Primary Phonics is a systematic, phonics-based beforehand reading program that facilitates individualized instruction v flexible, skills-based workbooks and storybooks the correspond to students’ capacity levels.

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This set contains 6 different Workbooks:

3.09.14 major Phonics Workbook 1

3.09.15 main Phonics Workbook 2

3.09.16 primary Phonics Workbook 3

3.09.17 major Phonics Workbook 4

3.09.18 main Phonics Workbook 5

3.09.19 major Phonics Workbook 6

Exercises encompass filling in sentences, answering simple questions, and also matching words through pictures.

Each publication has 80 pages, softcover.

Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 X .25 (inches)

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Primary Phonics "Mac and also Tab" Storybook collection is famed in the Montessori neighborhood as the many systematic reading series since 1968. Quiet the best!

This phonics-based at an early stage reading program facilitates individualized instruction with flexible, skills-based workbooks and storybooks that correspond come students’ capacity levels.

Children discovering to check out enjoy the satisfaction that originates from reading a whole book independently.

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The major Phonics shown storybooks collection features books that are each roughly 16 pages long and also which use words containing the phonetic elements taught in (not-included and also sold-separately) workbooks.

The complete Storybook set includes 60 different publications divided into 6 sets:

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The Thinking around Mac and also Tab primary Phonics comprehension Workbooks introduce simple reading comprehension an abilities using every of the 60 original main Phonics storybooks. This complete set includes 6 understanding Workbooks. Each publication provides comprehension activities for 10 equivalent storybooks and workbooks, and follows the exact same phonetic trends as the coordinating main Phonics workbooks and storybooks. Thinking around Mac and also Tab comprehension Workbooks can aid teachers assess their students" analysis abilities. Each book has 24 pages, Paperback

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