Actor and comedian Seth Rogen has shocked pan after unveiling a new look so various that fans "didn"t recognise him".

The Superbad and Pineapple to express star took to Instagram to display off a brand-new look of whathis character in a brand-new series dubbed 'Pam & Tommy' looks like.

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The present is also set to starLily James and also Sebastian Stan and also will debut on Hulu. It will tellthe story the Pamela Anderson's marital relationship to musician Tommy Lee after your sex tape was leaked.

Rogen, who is collection to playRand Gauthier, the man who stole the tape, verified off his brand-new look ~ above Instagram - sharing with fans a shave beard and mullet the he'd grown the end for the role.

Image from Seth Rogen Instagram.

Posting a collection of photos of himself in character, and his co-stars Sebastian Stan and Lily James, Rogen wrote, "My co-stars
imsebastianstan and
lilyjamesofficial room a lot cooler 보다 I am."

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A article shared by Seth (

Rogen mirrors himselfwearing knee-length denim shorts, a long-sleeved striped top, and a mullet, whilst another photo gives a closer look at his new clean-shaven face.

Image from Seth Rogen Instagram.

Fans were rapid to flood the actor's comment section with countless astounded by the transformation.

One fan said: "The f**k am ns looking at? Is that you Seth??? That's a various person i swear." v a 2nd fan writing, "WAIT WHATTTTT".

Image native Getty.

A 3rd fan posted,"I didn't recognise friend lol."

Seth is ideal known because that his comedic duties in movies including Superbad, This is the End, Pineapple Expressand Bad Neighbours.

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The gibbs has also appeared in some an ext dramatic roles, memorably as Steve Wozniakin the biopicSteve Jobsthat told the story that Apple.


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