The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Seachild 7 Episode 1 Review: Stronger Than Ever

The initially few scenes in Episode 1 touch base through the women that have reverted for an additional Seachild. We view Lisa Vanderpump and husband also Ken Todd hosting a dinner at their restaurant "Sur" in West Hollyhardwood.

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Lisa has invited good friend Kyle Richards and husband also Mauricio Umansky, and new cast member Dorit Kemsley and also her husband Paul, known as PK.

Kyle and Dorit appear to immediately bond over their connection to the iconic Boy George. Kyle associated through Boy George previously this year once they both competed on the Reality TV present Celebrity Apprattract. 

We likewise find early that Boy George has actually been a irreversible home guest at Dorit and also PK"s house because they relocated to Beverly Hills 2 years earlier.

In fact, Dorit describes him him as a very dear frifinish, and also Godfather to her daughter.

Boy George for the much better component of the last 2 years has lived via us. He"s prefer a sister, maybe not so much. He"s more favor a husband also, however prefer a really, really, really fun Gay husband also.

Dorit Kemsley

At their dinner, Dorit asks Kyle about the trip that the women went on last Seachild to Dubai and she is curious if Kyle took pleasure in the adundertaking. 

It"s fairly obvious that Lisa becomes guarded as Kyle tries to emphasis on the positive moments. Lisa blatantly reminds us that many of her very own tears were burned on that expedition..

Even Ken chimes in saying that he felt as though he was on the trip because he obtained lengthy calls from Lisa each night as she remained in tears. 

In truth, many type of of Vanderpump"s fans were pertained to that she may reauthorize from the Reality Franchise as they felt she was being harshly treated by the Soapie Stars Lisa Rinna and also Eileen Davidson.

Social media went crazy in the time of that time with many followers believing that Production had actually allowed things to go also much. Pleasingly though, the women are back, are are claiming to have new outlooks. 

We have the right to afford to be optimistic at this point, after all it is only The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Seachild 7 Episode 1.

In Lisa Rinna"s initially scene, we learn that sadly, her beloved father passed away in January this year. In previous periods we explored her relationship through her parental fees and her close bond with her father. 

Rinna does mention that his death was not a shock, yet her whole outlook on life has entirely changed given that then. 

She sassist that she is no much longer pertained to with the drama that arisen in between herself and Vanderpump and also states that she believes that she deserves a "pass" provided all that she is handling.

Not lengthy after, we see what seems to a luncheon date via Erika, Eileen and also Kyle. We additionally learn that Eileen"s mommy also passed amethod before the last seasons Reunion. 

Erika tells Eileen that her capacity to sit through the Reunion and not let anyone recognize she had actually simply shed her mother was a real testament to her strength. Eileen explained that she didn"t want the loss of her mommy to adjust the herbal course of occasions during the reunion.

At this allude if you think about it you have the right to view the underlying strength emerging within Eileen, Rinna and Vanderpump. They had different factors yet still all 3 females have actually proclaimed that their perspectives (thankfully) changed since last Seachild.

Grieving the loss of a parent is never before a straightforward point. I think Eileen proved remarkable professionalism by maintaining that out of the Reunion. I was reminded of the old Ethel Merman song, "There"s No Company choose Sexactly how Business", if you"re also young to remember it, I recommend you look up the lyrics. 

On a a lot lighter note, Kyle raises the question of Rinna and Vanderpump seeing each various other aacquire and she would certainly prefer to think that they will certainly type with their differences.

Erika points out that anything have the right to be readdressed if the world associated desire to fix it. At that suggest, my eyes rolled deeply into the ago of my head ideal along with Kyle"s, as Eileen stated it was "a slippery slope". 

"Sigh", how many type of times did she say that in previous episodes. Kyle quickly says she is experiencing deja-vu and give thanks to goodness for that, as I really think we all had actually just as much as we can take of "apology-gate", "Munchausens-gate", and also "manipulation-gate".

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Here"s some words that I don"t ever treatment if I don"t ever before hear again. Bipolar. Manipulative. Munchausen"s. Sniper. Own it

Kyle Richards

Now its time to party! Erika is being made up by her Glam Squad on the huge night. She really does look stunning, and we ptestimonial the party location and also it looks fabulous!

Disco balls and the Studio 54 theme surging with their residential property. It"s her 45th birthday after all! I have grown to really favor Erika and also I think tbelow are so many attributes within her which we are yet to see, both as her change ego/perprevious Erika Jayne, and as Mrs Erika Girardi, wife of,famed Attorney Tom Girardi,

Tom is the famed attorney who won $130 million dollars for the renowned instance representing employees of the Lockhead Corporation over chemical expocertain (If you recognize the movie "Erin Brokovich", he"s the attorney). 

Erika is also a extremely directly shooter which is a quality that I admire in anyone. Sometime"s though, she does state the noticeable and I do discover myself laughing, in particular as soon as she said that turning 45 put her her in her mid 40"s - however hey, that"s simply me. 

Erika was in high spirits though as she began receiving her guests and was excited around the design template Studio 54. We were able to gain a deeper glimpse right into the bubbly party girl that we are all growing to love.

I"ve made a decision that I would certainly have actually a Studio 54 party for my birthday. Studio 54 was a fabulous time, it was fun! This is once world were really being free and also cocaine wasn"t addictive...allegedly

Erika Girardi

Her very own songs were playing in the background, in particular, "How many kind of F**** (perform I give)" which I personally love! It may be exceptionally offensive to some human being however I discover it an extremely catchy song. 

Her adoring husband Tom surprised her by inviting her mommy Renee. He had already offered her a million dollar paint, and another magnificent Cartier ring so she was really doing well for herself. 

Eileen also arranged for Erika to play a duty through her on The Young and the Restmuch less which she was absolutely gleeful about! We learnt a little even more about her background also, and also that her father basically abandoned them when she was only 9 months old, leaving her mommy as a Sole parent.