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A new York City grad student moonlighting as a dominatrix enlists her happy BFF indigenous high institution to be her assistant.



A hyper-noir story that adheres to a sewage femme fatale who, after being left because that dead, sets the end to take revenge against her brother and also his bombastic corridor of gear-heads.


The great Indoors

An adventure reporter have to adapt come the times as soon as he becomes the ceo to a team of millennials in the digital department of the magazine.


Dogs that Berlin

A politically perceptible murder forces two different detectives into a battle with the Berlin underworld and also a confrontation with their own corruption.

The early on days the a young Endeavour Morse, whose experiences together a detective constable through the Oxford City Police will ultimately shape his future.

Interior developers are challenged to create multimillion-dollar looks because that couples who are in require of room makeovers while continuing to be within a $25,000 budget.

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The harrowing true story of the 1993 standoff in between the FBI, ATF and also the Branch Davidians, a spiritual sect led by David Koresh in Waco, TX that caused a…

A collection of gripping thrillers that disclose the dark next of the human being we to trust to treatment for united state – doctors.

Former brothers soldier Jonathan jaw navigates the shadowy recesses the Whitehall and also Washington wherein an unholy alliance operates in between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. To infiltrate the…

Los Angeles. 1983. A storm is coming and it’s name is crack. Collection against the infancy of the cracked cocaine epidemic and also its can be fried radical affect on the society as…

Follow the trips of Starfleet top top their objectives to discover new worlds and new life forms, and also one Starfleet officer who must discover that come truly know all points alien,…

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