ns recently got a new Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ and also I controlled to speed the OS. Yet the problem seems to occur when I try to boot it. I carry out not have the official adapter, but I do the efforts the following:

with a USB to Micro USB power supply through connecting the USB to my Mac.

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I had one more power adapter that i was using on my mobile phones. The is rated in ~ OUTOUT: 5V 1A

With both the options, I acquire a constant red light after a pair of seconds of connecting the Pi come the power source. Is this some problem with the strength source? How have the right to I deal with this? I have tried to flash my card atleast 5 times, yet to no success. Ns then came to the conclusion the this can be a problem with the strength source. Deserve to anyone throw some suggestions on exactly how I deserve to make this work?

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inquiry Apr 20 "18 in ~ 20:30

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Seems over there is no problem at all with your Raspberry Pi. A consistent red light, the PWR led, suggests that her raspi is properly powered up. Through a negative power supply it would flash below 4,63 V. For this reason you execute not have to worry around your power supply through 1 A output. It"s sufficient in this case. For additional information look What do mechanism LEDs signify?. V a display and keyboard enclosed you have to see the your raspi appropriately boots up.

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answered Apr 21 "18 at 6:52

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As pointed out previously the problem is not with the strength supply. 1 A is sufficient to run a RPi.

Here space some ways to revive an RPi

Try the pin method

sometimes the SD-card reader on the pi gets deformed over time, so applying some press on the SD-card through a pin or folded paper could work, additionally cleaning it through a brush works sometimes. Refer to this for additional explanation


You could shot booting from a USB

(assuming her USB ports are in a great shape)

Flash a USB disc or you have the right to just insert your SD-card into a USB SD-card readerSince you room using an RPi-3b+ friend only have to write program_usb_boot_mode=1In config.txt then try booting. If that doesn"t work (USB decaying doesn"t acquire powered) then measure up the voltage in between PP-2 and also PP-27 or PP-7 and PP-27 ideally it must be roughly 5V if the isn"t then you could affix PP-2 and also PP-27 like this over here or you could replace C97 and also U13 like done end here.


if USB does gain powered however you can"t boot then either

the an equipment is no supported orthe machine takes much longer than 2 seconds to power up or respond.Here space some sustained USB Drives

Sandisk Cruzer fit 16GBSandisk Cruzer tongue 16GbSamsung 32GB USB 3.0 driveMeCo 16GB USB 3.0

If you space not using among these, over there is quiet a great chance that your USB journey is supported.

If all fails

If Nothing functions then probably your RPi is RIP, if it is yes, really dead climate it will not read any "Mass storage Device" give any type of HDMI output, and have a cold Soc, some 5V GPIO sources might work, prefer for a fan.

If her pi isn"t cold climate there is some CPU task but no storage to check out so in this instance you should replace the SD-card slot or USB slots however it"s risky and also might damages your pi, though it is worth a try since a functioning pi is much better than a dead one.

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You need to remember the an RPi is a little computer the size of a credit transaction card because that $35 not some super-expensive gaming rig if that is dead then toss right into a bin or replace it. Don"t waste your time tinkering through an expensive red LED.