native fashion designer Patricia Michaels is trying come get earlier on her feet after losing much of her occupational in a flood critical month.

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Michaels said The Santa Fe new Mexican that she shed $70,000 worth of fabric, clothing, sewing equipment, photographs, arts books and also other products after a July 23 rainstorm flooded she studio in new Mexico"s capital city. The time was destructive -- like countless Native artists, she has been preparing for the vast Indian Market, i m sorry takes place next week.

“I cry in and also out the this totality experience,” Michaels, that hails native Taos Pueblo, told the paper. “But in ~ the very same time, gift creative, you simply then lug your creativity out. The display must go on. I save telling myself, ‘The display must walk on. The show must go on.’”

A look shown by Patricia Michaels on the season finale of project Runway. Photo: life time Television
Michaels mutual some image of the damages on her an individual Facebook page. She said she had actually been out of city teaching indigenous students as soon as the storm hit.

"I don"t know how to tackle this alone through Indian Market approximately the corner," she created on Saturday together she sought help picking up the pieces.

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Michaels climbed to nationwide fame after appearing on season 11 of the task Runway television show. She made it every the way to the finals but came up quick in the end. She later completed in job Runway every Stars throughout season 4.

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