Yukiko’s castle Bonus pursuit Guide

Quest 04: get an angel Statue

Acquire an point of view Statue is the 4th Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It very first becomes available on may 2nd.This quest is requested by a female student in class 2-2, which wake up to be her classroom. She asks for an angel Statue.This quest is a an easy retrieve quest. Go back to Yukiko’s castle to find an point of view Statue native an enemy referred to as Avenger Knight. It’s an opponent that’s summoned from optimistic King. You’ll need to defeat this guy roughly floor 5-7 to acquire the angel Statue. As soon as obtained, return to the girl.The reward for completing this pursuit is Chest key x3.

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Quest 05: acquire a Demon Statue

Acquire a Demon statue is the fifth Quest in Persona 4 Golden. It very first becomes obtainable on may 2nd. Unlike most quests, this quest has a time limit. End up it prior to August 31st!This pursuit is requested by a masculine student from Classroom structure 2F at Yasogami High School. He asks for a Demon Statue.This is one more retrieve quest. Return to Yukiko’s lock to find and also defeat an enemy on Floors 6-7. The foe is dubbed Magical Magus. Once obtained, return it to the young to complete the quest.


Quest 06: get a Ritz Wire

Acquire a Ritz wire is the sixth pursuit in Persona 4 Golden. It an initial becomes accessible on might 2nd.This search is asked for by a male student in Practice structure 1F the Yasogami High School. He asks because that a Ritz Wire.This pursuit is another retrieve quest. Go to Yukiko’s lock on floors 6-7 to find a shadow dubbed Heat Balance. Loss it for a chance at obtaining a Ritz Wire. Once you have it, go back to the boy.


Quest 16: desk Refurbishing

Desk Refurbishing is the 16th quest in Persona 4 Golden. It very first becomes accessible on might 18th.This pursuit is asked for by a female college student in Practice structure 2F in Yasogami High School.The girl asks because that a board for a new desk. This board have the right to be derived from defeating a Shadow in ~ Yukiko’s Castle. The enemy should be referred to as “Laughing Table,” and will be situated on the 6th or 7th floors.The reward for completing this quest is imperial Jelly.

Quest 17: Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities is the 17th quest in Persona 4 Golden. It first becomes obtainable on may 18th.This pursuit is requested by a teacher in the Classroom structure 2F the Yasogami High School.This is a an easy retrieve quest. The teacher will certainly ask for an object called the “Suspicious Pole.” This item have the right to be uncovered in Yukiko’s Castle. Look for a Shadow referred to as Trance Twins in between the 3rd and fifth floors.The reward because that completing this search is a Pulsating Stone.

About Quests

These searches will be marked in the “Quests” section of the menu when you stop your game. There are 69 searches in total, most requiring you to retrieve items indigenous The TV Dungeons. Every these quests are significant in the stimulate they show up in the Western release of Persona 4 Golden. The numbers might be various in various other versions, yet the names have to be the same.

The quests that follow room usually fetch pursuits that need you to retrieve item from specific enemies in the various dungeons. However, lock are considered “Bonus Dungeon” quests as lock will typically not become available until after ~ you have actually completed the dungeon they pertain to, and thus aren’t yes, really mandatory.

However, completing some of these Bonus Dungeon searches will unlock more quests at a later date. So, the is highly recommended the you not sell your loot until you space sure the nothing you derived from the initial dungeon deserve to be used to finish a pursuit you would certainly otherwise have to return for.

Once the date required to rescue whomever (Yukiko, Kanji, etc.) has passed, the dungeon changes/remixes a small bit to offer some various enemies and a new difficulty to the player.

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The final boss is different as well, commonly offering a larger difficulty with the price for beating the last boss generally being one exceptionally powerful weapon because that the personality you rescued native the dungeon previously. Going back to Yukiko’s Castle and killing the brand-new boss after rescuing her will certainly yield friend a fairly powerful Fan Weapon for Yukiko come utilize.