When utilizing Recuva to recover data indigenous a secondary storage device, a many of world received the error article “Recuva unable to determine record system type”. What causes this error? exactly how to fix it? This short article of MiniTool explores part solutions and an different utility to recoup data.

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After analyzing extensive user reports and communities, we come to the conclusion that this error “Recuva unable to determine file system type” regularly happens on second storage devices including exterior hard drive, USB speed drive, micro SD card, etc.

A good many people intended to use Recuva to recuperate data native a corrupted drive, but unable to determine file system type. Here’s a true example from neighborhood CCleaner.

I have actually a 16 GB MicroSD card. Took out of the call to move pics to PC. Was searching pics and had deleted a few pics once the browser home window suddenly close up door down. Once I tried to open the journey again, gained a article that the card essential to it is in formatted. The remounted card on the phone which said the map was empty. Just tried making use of Recuva and also though it shows "drive F" it offers the over message: "unable come determine paper system type." must I buy the agree version? What guarantee perform I have actually that it will be able to recover that drive?https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/40853-unable-to-determine-file-system-type/

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Fortunately, this short article will define what causes this error and carry out some effective troubleshooting methods. In addition, you will acquire an alternative tool to recuperate data from the RAW file system.

About Recuva unable to Determine file System kind Error

To resolve Recuva unable to determine filesystem type, the is unpreventable to have an all at once understanding that Recuva and also the possible causes the this error.

About Recuva

Recuva is a useful data recovery tool that have the right to only operation on a home windows computer. Most human being utilize the to recuperate deleted documents including pictures, music, documents, videos, emails, and other record types. This recovery tool is provided to recover from damaged or recently formatted drives. Recuva likewise provides a secure overwrite function that can help users erase documents permanently.


What causes Recuva unable to Determine paper System Type 

Sometimes, however, you might receive the Recuva unable to determine paper system type error. According to a survey, this error frequently occurs once recovering data indigenous an outside storage device. It also happens when you transfer papers to a micro SD card or USB.

What reasons this error? If your exterior storage machine is unrecognizable by your windows or gets corrupted, you might encounter Recuva can not to determine filesystem form error. In addition, if the file system the your an equipment becomes RAW file system or unsupportable, this error can appear as well.

How to settle Recuva can not to Determine document System type Error

To solve Recuva can not to determine record system form error, you require to convert the record system right into a supported document system like NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc. Also, you’d far better check if there room any paper system errors on your storage drive. Let’s begin!

Before girlfriend Do

It is vital to do a full back-up of your storage an equipment before performing this solutions. This is due to the fact that you may need to style the drive if girlfriend don’t usage a document system conversion tool, which reasons data loss. ~ that, you deserve to fix the unable to determine record system type Recuva error without any concern.

Solution 1. Check record System Errors

The an initial and fastest troubleshooting method is to check the record system on her storage device. How to check and also fix disk journey errors? There are 2 straightforward methods the can assist check and also fix record system errors. Because that that:

Way 1. Use CHKDSK Command

CHKDSK is a command that deserve to run in Command Prompt come verify the logical integrity the the paper system. It’s regularly used to fix logical errors top top your tough disk drive. Right here are the thorough steps:

Step 1. Connect your outside storage drive to your computer.

Step 2. Type cmd in the search box, and also then right-click Command note app native the Best match and select Run as administrator.


Step 3. In the elevated command prompt, kind chkdsk H: /f and fight Enter. (Replace the H: with the driver letter of her drive the you want to check.)


Way 2. Usage MiniTool Partition Wizard

Alternatively, you deserve to utilize a basic tool to check hard journey errors. MiniTool Partition wizard is an ideal an option that helps you do that quickly. It is a trusted partition manager that concentrates on data recovery, tough drive optimization, and file system conversions. This tool has fixed various errors like the green display of death, BSOD, record system error – 2147219196, etc.

Free Download

Let’s see exactly how to inspect the document system utilizing this tool:

Step 1. Make sure you have linked the storage journey to the computer, and also then start this software to go into its key interface.

Step 2. Select the external drive from the decaying map and also click on Check paper System from the left pane.

Step 3. In the pop-up window, select the 2nd option – Check & fix detected errors and also click on the Start button. After ~ that, this tool will scan the totality drive because that errors and fix castle automatically.


Once you have finished the over steps, you can reconnect the exterior drive to Windows and also see if the error “unable to determine document system type” tho persists. If the is, then this error have the right to be resulted in by an unsupported file system or RAW paper system. Just how to execute that? Let’s save reading.

Solution 2. Style Your Storage device to Supported record System

In addition, friend can adjust the paper system that your external storage maker to a supported record system favor NTFS and also FAT32. To execute so, you require to format this drive and also then you deserve to use Recuva. Here’s exactly how to style a drive making use of Diskpart and MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Use Diskpart

Step 1. Click Win+R on the keyboard and input diskpart.exe in the search box and also click OK.


Step 2. Type the following regulates one through one and hit Enter after typing each command.

list disk select disc * (replace * v the disk variety of your warehouse device)list partitionselect partition * (replace * with the journey letter of her storage device)format fs=ntfs fast


After running the over command, your exterior drive must be formatted to NTFS record system. However, Diskpart have the right to only layout a drive smaller than 64GB. If you have an exterior drive v a large capacity, climate this Windows integrated tool can’t aid you. However, girlfriend can select a professional utility – MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Use MiniTool Partition Wizard

It is really easy to operate with simply a few clicks.

Free Download Buy Now

Step 1. In the key interface, right-click the outside drive the you’re ready to format and select Format from the elevated menu.


Step 2. In the pop-up window, select a suitable document system form from the drop-down menu and click on OK to conserve changes. Here we take the FAT32 file system for example.

Step 3. Click ~ above the Apply button come execute this formatting.

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Although formatting your outside storage device can settle this issue, you need to sacrifice every the data on it. In fact, you deserve to utilize this MiniTool program to transform NTFS to FAT32 without any type of data loss.

Solution 3. Transform to FAT/NTFS document System

This equipment can aid you convert record system without data ns so the your second storage maker can be sustained by her system. Here’s just how to perform that: