— -- Music icon Patti LaBelle to be voted turn off ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” tonight throughout a present featuring the very first team dances that the season.

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LaBelle and “Shark Tanks”’s Robert Herjavec to be both in jeopardy that allisonbrookephotography.coming house tonight based upon their performances from last week’s show. Dancing through an injured knee top top April 13, the 70-year-old singer deserve 27 clues for her waltz, which inserted her in ~ third-to-last ~ above the leaderboard. She was voted off because she had actually the lowest an unified total of viewer votes and also judges’ scores.

“I to be honored come be here as lengthy as I have been,” she claimed after discovering her fate. “I’ve learned for this reason much around me.”

When co-host Erin andrew asked her what she learned about herself, LaBelle replied: “That I have the right to take direction. I’ve never ever done this before in my life. I learned a few steps, and also I made a great friend in Artem,” she said, referring to her agree partner, Artem Chigvintsev.

Before tonight’s elimination, every star danced routines to classic spring break-inspired tunes, consisting of “Hopelessly specialized to You” by Olivia Newton-John and also “Tequila” through Xavier Cugat.

Individual Routines

Patti LaBelle: Judges liked the singer’s funny quickstep, and also even though she shed one of she high-heeled shoes mid-routine, she maintained on allisonbrookephotography.coming v a smile. “That is worth for money, Patti. Thank you,” referee Bruno Tonioli said, mentioning the fun variable of the performance. His counterparts were similarly full of praise. “That was so much fun,” Julianne Hough said. Carrie Ann Inaba stated LaBelle to be “the most regular performer. Every time girlfriend come the end here, I understand for certain I to be allisonbrookephotography.coming to it is in entertained.” Len allisonbrookephotography.comodman, the head judge, added: “I don’t treatment who rather comes on, nobody will offer us more fun and also entertainment together you just did.” LaBelle earned an 8 and three 7s, because that a full of 29 the end of a feasible 40 points.

Nastia Liukin: The Olympic gymnast’s rapid tanallisonbrookephotography.com drew mixed reviews from the judges, that all praised her drive and high top quality of movement, however found flaws v the overall routine. Hough claimed she experienced “a disconnect” in between Liukin and also pro partner, Derek Hough. Julianne and Derek Hough room siblings. Tonioli commended Liukin’s power and determination, but said she lost the subtlety that the art form. Inaba said Liukin required to adopt dance as a brand-new art form, quite than continuing to called it come gymnastics, and also allisonbrookephotography.comodman stated there to be “too much rotation, too lot speed.” Liukin earned 2 8s and two 9s, because that a complete of 34 points.

Willow Shields: Judges had high prayer for the 14-year-old actress’s salsa. Tonioli said the program was “high-spirited high school,” however he cautioned her about not shaking once she transferred weight indigenous one leg to the other. Inaba claimed she loved the the dance was “sassy” yet remained suitable for the theme and also didn’t verge ~ above sexy. Allisonbrookephotography.comodman favored the energy, speak the program was “full that fun and also enjoyment,” and also he cautioned the actress about keeping her legs flexed. Hough agreed v allisonbrookephotography.comodman. Shields earned two 9s and two 8s, for a total of 34 points.

Robert Herjavec: even though the performance had actually flaws, judges said the “Shark Tank” star the his jive this evening was an advancement over last’s mainly performance that landed him in ~ the bottom of the leaderboard. “You didn’t miss out on a step, you just didn’t carry out it in ~ the right time,” Inaba told Herjavec. Allisonbrookephotography.comodman stated there to be “a many content” in the routine. “It’s better than last week,” the said. Hough praised Herjavec for allisonbrookephotography.coming “full the end every single time,” while Tonioli urged the service mogul to keep on track and also on time through his partner. Herjavec earned 4 7s, for a complete of 28 points.

Noah Galloway: The military veteran and double-amputee’s rumba to be praised by judges, although the himself seemed a large dejected at the end of the routine. Allisonbrookephotography.comodman discussed an event on the dance floor whereby Galloway’s movements involved a complete stop, however told Galloway that the performance had actually “lovely action and reaction.” Hough dubbed Galloway’s hip activity “fantastic,” but encouraged the to work-related on his arm movements. Tonioli claimed Galloway and his agree partner, Sharna Burgess, worked together therefore well the their partnership to be “intuitive” and “magnetic.” Inaba said Galloway that he deserved to be in the competition and also to keep his head up. Galloway earned three 7s and an 8, for a full of 29 points.

Rumer Willis: The actress’s saucy, crowd-pleasing jazz routine to Destiny’s son “Bootylicious” brought about dissent amongst the judges. Hough stated the potential wasn’t completely met. “My expectation for you is therefore high beyond id that i have allisonbrookephotography.comt to it is in honest, i was a tiny underwhelmed and I felt favor there was a lot of walking around,” she said. Tonioli had a different view. “I entirely disagree through you, my darling,” he said, phone call the power “raunchylicious” and adding that Willis had actually put her very own stamp top top an top number. Inaba agreed v Hough, said that although the power was an effective and strong, she believed it lacked elegance and also fluidity. Allisonbrookephotography.comodman added: “I don’t favor all the raunchy stuff, what friend did friend did great, but I don’t desire to view all that. That a ballroom, no a bedroom.” Willis earned a 7, 2 8s and a 9, because that a total of 32 points.

Chris Soules: Judges praised Soules’ smooth Viennese waltz. “It’s a feather awakening for Chris,” Tonioli told the Iowa farmer who received disappointing reviews for his power last week. Inaba stated the women in the audience love the dance. “You wooed united state all, this engaged, music dancing man,” she said. Hough claimed she to be “blown away” through Soules’s to trust tonight. Allisonbrookephotography.comodman wasn’t together enthusiastic. “I loved the feeling of it. I favored the romantic of the entirety affair, but Chris, when you allisonbrookephotography.comt into hold your footwork … did you do it allisonbrookephotography.comt to work on the details,” he said. “The entirety feeling to be great; it simply lacked technique.” Soules earned 3 8s and also a 7, for a full of 31 points.

Riker Lynch: The R5 bandmember’s samba uncovered favor with three of the 4 judges. Inaba said Lynch the made her “want to it is in a teeny bopper again due to the fact that I’m totally fangirling out,” if Hough said she believed it to be “fantastic.” Tonioli claimed the performance has actually “vibrancy, the vitality, the visual influence of the finest samba, yet you still regulate to put some striking separation, personal, instance touches,” however allisonbrookephotography.comodman wasn’t together pleased. “Riker, you dance prefer I chef -- lining it every in and hope for the best,” he said, adding: “What ns love is her enthusiasm. I can’t provide this a substantial mark due to the fact that – you moving throughout the floor prefer Spiderman some of the time. It was allisonbrookephotography.comod. I can’t to speak it’s great.” Lynch earned 2 10s, a 9 and an 8, because that a complete of 37 points.

Team DancesThe score for each team was added to every individual member’s score. The scores will help determine who allisonbrookephotography.comes house next week in a double-elimination.

Team YOLO: Shields, Galloway and Herjavec, v Liukin together team captain, earned three 10s and a 9, for a complete of 39 points for their beach routine set to “Wipe Out.” “You guys eliminated it! that’s the feather break I desire to have actually every time,” Inaba said.

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Team Trouble: Team captain Willis and Lynch, LaBelle and Soules danced a classroom-inspired routine set to “Trouble”. The team also earned 39 points, in addition to rave reviews from the judges.