“The Fine Print” is The Stupendium’s tribute to indie game The Outer Worlds, in which expensive corporations have started creating labor colonies on other planets. A dystopian… Read More 

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Welconcerned room, what were you expecting?It's a dangerous location, say thanks to you for investingGo there for your rota, there for your ordersFill up these quotas, we'll bill for your quartersReport to your foremale however watch for marauders'Cause if you get eaten, there's fees for your mournersProsperity's tbelow in the treatment of magnatesIn Halcyon, heaven awaitsDid you think it was expected to look like the poster?It largely does, oh, if you'd only read closerJust ten brief years to a new frontierSnooze as you cruise and you'll wake up hereYou've been trapped in that ship for an awful lengthy timeSo probably you have actually ssuggest forobtained what you signedOh, honestly, did you not check out the swarm policyThat specifies you as agency property?That waivers your say in autonomy?The conglomerate's obtained you in lock and keyWe put the "dollar" ago right into "idolatry"If you're upcollection, you deserve to rent an apologyWe are a family members forged in bureaucracyNo "I" in "team" however there's "con" in "economy"Were you expecting adventure? Were you hoping for fun?My friend, you're indenturedAnd pleasure's exempt from your tenureSo endeavor back dvery own to your slumThat's provided at generous pricesYour worth is identified by your sacrificesA little term of organization when down on the surfaceInternment's a freebie that comes through the purchase
We work-related to earn the appropriate to workTo earn the appropriate to workTo earn the appropriate to workTo earn the appropriate to workTo earn the right to provide ourselves the best to buyOurselves the best to live to earn the appropriate to dieWelpertained to our little town, why don't you clear up down?Here, simply fill out the paperjob-related and you can look aroundWe're happy as deserve to be inside the valley canneryWe live to fill the cans of meatAnd not to question where it's foundUntil we end up in the ground, roughly the corner in the yardYou know, we thought we preferred the soundOf finding glory in the starsThe board has actually taught us to be proud of never before reaching exceptionally farSo we earn what we're allowed and also offer it ideal ago at the barThe ale to cure what ails ya, Zero Gee BrewYour favourite flavourSo work-related 'til you bleed, ennobled by labourThen purchase relief from your local retailerIf you'd fairly drop dead, that's fineBut you understand that dropping down dead bears a fineSo you perform your project and also I'll do mineI gotta accomplish a six-foot deep bottom lineWe make a fortune for the boardBy marketing boredom door to doorDue to the fact that it's all that we deserve and it is all we can affordThe tricks of the world and all the civilizations to be exploredBut our desires are earlier on Planet and now the job-related is our rewardAnd you'll be grateful for seats at the tableThough it dips at one end and also the bench is unstableYou might waste your days yet at least you were ableTo pay off your grave because we leased you your cradleBe faithful and also pray, we'll repay what you investBehave as you slave for humanity's interestOn account that you're all on accountAnd we're easily amounting humanity's interestYou'd think that we'd sink to the brink of rebellionWith markets dependent on peddling weaponsThe architect tells them the trick to heavenIs ssuggest consuming whatever before we market them

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We work to earn the best to workTo earn the appropriate to workTo earn the right to workTo earn the best to workTo earn the best to give ourselves the appropriate to buyOurselves the ideal to live to earn the ideal to dieYou should have review the fine print, my friendShould have actually check out the fine printYou should have review the fine print, my friendShould have review the fine printWelcome to our bit townWhy don't you clear up down?Here, just fill out the paperworkAnd you deserve to look aroundWe work-related and also then we workAnd then we work-related and also then we workAnd then we occupational and then we workAnd then we end up in the groundWork, work, hurry, hurryWork, occupational, problem, worryWork, occupational, hurry, hurryWorry, hurry, work-related, workYou must have actually read the fine print, my friendShould have actually read the fine print