The picture — reflecting Kelly mid-temper tantrum during his now-infamous “CBS This Morning” interview — has officially end up being an internet meme, with many users photoshopping it into pics and gifs ~ above Tuesday and Wednesday.

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“I BELIEVEEEE I can CRYYYYY,” composed one human being on Twitter.

“R.Kelly the brand-new Jordan Crying image now,” another said.

The 52-year-old singer has been getting blasted on social media for his behavior during the CBS interview, i m sorry was carried out this mainly by “This Morning” co-host Gayle King.

Kelly had actually several outbursts during the sit-down and also even stand up in ~ one suggest to shout and also scream at the camera.

“I didn’t do this stuff! This is no me,” Kelly said King. “I’m fighting because that my f–king life!”

Men: you re welcome don't leave. I'll change

"You think I'm gonna put up through cheating & lying. Exactly how many much more times carry out you mean me come stay?!"

Men: #RKelly

— Keebler (
iKayOreOo) march 6, 2019

Sharing a clip that the blow-up, Twitter user
WordOnWilletsPt said: “12-year old me after acquiring a detention for drawing d–ks on the smartboard.”

Another human wrote, “Somebody hand R. Kelly an Emmy because that ‘Worst performance by a Liar in a leading Role.’”

Many users pointed out how King maintained her composure throughout the entire interview, also while Kelly was shedding his cool.

“Thats the challenge of an unbothered by her tantrum woman,” tweeted one person, along with a pic of Kelly crying in prior of King.

“I was just waiting for she to say, ‘Are you done yet?"” one more user said.

Kelly, that is charged v multiple counts of aggravated sexual abuse, is looking in ~ life in prison if convicted. The is accused that abusing 4 victims, three of whom were allegedly minors.

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Gayle’s providing him the same challenge I’ve checked out black mommas gives their toddlers throughout temper tantrums. I was simply waiting for her to say, “Are you done yet?”

— Angie cutting board (
angiecthomas) march 6, 2019

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