Cream colored bridesmaid costume from Lauren Conrad"s record Crown collection at Nordstrom.*

If you happenpeek within the pages ofMartha Stewart Weddingsand Us Weekly, favor I commonly do, you recognize that this previous fall, Lauren Conrad"s nuptials to william Tell to be beautifully denote in these publications. Sweet interpretations ofthecouple"s to apologize theme, romantic florals, and also prettily-renderedhandcrafted document goods, to be the perfect meld that laid-back sophistication infused with simply a note of rustic, bohemian romanticism. And, if Lauren"s 2 wedding gowns acquired plenty that attention, herbridesmaids and also their dresses definitely shared the spotlight!

Conrad did what many of united state wish we can do; she created a line particularly for her friends and also bridesmaids under her label document Crown. Now, these bridesmaid costume are available at Nordstrom! The soft colors choose "Cream", "Silver Peony" (a soft blush ), "Ash" ( which reads together a bluishgrayto me) a muted minty "Dusty Aqua" shade, and also a warmth beige neutral called "Tote Basket" come in a variety of silhouettes andarrayof fabrics. This gowns to be made for conveniently mixing and matching in ~ styles and also colors, and are intended to have actually the ease of wear-again shapes.


Pale pink bridesmaid dresses in "Silver Peony" by Lauren Conrad for document Crown: 1."Breanna" 2."Britton" 3."Lauren" 4."Tori"5."Hannah" *


Bridesmaid costume in "Dusty Aqua" from file Crown through Lauren Conrad,1."Britton" 2."Hannah" 3.Tori"*


Bridesmaid dresses in "Ash" from file Crown by Lauren Conrad: 1. Natalie 2. Tori 3. Britton*


Beigebridesmaid dresses in "Tote Bag" 1. Natalie 2. Tori 3.

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Pastels are going to be large again because that spring and summer weddings, and also this repertoire covers those soft tones beautifully! i beg your pardon mix would you pick? I need to admit I"m attracted to the bohemian floaty tiered look of "Britton" and also the "Tori" gownand i love a mix of cream, blush, and also neutral!

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