When the walking gets challenging … don’t quit your day job. On the Sunday, January 22, illustration of The actual Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams‘ boyfriend, Todd Stewart, learned the lesson the tough way. Things kicked off on a high note, together they worked out down because that a romantic date, but soon ~ ordering wine, Todd damaged some news come Porsha that she didn’t prefer so much.

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“I don’t know how to call you,” the began. “But ns ran right into some issues at work around social media.” Apparently, the human being he operated for in Washington, D.C., weren’t pan of his Instagram posts alongside Porsha in a skimpy bikini. “I occupational for a conservative individual,” Todd explained. “It was an ext about the attention that I carried to the company.” He then reported the his location of employment made him choose between his job and her — and also he made decision her. She reaction most likely wasn’t what that hoped.

Porsha speak Todd he is Scary

Porsha called Todd’s decision “hasty” and also was clearly irked the he hadn’t operation it by her very first (though to be fair, the sounded choose they didn’t provide him a whole lot that time come decide). “What room your intentions here, then?” Porsha asked. Todd claimed he yes, really didn’t know. Wait … what? Porsha accordingly pointed the end that if the didn’t understand what his intentions were through her, that was kind of lame that he sacrificed his job. He mumbled something about how he wanted to “enjoy” her.

“Child, if human being lost their jobs for wanting to enjoy a girl, nobody would have jobs.” This can have to be the smartest point Porsha has ever said. “Finding the end that Todd has left his project for me feel irresponsible and also that takes away the security in our relationship,” she explained to the camera.

She then reminded him that she hadn’t been trying to find a boyfriend; she just wanted to have a baby. Todd said she wanted “a family,” yet that seemed like maybe more along the lines of what the wanted. “Your suspicion is scary together hell,” she said.

“I love you. You love me?” the asked. In spite of her clean annoyance v him, she admitted that she did. Still, this rash decision had actually left a an extremely bad taste in she mouth. “I just feel choose Todd no take things serious. It’s type of eye-opening.”


Sheree reacts to Bob’s burlesque dance. Bravo

Detroit or Bust

Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks and also Kenya Moore top to the camp because that the youngsters of Flint, Michigan, that Phaedra was busy supporting. ~ above arrival, Kenya asked if to be “like a jail camp,” because she didn’t prefer the size of her bed. She then asked Phaedra if she would be offended if she checked into a adjacent hotel. Phaedra basically told she to chill and Kenya ended up sleeping over — a small victory.

The following day, Kenya gave a lecture to the campers about chasing your dreams and recounted she glory work as miss out on America. Lock then appreciated various tasks including watercraft rides, zip-lining and also a talent show. At the close up door night bonfire, Kenya and Phaedra genuinely appeared to bond. “I think we can have a great, healthy and balanced friendship again,” Kenya predicted come the camera. Host that thought.

Porsha Is So over Todd

Back in ~ home, Porsha blacked the end and almost had a seizure in ~ a pond salon. Apparently this had actually happened to her before, and also doctors stated it to be a problem exacerbated through stress. She called Phaedra to fill her in and shortly after ~ hanging up, Todd arrived.

“You act together if we hadn’t simply gone a couple of days without speaking,” Porsha claimed as Todd snuggled alongside her top top the bed. She then described to the camera the Todd to be “doing that middle of the night poke” and she acquired angry because she essential to sleep (because she had actually work the next day), and she pretty lot kicked that out. In various other words, Porsha to be upset since she was liven working and Todd, well, wasn’t.

“All of this time with Todd not searching for a job, i don’t find it cute in ~ all,” she explained. “I discover it irresponsible.” us hear you, girl. As Porsha continued to push him around the occupational situation, Todd obtained mad and also said she functioned all the time. “This is a deal-breaker, Todd,” she said. In instance that wasn’t already clear. “I’m worried that Todd isn’t capable of being the partner that ns need,” she claimed to the camera. She then basically told him to leave. He stated he would contact the next day, but she seemed choose she had currently checked out.


Porsha tells everyone her anger monitoring classes aren’t their business. Bravo

Porsha’s anger Management could Not it is in Working

Phaedra gained everyone with each other for lunch. Sheree Whitfield (who had been busy obtaining courted by ex-husband Bob), Cynthia Bailey (who had temporarily relocated in with Kandi Burruss), Kandi (who couldn’t wait for Cynthia to obtain out of she house), Kenya and also Porsha all confirmed up. Phaedra no waste any time before suggesting that they all go “glamping” together. (Glamping = glam + camping.)

The reactions to be mixed, despite the conversation soon turned come blowups they’d had on trips in the past — or more specifically, Porsha’s blowups. Kenya started harassing Porsha about her anger monitoring classes, and Porsha stated she felt “completely ambushed.” Kandi, who had likewise had her run-ins v Porsha in the past, stated she didn’t think Porsha was going come anger monitoring at all.


Kenya reaction to Porsha. Bravo

After a few more back-and-forths, Kenya request Porsha if she was on medication. Porsha gained really mad, announced she was going top top a trip by herself and also stormed out. Phaedra chased after ~ her. And Kenya chased ~ Phaedra. “I’m done with everybody. Ns done with you all,” Porsha said. “You’re no my friend, Kenya, please leaving me alone!” she added before acquiring in she car and speeding off.

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Kenya then obtained into it through Sheree. It to be unclear what to be happening exactly, but suddenly Kenya was crouched ~ above the pavement, duck-walking around. “It to be pretty impressive,” Cynthia admitted. (Kenya claimed she was dipping down to Sheree’s level or something — that hardly mattered.)

Porsha later on returned and ate v Sheree and Phaedra. Porsha climate asked Phaedra around Kenya’s case that Phaedra had actually told her the Porsha want to talk around her anger monitoring with everyone. Phaedra denied it, though video footage showed she did, indeed, say that. Either way, Phaedra vowed to have actually Porsha’s back on this one. So much for her newfound friendship through Kenya.