When ns was a teenagerI really started in top top the whole brand-new years resolutions thing.

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I’m a list human big surprise for this reason lists come naturally to me. I would certainly hide far in my own tiny headspace, and also write castle out. And also write castle again. And also then again. Till the bespeak of it, the watch of that all, was just right. Also my handwriting had actually to be pretty, since what’s the use of goals if they’re not composed prettily? Iwas going to gaze in ~ them all year long so gelatin pens and also stickers and cool paperwere a valuable requirement. Composed in the rule of the universe, it was to be that one would certainly write resolutions in ~ the start of every year. And also naturally, as per the rule of the universe, if you create them girlfriend will achieve them… right? See: nerd alert.


Every year, I’mall around the auld lang syne. There’s something aboutthe sparkle and also the promise and also the new slate. The releasing awesomeness that is all things new. The psychic for a regulate freak prefer moi excitement in the unknown.

But somewhere, between the formative years that teenage-hood and also now… I stopped makingstrict lists of must-have accomplishments. Because that’s what that had become for me.

A couple of years ago, I discovered an old list. I’m sad come confessthat I never ever really became all that “ripped” i still haven’t been to Italy le sigh!, and also Oprah kind of went turn off the air But Inever wrotethat brand-new York Times best Seller Fiction, anyway.

Are you laughing yet?

That list type of made me laugh… and also then if I’m being yes, really honest, it sort of made me a tiny sad.

I’ve to be a tiny busy through what one would describe as ‘other stuff’.


We simply adoptedtwo brand-new puppiesand us absolutely adore them.

If girlfriend haven’t met Rigby+Fitz… Here’s an adorable kid/puppy reminder simply in case

They absolutely love peanut butter-filled kong balls. If you’ve ever before had a dog, opportunities are you know there’s nothing much better than that peanut butter-filled kong ball. For this reason we’ll prepare them and also place one in front of every puppy.

We actually place them ~ above opposite ends of the room so the they reap their own treat. But Rigby will gain curious, and also start sniffing around Fitz. She’s so worried she’s lacking out top top something, that she didn’t get what Fitz has. Shejust can’t assist herself. Shehasto saunterover oh-so-not-casually, and also check it out.

Guess what? every the while, Rigby is lacking out on she own little peanut butter treat. Something that she loves simply as much, that provides herjustas happy. Curiosity literallykills thecatpuppy’s happiness.

Meanwhile, Fitz sits happily, eating. Duh, Rigby. Duh.

This brand-new year, all things social media is saturated through the newness and promises and also vows come ourselves.Hashtag every one of the hashtags for organization, eat betterand simply doingbetter. And also while these things are good, and also I love motivation I personally type of thrive on it i think it’s easy to toe the line and get recorded up in the projected ideal of perfection. All while losing sight that what’s right in former of us. Because if we’re no careful, we’re never ever enough: We’re never fit enough. We’re never organized enough. We’re not organic enough. We don’t live in a perfectly organized minimalist tiny house and also eat gluten cost-free vegan while running ironman triathlons, enough. Okay because that me, that would be in ~ all.

Yes, through the tiny house thing again. It’s my current obsession.

I truly admire people who do all of that. Us each have our talents and passions.It just becomes dangerous when we in reality forget that. We miss out on the difference in between the social media forecast of perfection, and also reality. And also we forget come take right into account that we can’t it is in fabulous in ~ everything.

Fill the empty in here with every little thing that battle is, but it’s really straightforward to get caught up in the peanut butter game.

So at some point, ns would have to remember to do resolutions, and then mental to save them, and also at some point, the doldrums of winter wouldhit, and a mere month later… who has actually time because that the guilt trip? I quit making resolutions, and also I felt prefer there was something wrong with me, because if you remember, it’s among the numerous the rule of the universe. And I’m a rule follower. And lists are my thing. Where was my list?!

Fail.On wednesdays we wear pink.


So ns realized sometruths a couple of years back when ns was spring at that old list:

Goals are good. Mental projections and vision… they’re every fantastic, if not necessary for achievements and motivation. Yet for a while, ns was recorded up in the peanut butter game, and totally missing what was ideal in former of me. The truth is, I’m busy not with “other stuff”, yet stuff that’simportantto me. The points that truly matter to me.

I haven’t been to Italy, since I’m increasing three children. And that’s my dream.

I was busy making plans and lists and resolutions and lacking what was appropriate in former of me. I’ve been doing the all my life, and also it’s simple to forget what us have. It’s straightforward to miss out on the dream. Due to the fact that sometimes it i do not care something we never thought come dream about. Sometimes, it’s much more than we ever before thought it would be, if us take the time to nourish the unexpected.


I currently have the peanut butter.


And I certainly should reap my own.

So I stopped making resolutions intentionally. And I started using this quote as my motivation for the whole year.


Some of you men were questioning for a cost-free printable – acquire the un-watermarked versionhere! (seeking striving)

Van Gogh to be probably taken into consideration crazy by most, through the totality ear thing. Ns say he was passionate. I also say he was all in.

So I have actually dreams and goals. I have things I desire to execute better. I have actually lifestyle changes. And also I prayerfully think about those things. Setting goals and having a vision for your life is one of the most vital things you deserve to do.

Just don’t acquire so recorded up in the all, the you miss out on what girlfriend havenow…right in former of you. And also don’t forget to offer what truly matters, your pure all.

Still among my favourite quotes, via

And because that what it’s worth, don’t beat yourself up ifyou fall off the organization/whole30/diet/healthy/triathlon bandwagon. Life is imperfect, and things happen. Just gain up, dust yourself off, and also if girlfriend really desire it… do it again.

Because sometimes, it may take much longer than a year to acquire there.

It’s much more about your attitude, and also the reality that you’re in it v all her heart… 보다 those achievements you can inspect off your perfectly hand-written lists.

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Because that’s wherein the actual growth, the magic of life, and true change happens.