Welcome come Cake"s 3-step overview to better sex. We will walk you with 3 vital steps: obtaining to understand yourself, interaction & consent, and trying something new in the bedroom. Finish each among these steps before moving onto the next, and be sure to note what feels an especially good, and also what doesn’t.

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The first step to having a far better sex life is learning yourself...intimately. We"ve set out 10 exercise to improve your "me time" and also spice points up a bit. Be patient with yourself, and have fun!

Our 10 Exercises because that Rubbing One Out

change positions

You’ve more than likely heard this before, yet we’re consisting of it due to the fact that it works. Most human being with penises have their “go-to” position. Move it up from time to time—because new positions command to new feelings.

pressure can be fun

Twisting, tugging, pressing and caressing... Or every one of the above! These room all an excellent ways to endure some brand-new sensations throughout self-play. Try applying press to various spots, like the testicles and the perineum (that point out behind her testicles).

different strokes

When we started this small endeavor dubbed Cake, we thought we knew all the different ways come touch yourself. Transforms out, you have the right to really up her self-play repertoire.

Try different strokes, techniques, and also ways of poignant your penis. Be open up to breaking out of the plain as you uncover what feel good.

set the mood

This is 100% about you and your very own pleasure. Identify how vital that is. Take an extra minute to change the lighting, get any supplies that you can want, and also settle right into a comfortable spot. Start to think about people and situations that rotate you on. Don"t rush−embrace the moment.


trust us. Thrust.

Grinding and thrusting can assist increase her pleasure overall. Relocate your hips in a circular or back-and-forth motion, then increase the rate as you acquire closer to climax.

say it the end loud

There’s nothing wrong through a quick and also quiet session. Yet saying your fantasies the end loud, describing what you’re doing or pretending you have actually a partner to talk dirty to is mighty liberating (and hot). Verbalize together you play.

under cover

You love that delicious feeling of skin-to-skin contact. However have girlfriend tried rubbing yourself through your shorts, her underwear, or also a sheet? that a completely different sensation.

Is this counterintuitive come what we’re selling? many definitely. But it’s fun and also it feel good, so feel free to ditch the scent and shot this straightforward technique.

a help hand

Even though our lotion is meant for her time through yourself, if you take place to have actually a consenting partner, climate by all means you have the right to share the wealth. Our masturbation lotion, so-low lotion, will job-related well on your hands also (but only the hands—this product is not supposed to be provided for penetration that bodies).


Want to extend those good feelings? incorporate the start-and-stop method into her solo session. Orgasm control, also known together “edging,” draws out the satisfied so you have the right to have a longer, an ext explosive experience.

If you’re into it, begin by stroking your cock until you’re about to ejaculate, climate stop. Slowly, begin stroking again and also increase rate until you’re practically at orgasm again, and also then stop. Keep repeating this till you can’t take it it anymore. The anticipation is precious it, we promise.

butt stuff

You’ve heard the rumors—and we’re below to allow you understand that they’re true! Stimulation within the butt deserve to be amazingly sexy, including when she alone.

The “male G spot” is the prostate, available with anal stimulation (also dubbed massage). This type of massage have the right to increase the strongness of orgasms.

Intrigued? start by gradually rubbing a lubricant outside and also inside her anal opening with your finger. Insert your finger and massage your prostate with gentle pressure, progressively increasing your rate as the pleasure builds.

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