘lights out tent’. This is a relatively new trend yet there are plenty of models on the market; you have the right to see some great examples in my long list.

This Ozark follow 12 person dark remainder tent is a part that a series which consists of a 6-person dark rest tent and two execution of a 10-person tent, one is defined in my separate review and the other you deserve to see in this dark tents list.

♦ This is additionally a 3-room tent, the different units are created by 2 removable dividers which you deserve to see in the pictures.


View inside through dividers rolling out.

The tent is freestanding however I would certainly not miss to stake it under properly, this is a hefty and large structure and also it would certainly not do well in wind if not secured properly.

But what is a dark remainder tent really

You have it explained elsewhere in detail, below just briefly to stress and anxiety that you have actually dark material offered in the tent’s construction and in certain in the roof, and also you can additionally regulate the lot of light and also reduce glare. This will allow you come sleep longer in the morning or acquisition a nap throughout the day, and it additionally makes a cooler atmosphere in the tent.

Please see much more in this video, you will realize the it may be hard for one person to set it up, yet for two human being it is doable as they say, in 2 minutes:

Who is this time for

The claimed capacity is 12 people. This is obtained by using the backpacking principle, therefore it means that you deserve to put this variety of sleeping pads on the floor. This have the right to work for groups who only spend nights in a tent, but for real camping, this can never work. Note that you execute not have any type of external storage an are for the camping equipment and shoes and boots. Therefore realistically, this is a tent for as much as 6 – 7 people.

They compose that it fits 4 queen dimension beds, however even if you manage to perform this, girlfriend will have to walk end the beds. Therefore this is certainly not one option. You can put 3 beds of this kind but this is again not the best option. In such a tall structure, you will have an are best arranged by using some bunk cots. Note that there are such bunk cots likewise for children. This have the right to save a many floor area and also you deserve to still store some stuff underneath the beds.

The tent is heavy and also bulky yet all that is parameters space quite common for together a type. So this is a camping device to usage at places with a vehicle access.

Seasons-wise, this is a summer camping tent. V such a large structure, so plenty of (pleasant) windows, and also the minimal fly, I would not placed it in a very harsh environment. That is not designed because that such a purpose.

However, the building is such that you have the right to almost totally zip up the huge mesh ceiling area (but there are a couple of openings that cannot be closed), and also this way you have the right to preserve a bit of the warmth inside. Therefore this tent have the right to be offered in a cooler climate as well, however if friend really require a tent for a cold environment, that is ideal to inspect this superior list.

The time is shown without the paris so you have the right to see its pre-attached frame.

Construction & materials

The poles

Here you have steel in the upright leg poles and also fiberglass top top the roof structure. This is every pre-attached in the factory so you have actually no lot work to perform with the poles, view the snapshot above.

The fabric

The tent fabric is 190T coated polyester, they perform not administer any information around the waterproof rating, however the seams are taped. Keep in mind that the ceiling is a double layer in the biggest component of it, for this reason you have actually a mesh everywhere and underneath it, you have actually panels with zippers. For this reason you deserve to close the ceiling nearly completely; there room a couple of areas where you only have the mesh, this is left for this reason on purpose for ventilation.

The paris is waterproof together claimed, and you have actually multiple skylights, this is part PVC material or something similar. It permits the light to pass, therefore those act together roof windows. However the actual quantity of irradiate is regulated by the discussed inner panels v zippers.

All windows, and you have actually them all over around and on the doors, space double-layer kind as well. Therefore you have a mesh because that ventilation, to add zippered panels because that privacy and also protection. This is all nicely done, nothing to object here. Once not in use, the panels have the right to be rolled down and also fixed.

The floor is tub type, most most likely polyethylene, fairly appropriate and typical for such tents.

Rooms and also other features

You have actually dividers, they room removable and you attach them with toggles. They create 3 different units for part privacy. You deserve to use only one of course and organize the room as a two-room tent, or not use them at all.

There space some 4 storage elements with multiple pockets in each set, see the picture. They are quite reasonable but such a large wall area could accommodate many much more of together elements, that is never ever enough.

The electric cable port is also there. There is a hook in the main section because that a lantern. No much much more to add to the interior, that is straightforward and square yet quite dark when you desire it to it is in so.




The time is equipped through two vents, one on each of the 2 narrow sides, view one in the picture. They space quite small for together a large tent. Yet you have actually the ceiling with as lot opening as you wish, i beg your pardon you control with the ceiling panels, plus the double-layer structure on the windows, so this every together need to work fine.


Capacity: 12 people.Weight: 54 lb (24.5 kg).Dimensions: 20 x 10 ft (6.1 x 3.05 m).Area: 200 ft² (18.6 m²).Area every person: 16.7 ft² (1.55 m²).Peak height: 80 in (203 cm).Packed size (L x D): 43 x 11 in (109 x 28 cm).6-month minimal warranty.Easy 2-minute setup.Carry bag included.19 stole tent crest included.

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Ozark follow Dark Rest immediate Cabin time vs Competitors

It is very useful to to compare the parameters the a tent v its competitors developed in the exact same style. In such a way you can better understand the features. So right here is this Ozark tent in addition to the various other two through a similar design.