Marisol Restaurant and also Bar is currently open for dinner and counter service! Make her reservation today.

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THE REDESIGN counter 12,000 SQUARE FEET in ~ OUR structure INTO PUBLIC gathering SPACES.



Marisol Restaurant and Bar is now open because that dinner and also counter service. Lunch and also brunch hrs will be accessible soon. In the meantime, ask our Visitor solutions Associates for adjacent dining options.

FALL 2017

The Commons opens

About our Redesign

We space in the midst of transforming our building into a livelier, more creative space that will certainly be triggered by life artists and engage audiences. Our exhibitions will remain open during construction. The redesign will convert 12,000 square feet within our building into public collection spaces. Because the redesign affects our inner spaces only, the museum’s footprint will remain unchanged.

The project is led by Los Angeles architects Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee the Johnston Marklee. Currently open, Marisol Restaurant and Bar is one art-filled cooking designation designed by renowned Turner Prize–winning brother painter chris Ofili and helmed by Chicago cook Jason Hammel. Mexican style duo Pedro y Juana are creating the Commons, a brand-new social engagement space opening this fall. Grynsztejn says: “We are thrilled to carry together this world-class imaginative team for a brand-new concept that interweaves art, food, design, and also learning transparent the MCA’s windy spaces. These an imaginative artists stand for both local and worldwide perspectives—their collaboration and mutual impetus will produce unparalleled encounters because that our visitors."

When building is complete, our structure will function 45,000 square feet of gallery space, a state-of-the-art education wing with expansive views of Lake Michigan, and a street-level restaurant. The reimagined room will carry out visitors with more opportunities come experience modern art and also think about the many important worries of ours time.

We room grateful to the many donors who have actually so generously sustained our redesign. Without them, the task would not have been possible.


1 brand-new Restaurant

We’ve reimagined our room to produce an eating area the invites tourists to gather, converse, and enjoy a meal. The restaurant will certainly be open from morning to evening and also will function a full-service bar.

2 brand-new Social Engagement Space

We’re much more than the art on our walls. Us are currently creating one art-filled an are where visitors have the right to read books, watch videos, and also gain a deeper expertise of the art that breathes life into the MCA.

3 brand-new Education Floor

Our brand-new education wing functions several spaces whereby visitors have the right to learn and also share ideas. Amongst them room state-of-the-art classrooms v expansive views of Lake Michigan.


General Questions

Email , call 312-280-2660, or fill the end the call form. A member of our team will respond come you promptly.

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Completed come Date

SEP 2017

"The Street," ours street-level entrance and theater lobby opens

JUN 2017

Sarah Rinkavage named Marisol’s cook de cuisine; she will work very closely with chief Jason Hammel

MAR 2017

Museum announced that the brand-new restaurant will certainly be named Marisol, in respect of the first work of arts to get in the MCA’s irreversible collection

DEC 2016

Griffin entrance on Pearson Street closed

NOV 2016

Artist teamwork for brand-new restaurant announced

Chef for brand-new restaurant announced

Designers for new social engagement space announced

Construction started in theater/education lobby

MCA coffee shop closed

AUG 2016

Takashi Murakami exhibition announced to open up in June 2017

OCT 2015

Johnston Marklee installation opened up in MCA Café

FEB 2015

Museum announced Vision Campaign

Architectural for sure Johnston Marklee rental to complete redesign

about the Vision

MCA Chicago prior steps

The MCA is creative and compelling facility of modern art whereby the public have the right to experience the work and ideas of life artists, and also understand the historical, social, and social context of the art of our time.

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