Queen of the south Season 3 episode 10 Review: La Muerte

It wasn"t till she found Guero"s medallion through a tracking device in it that my stomach dropped. 

That device leaves us with a lot of questions.

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First off, can it have currently been there when Guero died? can the DEA have added the tracker once Guero functioned for them? For that to be possible, we"d have to know exactly how long the power source on that type of a tracking device can last.

But if we set the likelihood of the aside, the options get even an ext worrisome.

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Pote"s very first thought was James, and also it"s an overwhelming to fault him for it. James popped up under suspiciously circumstances. He"s had intimate accessibility to Teresa and also could have switched the end or planted that device at almost any time during the last numerous weeks. 

My brain keeps informing me it"s most likely James when my heart keeps hoping the it"s not. 

Another possible suspect is Kelly Anne. Her cocaine use makes her incredibly vulnerable. 

Kelly Anne: ns think I have a problem. You know, this isn’t the life ns was aiming for, and the drugs, they repaint out all the ugly parts however they don’t go away. They simply follow you roughly like shadows and I can feel them hanging off me and also I don’t even know just how I got here. Teresa: You’re more powerful than girlfriend think. Kelly Anne: just how do you not just curl up into a little ball?Teresa: due to the fact that I never had that choice.

Like Teresa, ns think the Kelly anne is stronger than also she believes however that doesn"t mean she couldn"t it is in the mole. 

The one reality that most most likely precludes Kelly anne is that i don"t think she has any idea about the ar of El Santo"s operation and also Teresa has had actually no factor to share that details with her.

That leads me to another alternative. King George is tho being hosted in Mexico. Can he have given up information around El Santo"s operation to conserve himself and Bilal? 

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Not just don"t I believe George would perform that, he to know the type of revenge El Santo is qualified of, yet it also doesn"t explain the tracking device. He couldn"t have planted it since he"s to be captured, and also before that, i don"t watch him having reason to do so. 

I leaving Pote out of this perform of suspects because that the same reason Teresa called and spoke just to him. I"d much more likely drink the zombie potion than think that Pote rotate rat. 

All of this postulating leads me right back to the one location I don"t desire to be...James. 

But it"s the mystery that made this rate enjoyable. Ns wasn"t a fan of the El Santo story arc during Queen of the south Season 2, and I wasn"t thrilled to view him earlier here.

El Santo and his groupies are just a small too weird for my liking, yet then I mean that"s the point. What that did come El Dentista to be horrifying.

Teresa: Why did girlfriend torture him?El Santo: He to be my gatekeeper and he permit in a wolf. Teresa: he was her family.El Santo: Yes, Teresa, however sometimes love is no warm. Periodically violence and pain can be part of God’s better plan.

When Sasha and the other dealer turn on Teresa, ns was disappointed in El Santo. I expected him to be smart sufficient to view that castle were using Teresa as their sacrificial lamb yet that wasn"t the case.

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And if the zombie potion only works for a brief period, what go that typical for El Dentista? perhaps I don"t desire to know. 

Teresa"s visions the Guero were both sad and also sweet. On some level, Teresa have to wish the she and also Guero had actually escaped the cartel and also had a regular life in i m sorry they can have elevated their own family, but that was no to be. 

Future Teresa told existing day Teresa therefore in this Queen of the south quote:

your life is painful and also ugly yet it’s yours and you only acquire one.


But currently Teresa needs to get earlier to Pheonix and also trap the mole, no issue who it turns out to be. 

With El Santo"s drama acquisition up so much time, us were left in the dark around Camila, Isabela, general Cortez and the fate that King George and also Bilal.

Does Teresa even know the King George is missing? It absolutely didn"t seem that way. 


And wherein the heck is Camila hiding? They stated she to be on the run through no one to revolve to, but she has to be somewhere. 

We never ever did uncover out why the cocaine supply had actually dried increase in Ireland. I have the right to only guess the it had something to execute with El Santo"s facility getting bombed. 

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Also, was anyone rather left wonder if the soldiers take it El Santo"s child or if El Santo murdered his child instead of leaving him behind due to the fact that the male is clearly capable that anything. 

Tell me TV Fanatics, who do you think is the mole feeding info to Devon Finch?