The Ozark trail 11 human 3 Room immediate Cabin tent is an interesting structure with secondary private room included to the rear of the tent. You additionally have a really useful awning above the double entrance doors.

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Ozark follow 11 person 3 Room immediate Cabin time With exclusive Room.

Key services & features

What is in the name

So you have actually a lot currently in the title. This is an instant tent v telescopic poles and the setup usual for such a tent, but there is a bit more to that because of the third room, more below. The walls space very tall and straightened as you would expect from a cabin-style tent.

The tent includes 3 rooms, so you have actually the main cabin through a removable divider, plus an unusual addition attached to the behind side of the key cabin body. As for the 11-person capacity, i shall to speak a bit more below.

Who is the for

This is a summer camping tent because that families and groups. The truth that it has actually a divider in the main cabin part, plus an attached room top top the behind side, call you the you have the right to have part privacy in together a space. Yet this only assuming that you overlook the claimed capacity that 11 people.

Dimensions & volume & ideal use

You will view in the specifications the size 14 x 14, denote feet the course. Yet this is entirely misleading. This numbers only explain the ground necessary to set up this tent. This due to the fact that its floor area is T shaped, with two different units:

The main cabin component is 14 x 8 ft (4.27 x 2.44 m).The private room expansion is 8 x 6 ft (2.44 x 1.83 m).

But the tent is through an awning, i beg your pardon needs one more 8 x 6 ft in prior of the entrance doors. This would median that the ground area is the the shape + or a cross, and the 2 lengths are 14 and also 20 ft. Though you execute not must use the awning if you don’t have enough ground.

Back, to the inside area; this provides 112 + 48 ft²= 160 ft² (14.9 m²). Therefore if friend would use it because that 11 people, friend would have actually 14.5 ft² (1.35 m²) per person. This could work if you apply the backpacking volume principle, yet for a real camping this provides no lot sense. As I suggested in my text about tent capacity, just divide this variety of people by 2. Therefore this is a time for 5 or a preferably of 6 people.

You deserve to organize the space as you wish. You deserve to put 2 queen size mattresses on the ends, permitting plenty the room in in between for the passage to the ago room. The earlier room alone has enough space for a queen dimension mattress. See just how they think you could squeeze 11 human being inside:

This is exactly how they indicate using the tent for 11 world sleeping ~ above the floor.

Seasons-wise, together I already spicy above, this is a tent for a fairly warmer climate, for summer camping and also without much rain. This is since of i) numerous mesh top top the ceiling, i m sorry is not the best choice in a cool climate, and, ii) since of the minimal paris which covers just the ceiling, so such a style is not the ideal in the situation of several rain.

The packed size is usual for the prompt tents, and also one measurement is reasonably long, 48 x 10 x 10 in (122 x 25 x 25 cm). So girlfriend will use this tent at places with a car access.

A unique designed lug bag is included.

Construction & materials

From the text above you currently have the idea about the inner area, for this reason you have actually two rooms in the main cabin be separated by the removable divider, and also a private room as an extension. There are two entry doors, for this reason the divider attaches in the middle in between them, and in together a case, every room in the cabin component has its very own door.

In such a configuration v the divider, friend can go into the back private room from any of the front rooms. Over there is a large double size door v 2 zippers therefore you can open that from any of the 2 front rooms. The earlier room is there is no its own external door, yet there is a home window on the back, check out the picture. This is why ns have added this time to my perform of camping tents with closets.

The earlier view showing the fly on the cabin part, and also the design of the earlier room.Front awning

You have actually the awning available, and also it create a great sitting area in prior of the main entry doors, and its dimension is around 8 x 6 ft (2.44 x 1.83 m).

The time is equipped with two poles for the awning i beg your pardon is through grommets, so you can fix the awning and also the poles through guylines and stakes. If the awning is not in use, it deserve to be rolled up and fixed above the former doors.

Instant or not – the personal room issue

The key cabin is indeed an immediate tent. But this go not organize for the rest, and I would say you have actually a hybrid structure here. Because that the back private room, you have an extra pole which friend insert in the sleeve and with this, you can raise the earlier room indigenous the ground.

In the case that you execute not require the ago room, or you have not enough ground space in the camp, you have the right to leave it as it is. Note, the is already pre-attached to the key cabin part, for this reason you can simply role it as much as friend can and also keep close come the cabin wall.

The rain paris & other materials

The product is polyester, but they execute not provide any information about the waterproof rating. I can only guess that it is rather limited, in the range 600 – 800 mm.

No info about the floor, the looks prefer a polyethylene. The is a catenary reduced design. The poles room telescopic and also this is steel.

The key fly you include separately for the cabin part. The earlier room is v the integrated fly so you have actually no extra occupational for this section.


They speak about two minutes setup and this is partially so, however only for the main cabin part. Adding the fly, and setting up the back room will take a few more minutes, however all in all, it is yes, really easy. These pictures depict the process, yet you have actually seen it additionally in the video above:

The setup is common for together an immediate tent.Ventilation

You have two huge mesh windows on the sides (they are also with panels because that privacy and versus the rain), and two windows space on the front doors, also with mesh and panels. The ceiling is all mesh as common for every Ozark follow tents (but see several of their dark remainder tents). For this reason in the situations without rain, this have to be good enough.

But there room no floor vents here, and also this is no so good if you need to keep the panels on the home windows closed. Together floor vents would aid with the vertical airflow.

The tent is presented without the fly, therefore you deserve to see the mesh ~ above the ceiling.

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Inner features

The divider is a curtain i beg your pardon attaches come the ceiling and the wall surfaces by toggles, watch the picture below, for this reason it provides a minimal privacy. Much much more privacy offers the personal room, hence the name. If you do not need it closed, you deserve to fix its wall to the cabin wall surfaces on the side, check out the snapshot below.