Park Joo-Ho plays because that the Ulsan Hyundai FC and also is a defender top top the football team. This 5 feet and 9 inches tall skilled player was captain of southern Korea national Under-20 soccer team at the 2007 world Cup hosted in Canada.

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But what is an ext adorable is his household which is composed of his beautiful wife, an beloved daughter, and a son!

Park Joo-Ho-his cute multi-lingual daughter, family

Park Joo-Ho is a married man. He met his Swiss wife Anna when he was a member the FC Basel from 2011 come 2013. Talking around the time, Park Joo-Ho had actually said:

“Anna was a part-time worker in ~ the cafe within of the football stadium. I first met her on the aircraft and ran into her again. Us both thought, ‘Oh?’ and also we became friends. One day, Anna inquiry me if we were just friends or if I believed of her as a potential girlfriend. It made me think about our relationship and we started dating. After many twists and also turns, Na Eun was suddenly created.”

Source; Wikitree worldwide Edition (Na Eun)

Na Eun is their daughter and also she was born in 2015. Her existing age is 7 years. Park and also Anna likewise have a younger child who was born in 2017 and also his name is Geon Hoo. They room a happy family and also Park is a very supportive and also loving husband and father.

Park’s family on KBS2 TV display ‘The Return the Superman’

Footballer Park Joo-Ho and also his family members were ~ above the display on KBS2 TV called The Return that Superman in august 2018. Park Joo-Ho revealed the reason that he made decision to come on the show. The said:

“Anna got married come me in ~ the young period of 23 and lived in a foreign country alone , so it to be probably tough for her. I desire to give my wife a break.”

Source: Newsbeezer (Park Joo-Ho and also his family)

Park and Anna’s daughter Na Eun was also on the show and also she stole the love of the audience with her cuteness and also knowledge. She is a brilliant child and knows 4 languages-English, Spanish. German, and also Korean. Na Eun is likewise extremely friendly and also social. She connected with the cameraman that the show and also her younger brother and also it was great to see her execute that.

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Park Joo-Ho and his career

Park Joo-Ho dram football in ~ a expert level. He was born in Seoul ~ above 16 January 1987. The began first to play at the J2 league for Mito HollyHock. After one year, he join J1 League and also played because that Kashima Antlers. In 2009, he and his team won the championship title. He then took a deliver to Jubilo Iwata.

Source; Pinterest (Park Joo-Ho)

In 2011, he join FC Basel and also was v them until 2013 when he won several titles and also championships. Additionally, Park likewise played because that Mainz 05, Borussia Dortmund before joining Ulsan Hyundai FC in December 2017.

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Park Joo-Ho and his worldwide career

Park played worldwide football and also was in the 2007 U-20 team of south Korea because that the FIFA U-20 civilization Cup. He has played matches for the national team of south Korea versus Qatar, Lebanon, Brazil, Russia, and also Finland.

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