Queen of the southern Season 4 episode 10 Review: Lo Que Más Temes

If her enemies were may be to monitor him down at the boarding college in Texas, wouldn"t keeping him through her in new Orleans do him even more of a target?

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But it"s complicated to send who you love away, particularly when you know they"re hurting. 

When Tony began talking around applying to art school, Teresa to be thrilled. 

Pote: If he doesn’t acquire into the college with his qualities we can constantly buy a building like all those rich, white parental do.Teresa: He’ll acquire in on his own.


It was practically as sweet a moment as when she and Pote were giving Tony control lessons and coaching him through parallel parking. 

For a short moment, castle felt prefer a common family. 


As quickly as Teresa provided Tony the range Rover, i knew what was coming, however hoped against hope that i was wrong. 

I wasn"t. 

This death will devastate Teresa, Pote, and also Kelly Anne, yet the bigger question is, that planted the bomb?


The bomb was an ext than most likely meant for Teresa, not Tony, together she had actually only just offered him the vehicle, and that pipeline plenty the suspects.

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LaFayette can look ~ above Teresa through disdain and suspect that she"s behind Rene"s death, however she"s quiet his cash cow.

If she was able to come up with $30 million in cash in under 72 hours, the judge need to be imagining with how much an ext she deserve to line his pockets.

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El Gordo could have had the explosive device planted prior to his death. The swore he"d death Teresa ~ Ishmael"s death, yet his deep connection to the assassin has actually never been explained. 

Dieter can have to be angry around being collection up and also outed. I would certainly think he"d be much more fearful about his Ponzi scheme coming come light with his various other clients over getting his revenge, but he definitely could have hired someone to plant the bomb. 


Even Boaz has taken into consideration taking Teresa out. He"d prefer to take control of the business and also he"s hurting over Emlilia"s disappearance.

And that"s not even counting Camila and/or Isabela Vargas, who we haven"t yet seen throughout Queen of the south Season 4 however must be out there somewhere, most most likely plotting their revenge against Teresa. 

In i m sorry direction will Teresa channel she rage? That"s unclear, however someone will certainly pay because that killing her Godson.

Even before that horrible final scene, there to be plenty that drama. 

Oksana: burnt earth won’t to fill our pockets. Teresa: and also give him an additional chance to kill me?Oksana: You uncovered a bloodless solution to the Cheo problem, I’m certain we deserve to do the exact same for Raoul.

Perhaps Teresa would have tried to broker a tranquility with El Gordo with Oksana as a mediator, however Raoul wanted no part of it. His need for violence and also revenge was prefer a switch acquiring flipped, and there was no method to turn it off. 

Not even his lengthy time colleague can convince him to be more rational. 

She can think she’s in love through Teresa right now yet Oksana will come to her senses and also agree to placing Mendoza in the ground, and also if she doesn’t, she can die too.


When El Gordo murdered Marcel"s men, the dye was cast. Marcel to be going to kill El Gordo, and Teresa to be going to back him. The just wild map was top top which side Oksana would certainly fall. 

Being smart and far less bloodthirsty than her associate, Oksana admitted that Raoul was a liability. 

The finest thing around this scene was just how Marcel didn"t wait because that El Gordo to make some an extensive speech before he died, he simply put a bullet in the man"s head and got it end with. 

As Raoul was always an arrogant, blow-hard, i was grateful. 

The one person who was having a great day to be Kelly Anne.

She was thrilled to feeling useful, and I"m not sure anything could have made her happier than Teresa accepting her help. 

Pote: Kelly Anne, you know this is dangerous.Kelly Anne: i know. She requirements me. I’m either in this family members or ns not.

As soon as Dieter request Kelly anne in which hotels the money was stashed, it became noticeable he was trial and error her.

She didn"t must answer; she could have told that she"d re-superstructure those details after ~ this an initial transaction had actually been successful, however Kelly anne was so identified to help Teresa through this plan that she take it it a action too far. 

Teresa and Kelly ann fighting Dieter reminded me of when Kelly Anne eliminated her abusive husband to save Teresa.

Ah, good times. 

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Kelly anne was overjoyed as soon as Teresa asked she to control her money and assist vet the others that would carry out so. Gift accepted back into Teresa"s family has been all Kelly Anne has wanted.

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Yet, part nagging feeling has actually me wondering if she"s still functioning for the Feds. The course, I"ve feared that around Eddie and Birdie too.

Because in Teresa"s line of work, friend can"t trust anyone.

No doubt, Tony"s fatality will shiver Teresa, Pote, Kelly Anne, and the whole crew come its very core. 

What comes next is anyone"s guess but it"s clear that nothing will ever be the same in brand-new Orleans.

Check ago in for my testimonial of Queen the the southern Season 4 episode 11 and until then, friend can watch Queen that the south online here in ~ TV Fanatic.

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Oksana: charred earth won’t fill our pockets. Teresa: and give him an additional chance to death me?Oksana: You found a bloodless solution to the Cheo problem, I’m certain we can do the exact same for Raoul.

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